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«CHRIS MARNAY Microgrid Design of Mendocino P.O. Box 149, COMPTCHE CA 95427-0149, U.S.A. tel: +1.510.486.7028 - fax: +1.510.486.6996 – mobile: ...»

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Microgrid Design of Mendocino

P.O. Box 149, COMPTCHE CA 95427-0149, U.S.A.

tel: +1.510.486.7028 - fax: +1.510.486.6996 – mobile: +1.510.508.7705

ChrisMarnay@lbl.gov - http://china.lbl.gov/staff/chris-marnay


Ph.D. 1986-1993 U.C. Berkeley, Energy and Resources

M.S. 1982-1983 U.C. Berkeley, Agricultural & Resource Econ.

1981-82 University of Hawaii, East-West Center

B.A. 1981 U.C. Berkeley, Development Studies 1968-72 London School of Economics, London, U.K.

Research Experience President Microgrid Design of Mendocino LLC, Aug 2013 – present Comptche, CA Staff Scientist (retired) China Energy Group (http://china.lbl.gov/), Jul 2013 – present Energy Analysis & Environ. Impacts Dept.

Staff Scientist Grid Integration Group, Jan 2012 – Jun 2013 Energy Storage & Dist. Res. Dept.

Affiliate Faculty Energy & Resources Group, U.C. Berkeley Jan 2008 – present Group Leader Technology Evaluation, Modeling May 2007 – Apr 2010 & Assessment Group Guest Professor The University of Kitakyushu, Japan Feb. 2006 – Apr. 2006 Staff Scientist Energy Analysis Program, Berkeley Lab Jan. 1995 – current President Meled Inc., Berkeley, CA Jan. 1994 – Dec 1999 Post-Doc. Fellow Energy Analysis Program, Berkeley Lab Feb. 1994 - Dec. 1994 Research Fellow Center for Energy Studies, Mar. 1993 - Oct. 1993 Univ. of Texas at Austin Research Associate Energy Analysis Program, Berkeley Lab Feb. 1984 - Feb. 1993 Consultant CA Public Utilities Commission, Jul. 1988 - Jun. 1993

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Romankiewicz, John, Chris Marnay, Nan Zhou, and Min Qu. “International Microgrid Assessment: Governance, Incentives, and Experience (IMAGINE), in press at Energy Policy, available on-line at http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0301421513011890 Cardoso, Gonçalo, Michael Stadler, Mohammad Bozchalui, Ratnesh Sharma, Chris Marnay, Ana BarbosaPóvoa, and Paulo Ferrão. “Optimal Investment and Scheduling of Distributed Energy Resources with Uncertainty in Electric Vehicle Driving Schedules,” in press at Energy [LBNL-6471E].

Cardoso, Gonçalo, Michael Stadler, Afzal Siddiqui, Chris Marnay, Nicholas DeForest, Ana Barbosa-Póvoa and Paulo Ferrão. “Microgrid Reliability Modeling and Battery Scheduling Using Stochastic Linear Programming,” Journal of Electric Power Systems Research, vol. 103, Oct 2013, pp. 61-69 [LBNL-6309E].

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Mammoli, Andrea, Hans Barsun, Richard Burnett, Nicholas DeForest, Michael Stadler, and Chris Marnay.

“Optimal Operation of a Builidng Scale Thermal System via Software-as-a-Service Experience of a Practical Implementation (in review), also presented as a paper at Microgen’III: Third International Conference of Microgeneration and Related Technologies, Naples, Italy, 15-17 Apr 2013 [LBNL-4764E].

Marnay, Chris, Michael Stadler, Afzal Siddiqui, Nicholas DeForest, Jon Donadee, Prajesh Bhattacharya, and Judy Lai. “Applications of Optimal Building Energy System Selection and Operation,” Journal of Power and Energy, vol. 227(1), Feb 2013, an earlier version was presented as a paper at Microgen’II: Second International Conference of Microgeneration and Related Technologies, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland, 4-6 Apr 2011 [LBNL-4764E].

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Beer, Sebastian, Tomás Gómez, David Dallinger, Ilan Momber, Chris Marnay, Michael Stadler, and Judy Lai. “An Economic Analysis of Used Electric Vehicle Batteries Integrated into Commercial Building Microgrids,” IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid special Issue on Transportation Electrification and Vehicle-toGrid Applications, 10.1109/TSG.2011.2163091, vol. 3(1), Mar 2012 [LBNL????].

Stadler, Michael, Afzal Siddiqui, Chris Marnay, Hirohisa Aki, and Judy Lai. “Control of Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Optimal Technology Investment and Operation in Zero-Net-Energy Buildings,” European Transactions on Electric Power, Jan 2010 [LBNL-2692E, Aug 2009].

Komiyama, Ryoichi, Chris Marnay, Michael Stadler, Inês Lima Azevedo, Sam Borgeson, Brian Coffey, and Judy Lai. “Japan’s Energy Outlook for 2050 with Stochastic Sectoral Energy Modelling,” Institute of Energy Economics of Japan Journal, vol.4(2), Jun 2009(LBNL-3849E).

