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«1 Commissioners Minutes of February 13, 2007 The Gladwin County Board of Commissioners met in regular session on Tuesday, February 13, 2007. Chairman ...»


Commissioners Minutes of February 13, 2007

The Gladwin County Board of Commissioners met in regular session on Tuesday,

February 13, 2007. Chairman Whittington called the meeting to order at 9 a.m. and the

Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Roll call found all Commissioners present.

Agenda – Judge Roy Mienk requested to be placed on the agenda to address his office


The minutes of January 23, 2007 were then considered. Motion by Commissioner

Rhode, supported by Commissioner Carl, to approve the minutes as presented. Ayes carried, motion passed.

The semi-monthly Finance Report totaling $144,914.17 was then reviewed. Motion by Commissioner Reid, supported by Commissioner Hargrave, to approve payment as presented. Ayes carried, motion passed.


Question was asked regarding a committee member appointment for the Solid Waste Committee.

Chairman Whittington noted that he would be addressing that further in his reports.

Chairman Whittington reported:

− That there is a vacancy on Saginaw Bay R C & D committee, noting that the group will be making a presentation at a future meeting. Chairman Whittington asked that if any Board members are interested in the appointment please let him know.

− On E. C. Mi. P & D. communication - noting that Adolph Presidio has resigned from that Board. Chairman Whittington then appointed Frank Grimes to replace Mr. Presidio on that Board.

− Communication from Cadillac Insurance that they will be represented at the upcoming MAC conference.

− That he had received the minutes & finance reports from the Dept. of Human Services meeting.

− On communication received from the Michigan Association of County Drain Commissioners.

Chairman Whittington continued reporting:

− On communications from the Dept. of Human Services regarding Child Care funding − That a copy of the minutes from the Wiggins Lake Property Owners Association meeting had been received.

− On a letter received from Senator Carl Levin.

− On communication from Michigan Municipal League, noting that they are publishing an updated 2006 Wage & Salary study. Motion by Commissioner Rhode, supported by Commissioner Reid, to authorize purchase of the study book, in anticipation of future negotiations. Ayes carried, motion passed.

− That the POLC – Corrections contract is now ready for Board signature.

Motion by Commissioner Hoag, supported by Commissioner Carl, to authorize signature by the Board Chair. Ayes carried, motion passed.

Judge Roy Mienk addressed the Board regarding requested office space and asked that the Board approve a budget for required remodeling of that space. Judge noted that he has

–  –  –

Commissioner Reid reported that the cost estimates for remodeling of space requested by the Judges (requested use of space currently occupied by the IT person) is $14,617 and that Clare County has said that they will not make reimbursement toward the cost.

–  –  –

Commissioner Reid replied that it was proposed to move the law clerk into to conference room just outside the Courtroom.

Continued discussion on t he Judges’ request for additional office space:

Commissioner Rhode noted that the law library space could be vacated and used for storage and that Judge Mienk could then move into the office spaces already set up with phone lines and computer lines instead of going through extensive remodeling costs to convert the current IT office into office requirements demanded by the courts.

Commissioner Hargrave questioned if the committee has any new recommendations.

Commissioner Reid that discussions were had on offices currently available, the estimated remodeling costs that Clare County will not share, noting that a lot of “brain storming” had taken placed - but no conclusion had been reached. The big hang-up being the estimated remodeling cost of approx. $15,000.

Commissioner Hargrave stated that he feels the Judge (Mienk) should move into the office space being offered–- get started and then work with the Board on future expansion plans.

Commissioner Reid commented on the possibility that the law books in the law library could be donated to the Library and that space used for storage.

Commissioner Carl noted that it is apparent that Clare is not going to help out in remodeling costs, but that some decision needs to be made today.

Commissioner Posey commented that there are now two Judges for two Counties and questioned why Gladwin County had to stand the costs for housing of both Judges— if Clare County cannot provide space, they should at least provide financially.

Commissioner Rhode moved that since current office space is available – and in light of the Board’ intentions for future addition modifications, the request for s remodeling be denied at this time. Motion supported by Chairman Whittington.

