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«36. Purity, patience, perseverance: steps to Divinity In this sacred land of Bhaarath Forbearance is our best wealth; Of all forms of rituals, the ...»

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36. Purity, patience, perseverance: steps to Divinity

In this sacred land of Bhaarath

Forbearance is our best wealth;

Of all forms of rituals, the highest

Is the observance of Truth and Morality;

Of sweetness of disposition

The greatest is maternal love;

Jettisoning the national ideal

That honour is greater than life itself,

What a pity people have

Fallen a prey to exotic practices!

What can I say about

The plight of Bhaarath!

Like the elephant unaware of its strength Bhaaratheeyas have become docile today.

WHEN the heart is filled with compassion, the hands are dedicated to 'the service, of others, the body is engaged in constant help to others, the life of such a person is sacred, purposeful and noble.

The entire Cosmos is based on the bedrock of Truth. Wealth and Welfare and all comforts and pleasures are dependent on Truth. Wherever you turn, Truth shines effulgently. The Goddess of Wealth, Lakshmi, dwells in the abode of Truth. The world cannot exist without Truth, just as the rays cannot exist without the sun. Truth is the Cosmos and the Cosmos is Truth.

The entire Cosmos is permeated by the Divine Eeshaavaasyam idham Jagath. It is foolish to imagine that the natural, physical and mundane is unreal and them is something else that sustains it. The Cosmos is Vishnu and Vishnu (the Supreme) is the Cosmos. The Cosmos is a manifestation of the Divine.

The Universe is a Divine manifestation Considering this universe, composed of the five basic elements, as a Divine manifestation, the ancient sages embarked on a spiritual enquiry and realised the Truth. It is because this profound and eternal Truth has been forgotten by man that the world is a prey to all kinds of troubles and difficulties.

Among the five elements, the primary one is the earth. It is all-pervasive. All the mountains, rivers, villages, towns, etc., are based on the earth. The scientists found that the earth is revolving round itself. In that case, all the objects on the earth should also be revolving. But that is not so.

The earth has a divine power of attraction. This power of attraction holds all the objects' together. Hence, the earth alone cannot be regarded as the basis for all the objects. If we enquire more deeply, it will be found that even the earth is supported by something else. The earth is based on a higher power, the Divine power.

The Divine remains steady and unchanging Thus, the Divine is firm, pure and changeless. Without this Divine power, nature and the physical world cannot function well. If, for instance, the rails on which a locomotive runs, were also to move along with the train, the results would be disastrous. Likewise, if. the road were also to move along with the car running on it, there will be accidents. It is the car that moves and not the earth. In this manner, many objects are in motion in the universe, but the Divine remains steady and unchanging.

The next is the water element which is present everywhere. Whether we perceive it or not Life is impossible without water.

The next one is Fire. This fire element is present in every living being including humans, as Jatharaagni (the digestive fire). This fire is not only on the earth, but is even in space. When clouds clash against each other, fire is generated in the form of lightning. When two inert flintstones are struck against each other, fire emanates from them. Likewise when two sticks are rubbed against each other, fire emerges. Thus, fire also is an all-pervading power.

Then, there is Aakaasha (space or ether). It pervades everything. There is Vaayu (air). There can be no life without air. You experience the presence of air during a storm or a whirlwind. But air is present all the time everywhere.

When the five elements have such immense power, you can imagine what must be the potency of the Divine which sustains them. The five elements are Paramaathmasvaruupa (manifestations of the Supreme Omniself). No one can deny Its existence, whether one is a theist, an atheist or an agnostic. Today, these five elements are not being properly used. Instead, they are very much misused. Their misuse is the root cause of all the travails of the world. As the five elements are based on Truth, the ancient rishis observed restraint in speech so that they may adhere to truth.

Restraint in speech nourishes truth. Excessive speech is the cause of great unrest. It is essential, therefore, for everyone to recognise the basic role of the five elements and live in consonance with that awareness.