Norwood, Zack, Timothy Lipman, Michael Stadler, and Chris Marnay. “Assessment of Combined Heat and Power System ‘Premium Power” Applications in California, International Journal of Distributed Energy Resources, vol 6(2),1 Apr-Jun 2009 (LBNL-3563E).

Siddiqui, Afzal, and Chris Marnay. “Distributed Generation Investment by a Microgrid Under Uncertainty,” Energy: The International Journal, Dec 2008, vol 33(12), also a paper presented at the 19th Mini-EURO Conference Operation Research Models and Methods in the Energy Sector (ORMMES 2006). Coimbra, Portugal, 6-8 Sep. 2006, www.inescc.pt/ormmes06 (LBNL- 60592, Jun 2006).

Stadler, Michael, Chris Marnay. “Dezentrale Energieversorgung mit Speichertechnologien,” Energy Journal of the Austrian Energy Agency, Number 2 & 3 /2008 Jul, ISBN 1026-339X (LBNL-618E available in German only).

Marnay, Chris, Giri Venkataramanan, Michael Stadler, Afzal Siddiqui, Ryan Firestone, and Bala Chandran.

“Optimal Technology Selection and Operation of Microgrids in Commercial Buildings,” IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, 10.1109/TPWRS.2008.922654, vol. 23(3), Aug 2008. Previously published in the Proceedings of the IEEE Power Engineering Society General Meeting 2007, Tampa Convention Center, 24-28 Jun 2007, Tampa FL, 10.1109/PES.2007.385847 (LBNL-62315).

Marnay, Chris. “Microgrids and Heterogeneous Power Quality and Reliability: Matching the Quality of Delivered Electricity to End-Use Requirements,” International Journal of Distributed Energy Resources, vol 4(4),1 Oct-Dec 2008 (LBNL-63524).

Marnay, Chris, and Nan Zhou.

海外におけるマイクログリッド関連プログラムの動向1米国におけるマイクログリッド 研究活動 - “Status of Overseas Microgrid Programs: 1) Microgrid Research in the U.S.,” Energy and Resources, vol. 29(1), Jan 2008. (LBNL-56E & LBNL-56E available in Japanese only). Siddiqui, Afzal, and Chris Marnay.

“Operation of Distributed Generation Under Stochastic Prices,” Pacific Journal of Optimization, vol. 3(3), Sep 2007, also appeared in the Proceedings of the 29th International Conference of the International Association of Energy Economists, Potsdam, Germany, 7-10 June 2006, paper presented in an earlier version at the INFORMS Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA, 13-16 Nov 2005 (LBNL-59446, Apr 2006).

Maribu, Karl, Ryan Firestone, Chris Marnay, and Afzal Siddiqui. “Distributed Energy Resources Market Diffusion Model,” Energy Policy, vol. 35(9), Sep 2007. Also presented at Energex 2006, the 11th International Energy Conference and Exhibition, Stavanger, Norway, 12-15 June, 2006, (LBNL-60590).

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Siddiqui, Afzal, Chris Marnay, Ryan Firestone, and Nan Zhou. “Distributed Generation with Heat Recovery and Storage,” Journal of Energy Engineering special issue on Distributed Generation, vol. 133(3), Sep 2007, previously presented at the 7th European Conference of the International Association for Energy Economics, Bergen, Norway, 28-30 Aug 2005 (LBNL-58630).

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Zhou, Nan, Chris Marnay, Ryan Firestone, Weijun Gao, and Masaru Nishida. “An Analysis of the DER Adoption Climate in Japan Using Optimization Results for Prototype Buildings with U.S. Comparisons,” Energy and Buildings, vol. 38(12), pp. 1423-1433, Dec 2006. (LBNL-60594).

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DeForest, Nicholas, Gonçalo Mendes, Michael Stadler, Wei Feng, Judy Lai, and Chris Marnay. “Thermal Energy Storage for Electricity Peak-demand Mitigation: A Solution in Developing and Developed World Alike,” poster and short paper presented at European Council on an Energy Efficient Economy 2013 Summer Study, 3–8 Jun 2013, Club Belambra Les Criques, Presqu’île de Giens, Toulon/Hyères, France (LBNL-6308E).

Marnay, Chris, Terry Chan, Nicholas DeForest, Judy Lai, Jason MacDonald, Michael Stadler, Tobias Erdmann, Andreas Hoheisel, Markus Müller, Scott Sabre, Ed Koch, Paul Lipkin, Robert W. Anderson, Spence Gerber, and Elizabeth Reid. “Los Angeles Air Force Base Vehicle to Grid Pilot Project,” paper presented at the European Council on an Energy Efficient Economy 2013 Summer Study, 3–8 June 2013, Club Belambra Les Criques, Presqu’île de Giens, Toulon/Hyères, France [LBNL-6154E].

http://microgrid.lbl.gov/publications/los-angeles-air-force-base-vehicle-grid-pilot-project Kumar, K. Nandha, B Sivaneasan, P L So, HB Gooi, Nilesh Jadhav, Reshma Singh and Chris Marnay. “A Sustainable Campus with PEV and Microgrid,” paper presented at 2012 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings, 12-17 Aug, 2012, Asilomar Conference Center, Pacific Grove, CA [LBNL------].

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