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  1. «TI 2015-077/III Tinbergen Institute Discussion Paper Volatility Spillovers Between Energy and Agricultural Markets: A Critical Appraisal of Theory ...»
  2. «TI 2015-097/V Tinbergen Institute Discussion Paper Be patient when measuring Hyperbolic Discounting: Stationarity, Time Consistency and Time ...»
  3. «TI 2016-029/III Tinbergen Institute Discussion Paper Measuring Financial Cycles in a Model-Based Analysis: Empirical Evidence for the United States ...»
  5. «TI 2011-020/4 Tinbergen Institute Discussion Paper Stock Index Returns' Density Prediction using GARCH Models: Frequentist or Bayesian Estimation? ...»
  6. «TI 2011-152/4 Tinbergen Institute Discussion Paper The Impact of Mobile Telephone Use on Economic Development of Households in Uganda Sanne Lise ...»
  7. «TI 2012-037/1 Tinbergen Institute Discussion Paper Savings Adequacy Uncertainty: Driver or Obstacle to Increased Pension Contributions? Ron J.G. van ...»
  8. «Finance and Economics Discussion Series Divisions of Research & Statistics and Monetary Affairs Federal Reserve Board, Washington, D.C. Going Public ...»
  9. «TI 2014-060/III Tinbergen Institute Discussion Paper A Tourism Financial Conditions Index Chia-Lin Chang1 Hui-Kuang Hsu2 Michael McAleer3 National ...»
  10. «TI 2014-076/III Tinbergen Institute Discussion Paper Advances in Financial Risk Management and Economic Policy Uncertainty: An Overview Shawkat ...»
  11. «Call to Order The regular session of the Green Cove Springs City Council was called to order Tuesday, June 2, 2015, at 6:58 p.m. in the City Council ...»
  13. «IS Education for Executives: Joys and Pains Panel Andrea Carugati João Vieira da Cunha Aarhus University, Universidade Europeia School of Business ...»
  14. «Personal Information Marital status: Married; three children. Citizenship: Denmark; U.S. Permanent Resident. Education Ph. D. in Economics, Yale ...»
  15. «TOWARDS A SOCIETY OF TRUE WEALTH for all in the „Weltinnenraum“ Gustav Bergmann • The global Crisis and True Wealth • Problems and ...»
  16. «Resolving Scheduling Issues of the London Underground Using a Multi-Agent System Rajveer Basra1, Kevin Lü1, George Rzevski1,2, Petr Skobelev2 Brunel ...»
  17. «FORUM ON TAX ADMINISTRATION: SME COMPLIANCE SUB-GROUP Information note Reducing opportunities for tax non-compliance in the underground economy ...»
  18. «Psychologising Jekyll, Demonising Hyde: The Strange Case of Criminal Responsibility Nicola Lacey LSE Law, Society and Economy Working Papers 18/2009 ...»
  19. «Gustav Andersson Axel Wachtmeister Master’s thesis · 30 hec · Advanced level Agriculture Programme – Economics and Management Degree thesis No ...»
  20. «International Journal of Academic Research in Accounting, Finance and Management Sciences Vol. 6, No. 3, July 2016, pp. 58–68 E-ISSN: 2225-8329, ...»
  22. «1 Perception Matters: Psychophysics for Economists Elke U. Weber Columbia University February 25, 2003 To appear in J. Carrillo and I. Brocas (Eds.), ...»
  23. «ECONOMIC GROWTH CENTER YALE UNIVERSITY P.O. Box 208629 New Haven, CT 06520-8269 http://www.econ.yale.edu/~egcenter/ CENTER DISCUSSION PAPER NO. 1015 ...»
  24. «ECONOMIC GROWTH CENTER YALE UNIVERSITY P.O. Box 208629 New Haven, CT 06520-8269 http://www.econ.yale.edu/~egcenter/ CENTER DISCUSSION PAPER NO. 1017 ...»
  25. «ECONOMIC GROWTH CENTER YALE UNIVERSITY P.O. Box 208269 New Haven, CT 06520-8269 http://www.econ.yale.edu/~egcenter/ CENTER DISCUSSION PAPER NO. 886 ...»
  26. «CESIS Electronic Working Paper Series Paper No. 394 Do Financing Constraints Matter for R&D? James R. Brown Gustav Martinsson Bruce C. Petersen ...»
