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Table of Contents

Company Overview 03

Executive Biographies 04

Fact Sheet 08

Company Milestones 09

Frequently Asked Questions 10

Industry Data Points 13

Digital Brand Elements 14

Company Overview

The word hyla comes from the genus of tree frog found in Europe, Asia, Africa and

across the Americas. As a universal symbol of ecological consciousness, the tree frog is

a barometer of environmental change — when the tree frog’s habitat changes, so must the frog. Like our namesake, HYLA Mobile strives to be connected and informative in our own wireless ecosystem.

HYLA Mobile, formerly eRecyclingCorps, is one of the world’s leading providers of products and services that capture, extend and optimize the life and value of used mobile devices. The company is transforming the wireless ecosystem by helping consumers realize and immediately take advantage of the residual value of used devices and providing a reliable and responsible way of collecting, processing and distributing used mobile phones. HYLA’s approach delivers economic, environmental and social benefits to the partners, consumers and communities it serves.

HYLA was founded in 2009 when a group of people saw an opportunity to “do well by doing good.” The founders, who are leaders and entrepreneurs in the telecommunications and mass retail industries, noticed a growing issue in the mobile phone industry: e-waste.

This waste, however, comes in many forms. Waste in the form of cell phones being thrown into drawers or, worse, in the trash where they ended up in landfills or in the form of economic assets that were not being utilized; and waste in the form of additional natural resources used to create even more mobile phones. At the same time, consumers were (and still are) clamoring for the latest and greatest mobile phones, creating even more used devices. All of which presented HYLA’s founders with a huge opportunity: to redirect millions of used mobile devices into the hands of people who could use them to enhance their lives.

HYLA’s mission statement says it all: Our work will create economic opportunity for all who participate; help promote digital inclusion by accelerating emerging market access to advanced wireless technology; and protect the environment by reusing mobile phones and responsibly recycling cell phones that cannot be repaired.

Executive Biographies David Edmondson co-founded HYLA Mobile, formerly eRecyclingCorps, and is the company’s chief executive officer, in addition to serving on the board.

David’s strategic vision and passion identified the need to make bold changes to the current wireless device life cycle model in order to address the growing problem of e-waste, which sparked the development of the company.

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Biju is a frequently invited speaker to major wireless conferences and serves on the board of various mobile start-up companies. He also holds numerous patents in the wireless software arena.

Biju holds a Master of Science degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering from Politechnika Warszawska and a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from Illinois Institute of Technology.

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Brian is a CPA and has earned Master of Business Taxation and Master of Business Administration degrees from the University of Southern California and a B.S. in Mathematics/Applied Science from the University of California.

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Fact Sheet Founded: 2009 Founding Member of the Device Renewal Forum: 2012 Products and Services: Incentivized Mobile Device Trade-In Programs, Mobile Device Processing and Data Clear, Mobile Device Resale Programs U.S. Headquarters: Dallas, Texas European Headquarters: Brussels, Belgium Other Office Locations: Kansas City, Kansas; San Diego, California Number of Employees: 275 Website: www.hylamobile.com

Board of Directors:

• Ron LeMay, Chairman

• David Edmondson

• David Griest

• Lance LeMay

• Michael Linse

• Josh Raffaelli

• Eric Wiesen


• Verizon Supplier Recognition Award, Green/Sustainability category winner, 2014 Verizon Wireless

• Bamboo Mobile Green Technology Award winner, 2014 Compass Intelligence

• Kelly Carnago, Women Who Mean Business™, 2013 Kansas City Business Journal

• Recycler of the Year Award winner, 2012 International Electronics Recycling Conference and Expo (IERCE)

• GoingGreen Global 200 Award winner, 2011 AlwaysOn Company Milestones Founded, February 2009: eRecyclingCorps is created to address the growing global issue of e-waste by recapturing the residual value of idle mobile devices and extending the mobile life cycle.

2009 - 2011 Received investment from SJF Ventures, June 2010: With an investment from SJF Ventures, eRecyclingCorps closes its Series A financing with OPENAIR Ventures, TAP Advisors, SJF Ventures and the entire Senior Management Team as the Series A syndicate.

Raised $35 million in fundraising round, December 2011: Led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB), eRecyclingCorps raises $35 million in another fundraising round, helping eRecyclingCorps reach more carriers and retailers around the world.

Acquisition of Zone Impact, February 2012: eRecyclingCorps’ international expansion is strengthened by acquiring Zone Impact, a leading provider of retail trade-in programs for mobile devices throughout Europe.

Creation of the Device Renewal Forum (DRF), February 2012: Partners with other wireless industry leaders to found the DRF with the goal of expanding the growth of the renewed wireless devices market by establishing a common certification for restored wireless devices.

Acquisition of Flipswap, Inc., May 2012: Acquiring Flipswap, Inc., a manager of global consumer electronics buyback programs, allows eRecyclingCorps to expand its operations to include five of the eight largest wireless carriers in North America and more than 15,000 retail locations.

Became R2/RIOS-certified, 2012: eRecyclingCorps’ headquarters in Irving, TX becomes certified R2/RIOS, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, confirming our strict attention to consumer data protection as well as environmental and safe workplace standards.

Achieved record 10 million wireless device trade-ins, February 2013: Completes 10 million wireless device trade-ins since its inception in 2009. eRecyclingCorps nearly tripled its collection volumes during 2012, completing more than seven million wireless device trade-ins in the year alone – more than any other device trade-in provider.

Collected one million used devices in one month, May 2013: eRecyclingCorps

completes more than 1.1 million secure wireless device trade-ins, setting a new industry record for device collections in a single month.