Ayes carried, motion passed.

County Treasurer Christy VanTiem, then presented a Resolution to Borrow Against Anticipated Delinquent 2006 Real Property Taxes. Motion by Commissioner Reid, supported by Commissioner Posey, to adopt the resolution as presented. Roll call vote as follows: Commissioner Hargrave-yes, Carl-yes, Rhode-yes, Reid-yes, Posey-yes, Hoagyes and Whittington-yes. Ayes carried, Resolution #2007-6 declared adopted.

(Complete copy available at the Gladwin County Clerk’ Office) s

–  –  –

Commissioner Carl reported that he sat in on the last Gypsy Moth meeting and would like to see some cost estimates for Mosquito Control Program. Discussion.

Tom Shepard, Bentley Township Board member, came before the Board with questions regarding ambulance service for Bentley Township. Bentley Township currently contracts with Northern Bay Ambulance for service and pays taxes for Gladwin County ambulance service (MMRM) and the question is if Bentley tax dollars for ambulance could be diverted to Northern Bay? Discussion on millage question wording, current contract with MMRM ambulance service and other related matters. A legal opinion will be sought and the matter addressed at a later date.

Board recessed for a short break. Recalled to order by Chairman Whittington.

Commissioner Hoag reported:

− On attending the County Affairs committee meeting.

− That he had also attended the Data Committee meeting.

− That he had sat on the last Finance Committee meeting.

− On attending the Tobacco Township Board meeting.

Lt. Partridge, MSP and Bob Duby, Emergency Management, came before the Board regarding recent office projects and an overview of the emergency management program.

Mr. Duby reported on current projects he is working on ---with schools on lock-down procedures, updating plans for local dams, and that plans are currently underway in scheduling of a full-scale evacuation exercise for one of the local schools. Work is continuing in updating annexes of the County Emergency Management Plan. Mr. Duby also reported on his work with local fire departments, senior citizens housing units and gave current update on NIMS requirements.

Lt. Partridge spoke on emergency funding through FEMA and County participation in MEMAC. Discussion.

Chairman Whittington commented on the Solid Waste committee and questioned how many commissioners should serve on the committee. It was noted that in the past, two commissioners had served. Commissioner Posey noted that she already serves on that committee. Commissioner Hargrave agreed to serve and was appointed by Chairman Whittington. It was suggested that other members be solicited from various townships.

Commissioner Reid continued with his reporting:

–  –  –

− On concerns with Wiggins Lake issues and recent communications made to Economic Development from a person/entity interested in purchasing County owned property at Wiggins Lake – including the dam. The question being --would the Board consider such a proposal. Discussion. Matter referred to the Bldg. & Grounds committee, to seek legal advice on the matter.

− That the Economic Development Corp. has recommended adoption of a resolution to establish a Brownfield Development Authority for Gladwin County, within the EDC. It is also requested that a “Study Group” be formed consisting of Chair Josh Reid, Director Jack Abernathy and three others members to be appointed by the Board of Commissioners, which would then make recommendations back to EDC regarding Brownfield matters. Motion by Commissioner Reid, supported by Commissioner Rhode, to adopt the resolution as presented. Roll call vote as follows: Commissioner Carl-yes, Rhode-yes, Reid-yes, Posey-yes, Hoag-yes, Whittington-yes and Hargrave-yes. Ayres carried, Resolution #2007-7 declared adopted. (Resolution attached) − On attending the Secord Township Fire Dept. appreciation day.

–  –  –

− That on Jan. 31 he attended the Buckeye Township Board meeting − On the Feb. 6th Data committee meeting, and discussions with Gordon Embs of Comp USA.

− That on Feb. 7th he attended the Gladwin Business and Professionals breakfast.

− On attending the Hay Township Board meeting on Feb. 8th.

Commissioner Hargrave reported:

− That he also attended the Gaylord training, noting that it was a good meeting and it was interesting to listen to problems of others.

− On attending the Mental Health regional meeting in Mt. Pleasant on Jan. 30th.

