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«BARROVIAN ALUMNI MAGAZINE AUTUMN 2014 NUMBER 69 BA R ROV I A N A LU M N I CONTENTS Website and Contact Details AGM Report Barrovian Alumni: Letter ...»

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Website and Contact Details

AGM Report

Barrovian Alumni: Letter from the President

Message from the Honorary Secretary and Director of Alumni Relations

Liverpool & Manchester OKW Society Reports

London OKW & Old Buchan Society Report

Visit to Isle of Man Astronomical Society Observatory

Barrovian Advent Drinks and Carols Gathering: 2013

The Buchan School: From Pupil to Headteacher Founders’ Day 2014 Visit of Chapel Choir to Liverpool Cathedral Christmas Dinner in Munich 2013 125th Anniversary Celebrations for the Founding of the King William’s College Society Visit of the Chapel Choir to St Matthew’s Church, Douglas St.Thomas’ Chapel: Confirmation Service 2014 Sixth Form Ball and Sixth Form Epiphany Dinner 2014 Wine and Cheese Tasting Party 2013 Bill Sleigh’s Reminiscences Friends at Buchan: Iconic Hollywood Claire Christian: Former Pupil and Fashion Designer Sporting Events at King William’s The Buchan School King William’s College Society Lottery and Donations OKW and Old Buchan News Obituaries Publications The School Shop The School Calendar Contact Details for the KWC Society and Kindred Societies Forms for Donations, Lottery Subscriptions, Personal News, Current Address/e-mail




Address: Alumni Office, King William’s College, Castletown, Isle of Man IM9 1TP British Islands e-mail: alumni@kwc.im or bryan.harding@kwc.im Telephone: +44 (0) 1624 820457 or +44 (0) 7624 493423 or +44 (0) 7624 365246 King William’s College website: www.kwc.im and follow links to Friends & Alumni The Buchan School website: www.kwc.im



The Annual General Meeting of the Society was held in the Meeting Room, King William’s College at

5.00 p.m. on Friday 29 November 2013.

Those present included: PB Clucas (President), Alfred Cannan (Deputy President), BW Harding (Honorary Secretary), Pauline Millard, Cameron Halsall and Sam Alder. The Principal, Martin Humphreys and GB Trustrum were also in attendance. On this occasion, apologies were received from: JV Oatts (Bursar), Mrs Alison Hedley (Head-teacher of the Buchan), Brian Cottier, GEF Green, JM Crookall, JD Gibb, JD Bolton and RL Braidwood.

Ordinary Business The minutes of the Annual general Meeting held on 20th December 2012 were approved and signed by the President.

The President referred to the Annual Accounts and Financial Statements for the year ended 31st July

2013. On receipt of the draft documents they would be circulated to all of the Board members, for examination. Thereafter,subject to there being no material comment, the documents would be signed by two directors, Sam Alder and Cameron Halsall. The annual accounts would then be approved and adopted for filing at The Company Registry.

It was proposed by the President and seconded by the Honorary Secretary that Joanna Crookall and Sam Alder, having retired by rotation, be re-elected to the Board. This motion was accepted unanimously. The resignation of Rachael Braidwood and Douglas Bolton as Directors, was noted.

The President thanked them for their long and dedicated service to the Society. It was proposed that the resignations would take effect from 1st January 2014. On a motion proposed by Sam Alder and seconded by the Deputy President, Alf Cannan, Pauline Millard and Cameron Halsall were appointed Directors, also with effect from 1st January 2014. This proposal was accepted unanimously and as a consequence Pauline Millard and Cameron Halsall were duly elected.

It was confirmed that the current Honorary Auditors /Examiners of the Accounts were happy to continue in that role and that they had no objection to being re-appointed. It was therefore proposed by Sam Alder and seconded by BW Harding that BDO be confirmed in the role of Honorary Auditors /Examiners. The meeting approved this motion unanimously.

The Lottery takings having amounted to £500, the following prizes were established: a first prize of £100 and two prizes of £50 each. The draw was made and the first prize was won by Stephen Cannell (H 1970-77). The second prize of £50 was won by Sam Alder (JC 1954-63) and the third prize by Michael Watson (HW 1064-66).

The meeting closed at 5.45 pm.

–  –  –

1. To promote and assist the provision of education at King William’s College, and more recently The Buchan School, in the traditions of Independent Schools and in conformity with the principles and doctrines of the Christian faith and moral teaching.

2. To keep former pupils and members of staff in touch with each other for their mutual benefit and support.

3. If possible assist in cases of need for boys and girls about to leave, or have recently left, who are financially unable to make provision to train, enter a profession, pursue research or postgraduate courses.

4. To do all such things as may be necessary to further the interest of pupils and former pupils.

–  –  –

I remember first walking through the west gate in the Spring of 1977 on a journey which shortly thereafter led me to become one of a cohort of ‘ new boys’ starting their college career that same year. In taking that step, I, with many of my young companions, no doubt failed to acknowledge the sacrifices made by our parents to provide us with a college education. However, despite grounding me for higher education I returned to the Isle of Man some years later without the first idea what I was going to do. The island’s business community in the 1980s was still some way off achieving its internationally recognised status a s a leading offshore finance centre and there were fewer opportunities for graduates. The best way to get a job in those days remained “Who do I know?” Fresh out of education and having been off the Island for a numbers of years and before that closeted in the grey stone walls of College, I didn’t know anyone or at least any one important enough to give me a career on the Island. Or so I thought.

For this is where the King William’s College Society and I crossed paths.

