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  1. «Financial Integration, Globalization, Growth and Systemic Real Risk* Gianni De Nicolò International Monetary Fund, Research Department, and CESifo ...»
  2. «DAVID A. ROBALINO World Bank, USA, and IZA, Germany Designing unemployment benefits in developing countries For unemployment benefit programs, the ...»
  3. «The Rise of Effective States in Europe Mark Dincecco This review article examines the development of state capacity—the extractive and productive ...»
  4. «CEO and Chairperson Compensation: The Impact of the Financial Crisis DISSERTATION of the University of St. Gallen, Graduate School of Business ...»
  5. «Heiko Jacobs Empirical essays on the stock market impact of limited investor attention Inauguraldissertation zur Erlangung des akademischen Grades ...»
  6. «Assessing the Impact of Microenterprise Services (AIMS) Management Systems International 600 Water Street, S.W. Washington, D.C. 20024-2488 Tel: ...»
  7. «DOING BUSINESS IN LUXEMBOURG CONTENTS 1 – Introduction 3 2 – Business environment 4 3 – Foreign Investment 5 4 – Setting up a Business 6 5 ...»
  8. «ONE PILLAR CRUMBLING, THE OTHERS TOO SHORT: OLD-AGE PROVISION IN GERMANY Martin Werding¹ ¹ Chair in Social Policy and Public Finance, Department of ...»
  9. «ISSN 0956-8549-704 Securitized Banking, Asymmetric Information, and Financial Crisis: Regulating Systemic Risk Away By Sudipto Bhattacharya Georgy ...»
  10. «Sedation and slaughter of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar, L.) with carbon monoxide, and a possible regulatory role of neuroglobin Gry Aletta Bjørlykke ...»
  11. «Strengthening Subnational Finance in LDCs UNCDF | FFDO/UN-DESA DRAFT Joint Publication Comment now on the draft publication! ...»
  12. «Saturday, June 16 7:30 am-TBD Economic Development Tour of Winnebago Reservation with Lance Morgan; Cultural Tour with Local Planning Committee Visit ...»
  13. «∗ Empirical Methods MIT 14.771/ Harvard 2390b Fall 2002 The goal of this handout is to present the most common empirical methods used in applied ...»
  14. «Pegging the future West African single currency in regard to internal/external competitiveness: a counterfactual analysis♣ Gilles Dufrénot* and ...»
  15. «Accountant in Russia: changing times, changing roles Elena Dybtsyna Ph.D. dissertation submitted to Bodø Graduate School of Business for the degree ...»
  16. «Dynamic Parties and Social Turnout: An Agent-Based Model1 James H. Fowler University of California, Davis Oleg Smirnov University of Oregon The ...»
  17. «IOSR Journal of Business and Management (IOSR-JBM) e-ISSN: 2278-487X, p-ISSN: 2319-7668. Volume 13, Issue 4 (Sep. - Oct. 2013), PP 30-36 ...»
  18. «CARDIFF BUSINESS SCHOOL WORKING PAPER SERIES Cardiff Economics Working Papers Kul B Luintel, Mosahid Khan, Philip Arestis and Konstantinos ...»
  19. «The current status of the tobacco epidemic in Poland The current status of the tobacco epidemic in Poland ABSTRACT This report was prepared within ...»
  20. «FACTA UNIVERSITATIS Series: Economics and Organization Vol. 1, No 8, 2000, pp. 9 - 16 CUSTOMER ORIENTED MARKETING CONCEPT AND STRATEGIC ENTERPRISE ...»
  21. «FACTA UNIVERSITATIS Series: Economics and Organization Vol. 8, No 4, 2011, pp. 401 - 409 IMPACT OF LEGISLATION ON INFRASTRUCTURE FINANCING BY ...»
  22. «Robert J. Shiller robert.shiller@yale.edu 30 Hillhouse Ave., Room 11a, Phone 203 432-3708 http://www.econ.yale.edu/~shiller Office hours by ...»
  23. «EC 761 – Public Finance Theory Prof. Laurence J. Kotlikoff Fall 2008 Room 300, 264 Bay State Rd Phone: 353-4002 Email: kotlikof@bu.edu 1. The ...»
  24. «The Impact of Inter-Firm Finance and Knowledge Spillovers on Exporting and Product Sophistication: A Firm-Level Analysis Inaugural-Dissertation zur ...»
  25. «CARLETON UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS ECON 3880 C Special Studies in Economics: Housing Economics 2013 Winter Instructor: Attah K. Boame ...»
  26. «CARLETON UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS ECON 3880 C Special Studies in Economics: Housing Economics 2016 Winter Instructor: Dr. Attah K. Boame ...»
  27. «Econ 196 Topic: Behavioral Economics Quasi-Endowment in Private-Value Auctions Introduction The analysis of symmetric, private-value auctions ...»
  28. «Regions Financial CorporationSupporting Alabama’s Economy Investing in the communities Regions calls home. This economic impact and benefits ...»
  31. «Enter the Local Government Served: Select Your Local Government Agency Section I. Personal Information - Local Government Officer First Name: ...»
  32. «Acquiring Software Project Specifications in a Virtual World Vincent Ng and Zoe Tang The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, China ...»