  27. «Photo Credit: www.accessatlanta.com The Revitalization of Underground Atlanta A TRANSIT-ORIENTED, MIXED-USE DEVELOPMENT Darron R. Cooper APPLIED ...»
  28. «DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS YALE UNIVERSITY P.O. Box 208268 New Haven, CT 06520-8268 http://www.econ.yale.edu/ Economics Department Working Paper No. 106 ...»
  29. «Up 033 342 ED 438 373 Ladd, Helen F., Ed.; Chalk, Rosemary, Ed.; Hansen, Janet S., AUTHOR Ed. Equity and Adequacy in Education Finance: Issues and ...»
  30. «Education Working Paper Archive Education Working Paper Archive The Impact of School Finance Litigation on Resource Distribution: A Comparison of ...»
  31. «Employer Expectations Of Accounting Undergraduates’ Entry-Level Knowledge And Skills In Global Financial Reporting Christopher G. Jones, California ...»
  32. «Designing Finance Structures to Satisfy Equity and Adequacy Goals Richard A. King University of Northern Colorado Austin D. Swanson State University ...»
  33. «The Economic Journal, 117 (November), F558–F588. Ó The Author(s). Journal compilation Ó Royal Economic Society 2007. Published by Blackwell ...»
  34. «REGULATORY SUMMARY The Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) regulations strive to prevent oil from entering navigable waters through ...»
  35. «Financial Guide for Undergraduates 2016-2017 St John’s College CONTENTS 1. What does it cost and how do I pay? 1.1 University Tuition Fees 1.2 ...»
  36. «Financial Guide for Undergraduates 2016–2017 CONTENTS 1. What does it cost and how do I pay? 1.1 University Tuition Fees 1.2 College Fees 1.3 ...»
  37. «THE NORDENSKIÖLD MODEL (2010 - ONGOING) MONEY WILL BE LIKE DROSS with Kunstgiesserei (material research), Daniel McClean (legal advisor), Johan ...»
  38. «DRAFT 1/4/06: COMMENTS WELCOME The Evolution of Education Finance Equity: From Legitimate Issues to Dubious Assertions James W. Guthrie1 Professor of ...»
  39. «The mission of the Middle East Institute is to promote knowledge of the Middle East in America and strengthen understanding of the United States by ...»
  40. «James R. Brown† and Gustav Martinsson‡ July 27, 2016 Abstract R&D drives long-run growth and is financed extensively with external equity, ...»
  41. «FINANCE MACRO RISK Risk and Macro Finance Working Paper Series No. 2015-01 The Formation of a Core Periphery Structure in Heterogeneous Financial ...»
  42. « ...»
  43. «SQE report 10/11-130 Noise Reduction Good Practice Review This report relates to the working practices that have been developed and implemented by ...»
  44. «Chair John Stenhouse Present Andy Beatty, Syd Kent, Ian MacNaughton, Mary Frank, Ian Vipond, John Owens, Chris Goldsworthy, Michelle Perrin, Evette ...»
  45. «Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Sites and Supplements PROGRAM SOLICITATION NSF 09-598 REPLACES DOCUMENT(S): NSF 07-569 National Science ...»
  46. «Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Sites and Supplements PROGRAM SOLICITATION NSF 13-542 REPLACES DOCUMENT(S): NSF 12-569 National Science ...»
  47. «Gartner Reprint LICENSED FOR DISTRIBUTION Predicts 2016: Financial Management Applications 23 November 2015 | ID:G00293032 Analyst(s):John E. Van ...»
  48. «Prof. Sandra Paterlini, PhD Chair of Financial Econometrics EBS Universität für Wirtschaft & Recht EBS Business School Department of Finance, Real ...»
  49. «Growing Pains Binding Constraints to Productive Investment in Latin America Manuel Agosin Eduardo Fernández-Arias and Fidel Jaramillo Editors ...»
  50. «Retrieving Emir Kusturica’s Underground as a Critique of Ethnic Nationalism by Sean Homer It is now fashionable for many Balkan intellectuals and ...»
  51. «November 9, 2009 ∗ Carneiro: Email: p.carneiro@ucl.ac.uk; Telephone: 44-20-76795824; Carneiro acknowledges the support of ESRC RES-000-22-2542 and ...»