The King William’s College Society was founded in 1889. The original objects of the Society were:

1. To keep old boys in need of assistance on their going to a place of higher education, or the regular armed forces, or her majesty’s civil colonial or foreign services - Bishop Barrow would note with dissatisfaction that by this time there was no mention of the clergy;

2. To act as sponsors for and to raise funds for any purpose associated with College;

3. To assist old boys in finding employment in civil life;

4. To further the interests of old boys and the College in any other manner which the Society shall determine.

The constitution of this Society may have changed here and there in the last 125 years but its ethos remains the same. It is a Society born out of comradeship. It is a Society born out of shared experiences and common endeavours, whether those endeavours be on the playing field or in the classroom. This comradeship, this common friendship, transcends beyond the personal bonds of friendship which each of us made during our own times spent at College or the Buchan. We are a family of alumni. This is most evident by the instinctive manner in which we try to assist old boys and girls. This was my own experience as I found myself in the privileged position to avail the help of many old boys who freely gave their time and shared their knowledge and experience in guiding me Towards my chosen career. Nowadays we call it networking. The King William’s College Society remains a society of friends - friends of College, friends of the Buchan, but most of all friends to each other.

I have referred to the 1889 objects of the Society. By 1989 on the occasion of the Society’s 100th anniversary, its objects had changed little save that its prime object was then described as “keeping OKWs in touch with College and each other”. The primacy of such an object was a clear reflection of the wok undertaken by the Society between 1889 and 1989 in creating a register of alumni. In 1902, the King William’s College Society asked H.S. Christopher, with the assistance of Canon John Kewley, to compile a register of old boys. This was no easy task despite the school having a register of names going back to the opening of the school, no addresses were kept prior to 1880. Such difficulty will strike a chord with our current Director of Alumni Relations, even if it is now e-mail addresses rather than postal addresses which elude us. Despite such difficulties the first King William’s College register was published in 1905. Since then further registers have been published in 1927, 1956 and the latest, fourth edition, was finalised in 1989. A fifth edition must surely be on the Society’s “to do list”.

The Society was not the first old boys society. A London “Old Williamites” had met at least as early as 1881 and a Scottish association was formed in 1888. The tradition of old boys and old girls cementing their common ties with in their own locality is upheld by the Society ‘s kindred societies, which play an invaluable role in delivering the Society’s prime object of keeping alumni in touch with each other and College. It is particularly encouraging to see recent development of informal get-togethers. Such a gathering most recently occurred in Munich and there is already interest in repeating this event this year. Their enthusiasm to maintain links with College leads me to hope that before long the Society establishes its first European branch. It is always challenging to put on formal gatherings for our alumni. That said, I am deeply encouraged by the interest expressed in College by our younger alumni.

The emergence of a nascent kindred Society in Germany and the attendance of a larger number of younger alumni at the recent London dinner buck any suggestion that the Society is past its time.

In the last two years we have modernised our constitution so that the Society business can be conducted on line. Furthermore we have aligned the Society closer to the School’s own administration which has allowed us to transfer the Society’s greatest asset, its database, the modern equivalent of the registers, to a new electronic database. Although the Society is keen to emphasise that its prime objective remains keeping its members in touch with their school and each other, the Society must find a place with in the modern structure of College where it can be continue to add value. I am ever ken to ensure that our governors can make the best use of the Society’s resources for the better future of both College and the Buchan School.

In a year of significant anniversaries, I particularly remember the ultimate sacrifice made by many of our alumni, in fighting fort their country in the Great War and other conflicts. The role of the Society in ensuring that their deeds are memorialised within College life is something that the Society can be rightly proud.

I return, however, to the central them of my address. At the heart of the Society is friendship between alumni. Friendships made at College and the Buchan last a lifetime. This is why I say with absolute confidence that the Society will continue to exist and will always endeavour to promote the interests of College, the Buchan and alumni for the many years to come.

–  –  –

During the last twelve months the Society has staged a number of social events and has given administrative assistance to the organisers of events for alumni other than on the Island.. In the first place the Society hosted an excellent talk by Dr.Jennifer Kewley-Draskau,(Bu 1945-54), concerned with the life of Illiam Dhone. The occasion was attended by forty alumni and was delivered in the Bragg Lecture Theatre. A most enjoyable Wine and Cheese Tasting Party took place at the British Hotel, Douglas, in September 2013. This event was sponsored by Heron and Brearley and the Isle of Man Creamery whose assistance was much appreciated.. The Society also organised a successful Advent Drinks and Carols Party on 29th November 2013 at which approaching one hundred alumni were present. The high light of the evening was the performances given by the Buchan School Choir and two, very talented, young violinists. In January 2014, the Society arranged a visit to the Isle of Man Astronomical Society’s Observatory at Foxdale, where Mr Howard Parkin, FRAS, gave an engaging talk on astronomy and the Observatory ’s 16 inch telescope was demonstrated.

In terms of overseas gatherings, the Alumni Relations Office has also provided support for the visit of the Choir of the Chapel of St. Thomas to Liverpool Cathedral in October 2013. Fifty one alumni from the North-West of England were in attendance to support the Choristers. Some assistance was also provided in connection with the staging of the Liverpool and Manchester Society’s dinner in November 2013. In addition, administrative support was given to a group of former pupils now living in Munich, Germany. This enabled them to renew their friendships and enjoy a memorable Christmas Dinner. The Alumni Relations Office has also worked closely with the London Old King William’s and Buchan Society in order to stage the annual dinner in the Naval Club, London. That event was well attended and included a welcome number of former pupils of the Buchan School.

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