Religion is the reflection of belief The mind demonstrates the nature of the five elements. Mathi (belief) has emerged from the mind. Matham (religion) is reflection of belief. Religion is not what it is normally understood to be. There are many engaged in destruction of religion. If religion is destroyed, belief or faith will be destroyed and then the mind itself will be destroyed. Religious hatred has to be got rid of, not religion as such. Adherents of all faiths recognise the power of the five elements and worship them.

Bhaaratheeyas have upheld unity in thought, word and deed by their conduct. The Vedhas have proclaimed that the Divine is present in all five elements. This truth is accepted by the adherents of all faiths. But while professing belief in this truth and proclaiming it, they are not acting upto it in practice. Only the Bhaaratheeyas practised this truth and experienced the bliss derived from it. Bhaaratheeyas adored hills, birds and trees Adherents of other faiths ridiculed such practices.

This is due to thoughtlessness and is not a sign of sanity. All people say that God is in all beings and all things. But to deride Bhaaratheeyas, who act on that saying, is sheer folly. How can one, who acts according to his words, be regarded as a fool? Should not the one who does not live up to his words be treated as a fool? Let the wise determine the right answer.

The Supreme Reality is one, which is God Bhaaratheeyas are known to act upto their words. People of other faiths may profess one thing and practise differently. We need 'not criticize any religion.

All religions teach only what is good.

People should lead their lives on this basis.

If the minds are pure, How can religion do any harm?

People are spoiling their minds. Religion is not at fault. Today what is needed is transformation of minds and not of men. When the minds are reformed, men will automatically change for the better. Men's lives are based on how their mind thinks. Today men should develop mental purity and sacred feelings.

The Supreme Reality is one. It is God. Men of all faiths--whether they are Hindhus, Christians, Muslims, Paarsis or others----have recognized that God is one. It is only when men develop feelings of forbearance, compassion and unity, that men will have fraternal feelings towards each other and foster equality and justice. It is only when men develop Ekaathmabhaava (oneness in Spirit) that bitterness and discord will cease. Men must act on the conviction that the same Divine dwells in all beings.

From the body to the Omni Self The Cosmos is an organism with multifarious limbs. A human being has eyes, ears, mouth, etc.

All these organs are limbs of the human body. The body is a limb of society. Society is a limb of humanity. Humanity is a limb of Prakrithi. Prakrithi is a limb of the Paramaathma (Omni Self).

This shows the relationship between the sense organs in man and the Divine. Therefore, one should make proper use of the senses, comprehend the nature of the Divine that sustains them and lead a meaningful life.

There is the body. There is the world. There are forests, trees and many other things. In referring to all these, we use the word "is"---that it exists. This term "is," signifying existence, proclaims the fundamental fact about man. There is only one thing that exists. But man forgets this Divine Reality because of his selfishness and self-centredness. The latter reflect his egoism and ostentatiousness. It is only when the last two are extinguished, will man's inner Divinity manifest itself.

The bad traits which are found in man are the result of his food and other habits and do not arise from his Aathma. Vices like lust, anger, envy and pride are the outcome of bad food and improper associations and are products of external factors. They do not arise from within.

Qualities like love, compassion, consideration for others arise from within one's self. These are human values. Forgetting these values, following animal qualities, men are leading an animal existence. This is wrong. Men should lead lives based on their human estate.

Divine love is permanent and imperishable Wealth may come and go. Strength may grow or decay. All things in the world may pass away.

But there is one thing that is imperishable and unchanging. That is permanent Divine Love. All other forms of love are not real love at all. They are temporary, worldly attachments, based on physical, communal or other desires.

True love is related solely to the Hridhaya (heart). Man today is not cherishing such an unchanging and enduring love. He is wasting his life, pursuing temporary allurements.

Wandering about aimlessly in the pursuit of evanescent and trivial pleasures, man is immersed in all kinds of troubles. He can discover his true path only by seeking spiritual illumination.