  52. «London Underground after the PPP, 2007Standard Note: SN1746 Last updated: 18 January 2012 Author: Louise Butcher Section Business and Transport This ...»
  53. «Sukuk An Introduction to the Underlying Principles and Structure June 2006 ••• a global think tank for DIRE/SUK/06 the Islamic finance industry ...»
  54. «by Johannes Peter BSc Civil Engineering ETH Zurich Supervisor at ETH Zurich Prof. Dr. Didier Sornette & Dr. Peter Cauwels (ETHZ, Chair of ...»
  55. «The underground economy and the impacts of the informal opportunity structure Undocumented Worker Transitions EU Sixth Framework Programme Contract ...»
  56. «D isse n t In E c o n o m ic s : Making Radical Political Economics and Post Keynesian Economics, 1960-1980 Tiago Jorge Fernandes Mata London School ...»
  57. «The Handbook for Economics Lecturers Undergraduate Research in Economics KimMarie McGoldrick, Department of Economics, University of Richmond, ...»
  58. «Underground Economy: Causes and Size No-Wook Park Korea Institute of Public Finance 1 Copyright 2005 Korea Institute of Public Finance. All Right ...»
  59. «Financial Guide for Undergraduates 2016-2017 Somerville College CONTENTS 1. What does it cost and how do I pay? 1.1 University Tuition Fees 1.2 ...»
  60. «State Audit of Public Private Partnerships in Australia: a lack of public accountability? Linda English and James Guthrie School of Business ...»
  61. «INSTILLING THE ENTREPRENEURIAL MINDSET INTO ENGINEERING UNDERGRADUATES Timothy J. Kriewall* and Kristen Mekemson Kern Family Foundation Waukesha, WI ...»
  62. «CESifo, a Munich-based, globe-spanning economic research and policy advice institution Venice Summer Institute 2014 Venice Summer Institute 24 – 25 ...»
  63. «TWEEKERKENSTRAAT 2 B-9000 GENT Tel. : 32 - (0)9 – 264.34.61 Fax. : 32 - (0)9 – 264.35.92 WORKING PAPER The Effect of IPSAS on Reforming ...»
  64. «TOWERING INVESTMENTS The '90s Revolution in Real Estate Finance Marshall Magazine, Summer 1998 Fusion CMBSs, UPREITs, paper-clip and paired share ...»
  65. «International Sustainable Energy Organisation United Nations-ECOSOC accredited International Organizations Center, 1 Route des Morillons, Geneva ...»
  66. «IMPROV YOURSELF: Business Spontaneity at the Speed of Thought Joseph A. Keefe John Wiley & Sons, Inc. IMPROV YOURSELF IMPROV YOURSELF Business ...»
  67. «011-0290 A comparison of supply chain risk perceptions in Original Equipment Manufacturers and Tier One suppliers: A case-study in the aerospace ...»
  68. «Fiona M. Scott Morton Professor of Economics and Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Development Yale School of Management New Haven, Connecticut ...»
  69. «JOHN MICKLEWRIGHT and GYULA NAGY Budapest Working Papers on the Labour Market BWP 1998/2 February 1998 Budapest Working Papers No.2 Labour Research ...»
  70. «MINUTES OF THE MEETING FINANCE AND CLAIMS COMMITTEE MONTANA STATE SENATE February 13, 1987 The eighth meeting of the Senate Finance and Claims ...»
  71. «The third meeting of the Finance and Claims Committee of the Montana State Senate, Special Session 2, met in room 108 of the State Capitol on the ...»
  72. «The 18th meeting of the Senate Finance and Claims Committee met on the above date in room 108 of the State Capitol. The meeting was called to order ...»
  73. «The Business Meeting of Seminole City Council was held on Tuesday, April 26, 2016, at 6:00 p.m., in City Hall, City Council Chambers, 9199 - 113th ...»
  75. « Public report Cabinet Member for Business, Enterprise & Employment (delete as appropriate) 19 October 2015 Name of Cabinet Member: ...»
  76. «China-Korea Relations: Strategic Maneuvers for the “Sandwich Economy” Scott Snyder Asia Foundation/Pacific Forum CSIS China’s shadow over the ...»