Received $105 million in Series C Financing, October 2013: eRecycling Group Inc., the parent company of eRecyclingCorps, announces a $105 million Series C financing. Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB) led the group of inside investors who were joined by Silver Lake Kraftwerk, a global leader in technology investing focused on energy and resource innovation.

Achieved 20 million wireless trade-ins, February 2014 : At Mobile World Congress 2014, eRecyclingCorps announces it has completed 20 million wireless device trade-ins since its inception

–  –  –

Frequently Asked Questions What does HYLA Mobile do?

HYLA was founded as a socially responsible enterprise by a group of executives who wanted to “do well by doing good.” Building on their deep experience in the telecommunications and mass retail industries, they identified a need to reuse and responsibly recycle used wireless devices.

The HYLA business is built on four elements:

• Trade: Encouraging consumers to trade-in their used wireless devices by providing instant, in-store credit through HYLA Mobile carrier partnerships across a network of more than 16,000 retail stores globally.

• Process: Restoring phones for reuse and, if that is not possible, responsibly recycling them.

• Connect: Connecting people who need devices with affordable, clean, secure and high-quality used phones.

• Explore: Allowing consumers to explore the power of the Internet via advanced mobile technology and thereby promoting digital inclusion worldwide.

HYLA is reducing economic and environmental waste — and helping enhance digital inclusion — by ensuring used devices are collected, diverted from landfills and made available in markets where there is growing demand.

How and when was HYLA founded?

Formerly eRecyclingCorps, HYLA Mobile was founded in 2009 by former RadioShack CEO David Edmondson and former Sprint PCS CEO Ron LeMay, who serve as the company’s CEO and chairman, respectively. The company is led by wireless and retail industry veterans with proven track records in retail operations, distribution and sales and marketing from some of the biggest names in the industry.

What does the current mobile device trade-in landscape look like?

The rapid rise in wireless infrastructure around the world is driving demand for affordable mobile devices. Demand for used devices is expected to rise from 53 million to 275 million in the next five years (Bernstein Research). Meanwhile, consumers are adapting to greater innovation with more frequency, creating an influx of mobile devices with shorter life cycles, yet lasting residual value.

HYLA is extending the life cycle of mobile phones by providing a reliable and responsible way of collecting, processing and redistributing wireless devices.

How is HYLA different from other device trade-in or recycling programs?

HYLA is one of the world’s leading providers of wireless device trade-in and reuse solutions, having collected more than 25 million devices* in a little more than five years, which leads the industry in total collections.

Unlike other trade-in and reuse solutions, HYLA’s approach delivers economic, environmental and social benefits to all the partners, consumers and communities it serves.

–  –  –

How does HYLA collect phones?

HYLA collects phones through a network of carrier partners, including Verizon, AT&T and TELUS, as well as several Tier One operators in Europe, including Orange France. The carrier retail store represents one of the most secure and reliable channels for collection and increasing consumer awareness.

How does HYLA ensure secure data removal from traded-in devices?

Consumer sensitivity and the understanding of the importance of protecting and eliminating consumer data from used mobile devices is why HYLA created its own, best-in-class, proprietary protocols to clear and sanitize data. These Data Sanitization Practices and Procedures are incorporated into the company’s contractual and operational controls. All content that a consumer can add to a mobile phone is considered “data,” of which HYLA’s processes are designed to remove or sanitize from the device include: pictures, contact lists, call history, text messages, videos and custom ringtones.

How does HYLA process used phones?

HYLA is committed to distributing high-quality, tested, data-free mobile devices to its customers. Traded-in devices go through a series of functional tests and cosmetic check points to help ensure collected phones for reuse are high-functioning, data-free, quality devices.

As one of the world’s leading experts in the handling and erasing of sensitive data from mobile phones destined for reuse, HYLA’s stringent multi-step process is designed to eradicate preexisting data to protect customer security and privacy.

HYLA-processed devices follow these requirements:

• Radio frequency test

• Full function test

• Visual cosmetic inspection and repair

• Quality inspection

• Data clearance and sanitization

• Latest software update Ninety-five percent of the cell phones collected through HYLA are processed for reuse, helping to bridge the digital divide. Those devices that cannot be repaired are responsibly recycled for parts and raw materials.

What happens to devices with no monetary value?

Approximately 95 percent of the devices traded-in for an incentive are processed and reused around the world. The remaining five percent are recycled responsibly at R2 Certified facilities under HYLA’s zero landfill policy. HYLA is among a select few wireless device trade-in providers to achieve the R2/RIOS Certified Electronics Recycler™ designation.

How do carriers benefit from HYLA?

Carriers save time and money by relying on HYLA’s end-to-end service offering, which focuses not on only on recovery of used devices, but reallocation to a growing secondary market.

Additional tangible benefits to carriers include:

• New opportunities to upsell devices, accessories and data plans

• Increased customer satisfaction by offering instant credit for cell phone trade-ins

• Lower subsidy costs by maintaining a solid reserve of high-quality used mobile devices for insurance and warranty claims

• A reliable collection service that can easily manage large volumes of cell phone trade-ins

• Enhanced sustainability brand profile

• Profitable and seamless solution to responsibly manage used, end of life electronics.

What operators and retailers does HYLA partner with?

HYLA collects phones through a network of partners including Verizon, AT&T, Orange France, Orange Romania and TELUS, which account for a significant portion of the cell phone trade-in market. Currently, the HYLA solution operates in more than 16,000 retail locations across seven countries.

For instance, the Verizon Wireless Device Recycling Program has collected more than seven million wireless phones since the program launched, helping to keep more than 1,500 tons of e-waste out of landfills and delivering more than $200 million in savings to its customers.

How does the environment benefit from HYLA?

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