− On the Feb. 9th Airport Commission meeting - noting that new hangar construction has been completed.

Commissioner Hargrave continued reporting:

− That the Beaverton Police Dept. is now NIMS compliant − Regarding a Roscommon County group currently working with Rep. Joel Sheltrown regarding ORV issues and forest management. The group is in disagreement with DNR on several issues and is seeking support from Gladwin County, and may contact the Board for an agenda appointment.

Chairman Whittington informed members that the Board Secretary will be off on sick leave Wednesday – Friday of this week.

Commissioner Posey reported:

− That the Jan. 23rd Library Board meeting had to be rescheduled because of lack of a quorum.

− That she had attended the Jan. 24th Dept. Head meeting.

− That she also had attended the Jan. 30th Gaylord workshop and found it to be very informative.

− On Jan. 30th she attended the rescheduled Library Board meeting − On attending the Personnel committee meeting held on Feb. 5th.

− On the evening of Feb. 5th she attended the Grout Township Board meeting.

− That she attended the Beaverton Township Board meeting on Feb. 12th.

− Regarding the Feb. 9th Finance committee meeting.

Commissioner Carl reported:

− That he also attended the Gaylord meeting and found it to be very informative.

− That he attended the Feb. 5th Personnel committee meeting.

− On attending the Feb. 8th Bldg. & Grounds committee meeting.

− That he had attended the Butman Township Board meeting.

Chairman Whittington reported that he attended a Board of Commissioners meeting in Florida – 248 million dollar budget and full time commissioners.

Commissioner Rhode reported:

− That on Jan. 24th he had attended Central Mi. Health meeting − That on Jan. 25th he had attended the Gladwin Co. Central Dispatch meeting, at which approval was granted for the by-laws. Commissioner Rhode then moved to authorize signature of the by-laws by Chairman Whittington. Motion supported by Commissioner Reid. Ayes carried, motion passed. Report was also had regarding discussions on new dispatch furniture as well as leasing tower space.

− That he had also attended the Gaylord meeting.

− Regarding the Sports Complex meeting on Feb. 1st and recent projects there.

− On the Feb. 5th Personnel committee meeting – noting that the POLC corrections contract is now completed.

− That on Feb. 5th he also attended the Gladwin City Council meeting − That he attended the E. C. Mi. P. & D. meeting on Feb. 8th.

− On the February 9th Finance committee meeting.

− That on Feb. 9th he had attended the C. Mi. Health Finance meeting in Mt.


− On Financ ial matters as follows:

–  –  –

2. That Rick Ghent, Maintenance Supervisor, has requested to be paid for 35 hours of unused vacation time per the Unit #7 contract. Total payment of $707.00 would be paid from 101-265-703.00. Motion by Commissioner Rhode, supported by Commissioner Carl, to approve payment as requested. Ayes carried, motion passed.

Commissioner Rhode continued reporting on financial matters:

3. That Ron Taylor, Animal Control, has requested to be paid for 35 hours of unused vacation time per the Unit #7 contract. Total payment of $677.95 to be paid from 101-430-703.000. Motion by Commissioner Rhode, supported by Commissioner Reid, to approve payment as requested. Ayes carried, motion passed.

4. That Animal Control Officer Ron Taylor has asked for permission to purchase his annual bulk cleaning products. There is a savings of $268.40 if purchased in bulk, and the cost of $767.25 would be paid from 101-430-727.000 if approved. Motion by Commissioner Rhode, supported by Commissioner Posey, to approve purchase as requested.

Ayes carried, motion passed.

–  –  –


Treasurer Christy VanTiem questioned if Chairman Whittington was going to comment on the Gladwin City DDA.

Chairman Whittington noted that he had a call in to Mr. Moffit and would not comment until he had discussed the matter with him.

Commissioner Hoag then moved to receive and file the various reports and correspondence. Motion supported by Commissioner Posey. Ayes carried, motion passed.

Commissioner Hoag moved to adjourn, supported by Commissioner Carl. Ayes carried, meeting adjourned at 11:10 a.m. until February 27, 2007 unless otherwise ordered.

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