  77. «POLICY REFERENCE NO: CORPORATE IDENTITY GUIDELINES Agenda Item NHS Cumbria CCG Governing Body 3 June 2015 8 Financial Plan (Budget) 2015/16 Purpose ...»
  78. «Under-Investment in State Capacity: The Role of Inequality and Political Instability Mauricio Cárdenas and Didem Tuzemen September 6, 2010 | 1775 ...»
  79. «Shanks, Parr Positivist, Single Case Study Research Positivist, Single Case Study Research in Information Systems: a Critical Analysis Graeme Shanks ...»
  80. «Kleine and Baker/An Integrative Review of Material Possession Attachment An Integrative Review of Material Possession Attachment Susan Schultz Kleine ...»
  81. «Working Paper Series on Rural-Urban Interactions and Livelihood Strategies WORKING PAPER 16 Migration and small towns in China Power hierarchy and ...»
  82. «Rüdiger Fahlenbrach, Robert Prilmeier, and René M. Stulz* February 2011 Abstract The collapse in the capitalization of banks is at the heart of the ...»
  83. «By Jim Wilkinson and Jon Christensson S mall and new businesses, widely credited as engines for job growth, have struggled during the recovery. One ...»
  84. «EN COUNCIL OF THE EUROPEAN UNION 17683/11 PRESSE 456 PR CO 73 PRESS RELEASE 3129th Council meeting Economic and Financial Affairs Brussels, 30 ...»
  85. «EN COU CIL OF THE EUROPEA U IO 6678/12 PRESSE 57 PR CO 9 PRESS RELEASE 3148th Council meeting Economic and Financial Affairs Brussels, 21 February ...»
  86. «The International Journal Of Business & Management www.theijbm.com (ISSN 2321 – 8916) THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT General ...»
  87. «EN COU CIL OF THE EUROPEA U IO 12204/12 PRESSE 317 PR CO 43 PRESS RELEASE 3181st Council meeting Economic and Financial Affairs Brussels, 10 July ...»
  88. «Draft Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme Review of Submissions Local Area Key Issues Paper No. 13: Southern Hinterland townships growth opportunities Key ...»
  89. «KAPOSVÁR UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF ECONOMIC SCIENCE Department of Finance and Accounting Head of Doctoral School: DR. GÁBOR UDOVECZ Doctor of the ...»
  90. «PART V DEVELOPMENT AND EQUITY CHAPTER 14 A Southern Perspective on Curbing Global Climate Change 1 Anil Agarwal Climate change may be the biggest ...»
  91. «TI 14-138/IV/ DSF 82 The Determinants of CDS Bid-ask Spreads Marcin Wojtowicz Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, VU University ...»
  92. «Girişimcilik ve İnovasyon Yönetimi Dergisi Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management Formal, informal and semi-formal sources of ...»
  93. «Possessing & Preserving Iconic Film Culture: How Fashion, Fans, and Money Keep Costumes Alive by Sarah Suzanne Bellet A thesis submitted in partial ...»
  94. «Southeast Asian Commercial Policy: Outward-Looking Regional Integration• Hal Hill, Australian National University Jayant Menon, Asian Development ...»
  95. «Ştefan Buchiu The Monarchy of the Father Cataphatic and apophatic dimensions Abstract The syntagma “monarchy of the Father” was developed by the ...»
  96. «1906 - 2000 Social and Economic Public Policy Issue: Public Education School Finance Equalization and School Reformation Harold G. Begay, Ph.D. All ...»
  97. «REDUCING THE RISK OF UNDER-INVESTMENT IN ADULTS BACKGROUND PAPER The attached report has been prepared by professors Gerald Burke and Michael Long of ...»
  98. «Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Organisation de Coopération et de Développement Économiques in co-operation with the Korea ...»
  99. «BOOKMAKERS (TAXATION) AMENDMENT ACT, 1981, No. 70 Jteto &outi) Hates; ELIZABETHS H REGIN/E * * * * * * * * * * * l | [ * : t : * * * * l | ! * * * * ...»
  100. «Abstract: This paper explores the relationship between financial reforms, financial liberalization and the quality of banking regulation and ...»
  101. «Merton Miller by René M. Stulz* April 2006 Prepared for the New Palgrave Dictionary Abstract Merton Miller was at the center of the transformation ...»
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