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«MINUTES OF THE CORPORATION BOARD MEETING HELD ON FRIDAY 5 JULY 2013 PRESENT: Sir Bill Taylor, Mr Phil Watson, Mr Matthew Allton, Mr Ian Clinton, Mrs ...»



PRESENT: Sir Bill Taylor, Mr Phil Watson, Mr Matthew Allton, Mr Ian Clinton,

Mrs Shaheen Gul, Mr Garth Hodgkinson, Dr Shah Khan, Mr

Paul Levet, Miss Jenna Linley, Mr Sandy Morrison, Mrs Gill

Piper, Ms Cherry Ridgway, Dr Adrian Sackman, Mr Jack Straw,

Mr Roger Spensley, Mr John Thomas, Mrs Lesley Wareing.

Mrs Lisa O’Loughlin (Deputy Principal), Mrs Jane


McCann, (Director of Finance), Mrs Rachel Curry (Director of Resources), Mrs Christine Kenyon (Director of Curriculum, Skills and Engagement), Mr Paul Kellett (Director of Learning & Organisational Development), Mrs Wendy Simms (Director of Academic Studies and Student Support), Mrs Jean Tracy (Clerk).

Minutes in italics in Part I indicate items which were deemed to be confidential – e.g. because they were commercially sensitive – and not for publication.


Mr Ashley Whalley had been invited to the buffet lunch in recognition of the length of time he had been employed at the College. Mr John Ashcroft was also to have attended but he was sitting on a Family Court meeting. The Chair congratulated both.

Three of the College students had been involved in the World Skills Award and had done exceptionally in the regional heats and if all competitors got thought, they would be in the finals in Birmingham in November. Slides of their work were shown on the screen in the Board room. On behalf of the Board, the Chair thanked them and presented vouchers by way of congratulations for their hard work.

The Chair informed the Board that Miss Jenna Linley, Student Governor, would be leaving the College at the end of term. He thanked her and wished her well.

Board 13.07.

05w Page 1 of 8 The Chair reminded the Board that this was the last Board meeting which Mrs O’Loughlin would attend. On behalf of the Board he thanked her for her enormous contribution to the work of the College and wished her every success for the future. He commented that Manchester College’s gain was Blackburn’s loss.

The Chair informed the Board that Dr Thomas Moore was very excited at being appointed Chief Executive and would be taking up the post of Chief Executive Designate with effect from 1 October 2013.

1. APOLOGIES Apologies were received from Ms Stephanie Anforth, Ms Amanda Meachin, Mr Ibrahim Master.


There were no declarations of potential conflicts of interest.

3. MINUTES OF THE MEETINGS HELD ON 15 MARCH 2013, 17 APRIL 2013 & 26 JUNE 2013 Mr Phil Watson was thanked for his work as Acting Chair.

26 June 2013 – the minute under item 5 was corrected to read “The Board was informed that the Panel’s unanimous recommendation that........” With this amendment, the minutes of the meetings held on 15 March 2013, 17 April 2013 and 26 June 2013 were agreed to be a true and correct record and were duly signed by the Chair.

4. MATTERS ARISING There were no matters arising not covered elsewhere on the agenda.


(i) Curriculum & Quality – 18 April, 15 May & 19 June 2013 The minutes of the Curriculum & Quality Committee meetings held on 18 April, 15 May and 19 June 2013 were noted by the Board. The Chair of the Board 13.07.

05w Page 2 of 8 Committee informed the Board that the Committee had now completed the first year of the new approach/calendar of business. This had generally worked better and the College staff were thanked for being very responsive to the Committee’s requests – e.g. report format.

(ii) Policy & Resources – 13 May & 25 June 2013 The minutes of the Policy & Resources Committee meetings held on 13 May 2013 and 25 June 2013 were noted by the Board. A correction to the minute on the report to the Remuneration Committee was requested. As this item was confidential, the detail would be covered under the Part II agenda items.

(iii) Audit – 25 March & 2 July 2013 The minutes of the Audit Committee meetings held on 25 March 2013 and 2 July 2013 were noted by the Committee. The Board also noted that the minutes of the 2 July 2013 meeting were draft.

6. PRINCIPALSHIP REPORT The Principal went through his report which included the 125 Year celebrations, the Art Exhibition and fashion show, and the developments in international work, the focus on quality and the recent communications from Sir Michael Wilshaw concerning his encouragement for the new FE Commissioner to break up larger colleges and to create smaller institutions.

The Board noted that the target savings announced in the recent spending review would not impact on the College for 2015/16. It was noted that the Skills Funding Agency’s budget showed an 8% reduction.

The Principal commented that it was very apparent that Ofsted were keen to have more inspections and that there was no reason for Blackburn to be included. There could be a concern about the change in leadership but a drop in performance would be a trigger. Success rates for this year were expected to be 90% against 88% in the previous year.

The Principal also informed the Board of the work of the Lancashire Principals’ Group in working together to be proactive and to influence as much as possible.

Mr Jack Straw offered to speak to BIS if there were concerns regarding the encouragement to break of larger colleges and on the assumptions used in the expected future cuts in funding as a result of the 8% budget cut for the SFA.


The Chair spoke of the three key themes covered by the Board agenda – the budget, pay award and capital.

–  –  –

Mr Jack Straw left the meeting.

The Chair mentioned the Strategic Plan, noting that this would be covered later in the agenda.


(i) Student Mr Matthew Allton provided an update on the HE Student Union and commented that there had been good developments over the last six months.