Spirituality does not mean performance of ritual worship. It calls for the removal of the animal traits in man. Only then sacred feelings will arise in him. That is real spirituality. Regard all beings as children of God. Bear no ill-will towards anyone. It is because of hatred and ill-will that mankind is plunged in violence and bloodshed. Man's blood is inherently pure, divine and unsullied. To misuse that blood in wrong ways is a sign of animal or demonic nature.

Bhaarath today is in a crisis created by a myriad difficult problems. But not Bhaarath alone, all other countries are also facing similar crises. What is the reason? It is the total failure to remember the spiritual oneness of mankind. Only the sense of spiritual unity will generate universal love. That love alone will bind men together in unity. This love principle should emanate from the heart. Only then true unity will emerge.

Embodiments of Love! Do not be deluded by the belief that life has been given to you for eating and drinking and enjoying other physical pleasures. This is not the reason for human, birth, which is rare blessing. What is the difference between a human being and the animals? It is qualities like kindness, compassion, forbearance and sympathy which differentiate human beings from animals. But man tends to forget these inherent qualities out of absorption in selfish, mundane desires. Those wearing the glass of selfishness can only see selfishness all around them. A defective vision produces an apparent defect in creation. There is nothing wrong with srishti (creation). Every defect is related to the defective dhrishti (vision).

Perform duties but do not claim any rights Men must realise that true humanness will be achieved only when the five elements in the universe are properly used. The earth is a sacred base of the Supreme. The other four elements are super-imposed on it. Without the base, the other elements will be functionless. Hence all human beings living on earth should cooperate with each other, engage themselves in socially helpful activities and redeem their lives. Every man has duties to perform, but can claim no rights. Today people tend to assert their rights without regard to their responsibilities (or duties).

Duties and rights go together. Today men tend to assert their rights but have no regard for their responsibilities. Absolute unconcern for responsibilities has become a kind of epidemic in all spheres of life today. When you discharge your responsibilities, your rights will be automatically 'ensured.

In Bhaarath today everybody is clamouring about rights. What is the meaning of "right"? It is that to which you are entitled. How do you get it? Can you get the fruit without sowing the seed?

Without a tree can there be a fruit? But you aspire for the fruit without sowing.the seed or rearing the tree? What folly is this? No one has any inherent claim to any right. He has only responsibility. Do your duty. Duty is God. Work is worship.

When you perform your duties, you will be acquiring the title to your rights. Every man should discharge his duties. Performance of duty is your yoga. It is your enjoyment. It is your sacrifice.

Discharge of duty is the basis for everything.

Have respect for the faiths of others also If duties are performed according to one's respective role---as householder, student, renunciant or ascetic--the world will not suffer from lack of peace or prosperity. People are not attending to their respective functions. They are not carrying out the duties properly. Ignoring their duties, they interest themselves in the activities of others.

This attitude is prevalent in the religious sphere also. Members of one faith consider it supreme and deride the faiths of others. No one is qualified to make such a claim. Even as you prize your faith, you must realize that others are equally entitled to prize their faiths. You may esteem your religion greatly. Adhere' to it accordingly. But do not criticize or despise the religions of other people. Unfortunately men have lost this sense of respect for other faiths. If all people recognise this truth, there will be no room in the world for conflicts and discord.

Man strives for peace in many ways. Where is peace to be found? It is not in the external world.

Peace must be found within. Outside you have only pieces. You must seek to manifest the peace within you. There are millions in the world who preach and propagate what is good. But not one in a hundred practises the good teachings. The world will pay no heed to those who do not practise what they preach.

It is the liar who is haunted by fear Whether others esteem or not, you must be content to act according to your conscience. The inner conviction that you are acting righteously is your best witness. There is no greater Dharma than adherence to Truth. You need have no fear as long as you adhere to truth. It is the liar who is haunted by fear.

Therefore, go forward to render social service with faith and fortitude. Eschew religious hatred, which is the cause of conflict. Respect every religion.

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