It was noted that Mr Phil Watson and Mr John Thomas had met with the Student Union representatives as part of the Governor Link Scheme and that they had been very impressed with what had been achieved to date.

(ii) Staff Mrs Gill Piper spoke about how the work of the Board, including the high level strategic decisions which are taken, was disseminated to staff. Mrs Piper also informed the Board and provided an explanation of the “learning wheel” and how this was being related to Business Support Staff in the College.

–  –  –

The Chair informed the Board that the Clerk would be contracting link Governors and their College managers to provide an update on the activities for the 2012/13 academic year.

Action: Clerk/Link Governors & Staff

9. CAPITAL MASTER PLAN (i) Buildings in Progress It was agreed that the minutes (in italics) would be classified as confidential.


APPROVAL The Board noted that Policy & Resources had considered and approved the report at its meeting on 25 June 2013. It noted that the Skills Funding Agency

–  –  –

The Board considered the plans in place to ensure that the College met the balanced budget. It also looked at the information on the income and expenditure summary (2012/13, 2013/14 and 2014/15) and the detail of the operating position, income staffing costs, non-delegated costs and interest, and consumables for the 2013/14 budget. The balance sheet, cash and capital detail as at July 2013 was also considered.

The paper also covered the Santander loan and the minute which the Chair would be asked to sign on behalf of the Board.

The Board noted the College’s financial health, as measured by the Skills Funding Agency, for 2013/14 and 2014/15.

In answer to a question from a member of the Board, the Principal stated that the anticipated surplus together with income from the College’s commercial work could be used to support the work of the Chief Executive in growing the business plan. The member expressed the view that the College would need to be very cautious in taking on more responsibilities.

The Director of Finance was also asked to produce a 5-year plan which would help the Board in its understanding of the funding required for the 5 year arrangement.

Having considered and reviewed the report, the Board APPROVED the report and budget for 2013/14 with indicative numbers for 2014/15 and noted that the budget would now be submitted to the Skills Funding Agency before the deadline of 31 July 2013.

The Board also APPROVED the loan from Santander and APPROVED the

Chair signing the minute as follows and as per the papers:


11. MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTS TO 31 MAY 2013 The Board considered the report which included the income and expenditure account and the key issues. It noted that a similar report had also been considered by the Policy & Resources Committee at its meeting on 25 June 2013.

Having considered the paper, the Board APPROVED the management accounts to 31 May 2013.

–  –  –

The Board noted the Performance Indicators (PIs) for 2012/13 and the information on the one indicator which was currently under target and the steps being taken to effect improvements.

The Chair of the Curriculum & Quality Committee gave a brief overview of how the Committee monitored the PIs. The Committee had asked for and had received assurance that the PIs were ones which Ofsted would expect to be monitored by a college such as Blackburn. The Committee had focussed on areas which were below target or which were partially achieved and College managers had been interrogated where appropriate. The Committee noted that the College was identifying issues and addressing these and were making changes/taking action when appropriate.

The Director of Resources also noted the PIs which would be considered by the Audit Committee.

The role of the link governor in this area was discussed. It was suggested that the College should identify areas of focus but the general feeling was that better for Governors to be open and to be able to bring their experience to bear on the learning environment. A member of the Board also commented that there was a need for members to be conscious that they were governing, not managing.

–  –  –

13. SEMINAR ACTION PLAN – BOARD SIGN OFF The paper provided the Board with a summary of the actions, responsible officer, deadline date, Committee consideration and summary update on the progress made on the seminar action plan.

The Chair requested that the seminar should be called the “Strategic Partnership Seminar”.

14. STRATEGIC PLAN 2013/14 The purpose of the Strategic Plan was explained to the Board. The draft strategic plan reflected the comments and observations made at the annual seminar and the views of the Policy & Resources, Curriculum & Quality and Audit Committees on the mission statement and ambition statements.

–  –  –

A discussion took place on how the College could encourage learners to remain in the area.

Having considered the draft Strategic Plan and noting the development yet to be done on the final pages, the Board APPROVED the College’s Strategic Plan for 2013/14.


The report had been considered by the Audit Committee it its meeting on 2 July 2013 and the Committee had requested some minor changes to the report. The revised report was tabled at the meeting.

The Board considered the report which covered the summary of risk management activities and internal and external audit. The report also noted the view of management that controls were adequate and that the formal process for identifying, evaluating and managing significant risks was robust and embedded in the College’s processes.

The Board noted the Audit Committee’s recommendation and APPROVED the Risk Management Annual Report for 2012/13.


The Chair of the Committee explained the reasons for the request to increase the membership of the Committee from 7 to 8, the quorum remaining the same. The Board APPROVED the increase, the amendment to the Committee’s terms of reference and the appointment of Mrs Gill Piper as a member of the Committee.


The Board considered the calendar of business and meeting dates for 2013/14. It noted that the Chair had requested that the Policy & Resources Committee meeting scheduled for Monday 14 October 2013 be cancelled in view of the appointment processes for the Principal which would be taking place that week. The Clerk had checked with and had received confirmation from the Director of Learning & Organisational Development that this would not cause issues in relation to the FDAP review which may be taking place at that time.

–  –  –


19. ANY OTHER BUSINESS There were no items of any other business.


The next meetings of the Corporation Board will take place on:

Thursday 26 September 2013 – 6pm – re Sport Development – as agreed above Friday 18 October 2013 Friday 13 December 2013 Signature: ………………………………………………… Date: ………………………………………………………

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