  33. «Elmas Yaldız Second Year PhD student CIFREM Doctoral School in Economics and Management elmas.yaldiz@unitn.it Abstract There are two hypotheses ...»
  34. «Lectures on Empirical Public Finance Kevin Milligan Associate Professor Department of Economics University of British Columbia Preliminary Course ...»
  35. «Climate Change Expert Group Paper No. 2015(5) Encouraging Increased Climate Action by Non-Party Stakeholders Yoko Nobuoka (OECD), Jane Ellis (OECD) ...»
  36. «Introduction It is common for a bank lending to a corporate entity to take security not only over the assets of the borrower but also over the shares ...»
  37. «Candidate nomination procedures and political selection: evidence from Latin American parties Fernando M. Aragon∗ STICERD and London School of ...»
  38. «EGM/EPWD/2005/EP.10 12 December 2005 United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) Division for the Advancement of Women (DAW) ...»
  39. «EPCS 2014 • Cambridge • 3-6 April 2014 The 2014 Meeting of the European Public Choice Society Cambridge England 3-6 April The 2014 Meeting of the ...»
  41. «About this report This report sets out evidence on the impacts of unregulated finance on developing countries, arguing that increased regulation and ...»
  42. «EVA Interviews James E. Dunstan Welcome to the first edition of EVA Interviews: The Business of the new Space Age! I’m delighted to welcome our ...»
  43. «Corporate Governance for a changing world Executive Summary Switzerland, October 2015 Frank Bold in partnership with the University of Zurich Centre ...»
  44. «10.60% 10.00% Agriculture 10.20% Manufacturing Services Other Industries 69.20% Funded in part through a Cooperative Agreement with the U.S. Small ...»
  45. «Jürgen H. Daum 1 Innovation Management and the Role of Controlling Jürgen H. Daum Innovation and Controlling Table of Contents About the Author 1. ...»
  47. «EDUCATION Ph.D., Economics, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, 1993. Thesis: “Privatization and Restructuring.” Fields: Financial Economics, ...»
  48. «Does Cognitive Ability Reduce Psychological Bias? Daniel J. Benjamin and Jesse M. Shapiro∗ Harvard University February 25, 2005 Abstract A ...»
  49. «Video Article A Visual Description of the Dissection of the Cerebral Surface Vasculature and Associated Meninges and the Choroid Plexus from Rat ...»
  50. «1. Education 2008 Ph.D. Economics, University of Wisconsin-Madison 2007 M.S. Economics, University of Wisconsin-Madison 2004 M.Sc. Econometrics and ...»
  51. «Finance and Administration Commission Chair Supervisor Scott Haggerty, District 1 Committee Commission Vice Chair Vice Mayor Rebecca Kaplan, City of ...»
  52. «Policy Applications of Psychology and Economics T, Th 1.00-2.30, Sever 202 TA: Lucas Coffman Professor Sendhil Mullainathan lcoffman@hbs.edu ...»
  53. «Corporate Social Responsibility applied to Non Governmental Organizations Do NGOs act responsibly? Thesis Certificate “Advanced Studies in ...»
  54. «everyone else is It is hard to believe that we are about to enter the last quarter of 2013. Summer is certainly on its way with the warmer weather ...»
  55. «Boom and Bust in Australian Screen Policy: 10BA, the Film Finance Corporation and Hollywood‘s ‗Race to the Bottom‘ Alex Burns1 Faculty of ...»
  56. «Working Paper No. 2 A Conceptual Model of National Skills Formation for Knowledge-based Economic Development in the Arab World Wes Schwalje Chief ...»
  57. «Discussion Paper no 10 Financialisation, or the Search for Profits in the Sphere of Circulation Costas Lapavitsas Department of Economics, School of ...»
  58. «PERSONAL DETAILS Status: Private Professor of Finance Dean of research Appointment: Full time Origin: Italian Year joined: 2008 Phone: +33 (0)1 85 56 ...»
  59. «The Case for Financial Literacy in Developing Countries Promoting Access to Finance by Empowering Consumers The Case for Financial Literacy in ...»
  60. «Financing the World’s Forests: integrating markets and stakeholders Although the international community has agreed that urgent action to protect ...»
  61. «Michael R. Roberts University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School Amir Sufi University of Chicago, Booth School of Business Abstract We review recent ...»
  62. «DeKalb County Government Sycamore, Illinois Finance Committee Minutes March 4, 2015 The Finance Committee of the DeKalb County Board met on ...»
  63. «The First-Timer’s Guide to Hiring a Virtual Assistant by Nick Loper VirtualAssistantAssistant.com Table of Contents 1. Know Thyself 2. Know Your ...»
  64. «THE EFFECT OF FIXED EXCHANGE RATES ON MONETARY POLICY∗ Jay C. Shambaugh Quarterly Journal of Economics - forthcoming First version: September 2001 ...»
  65. «FINANCE COMMITTEE MINUTES February 1, 2006 The Finance Committee of the DeKalb County Board, met on Wednesday, February 1, 2006 at 6:30p.m., in the ...»
  66. «DRAFT FINANCE COMMITTEE MINUTES NOVEMBER 7, 2012 The DeKalb County Finance Committee met on Wednesday, November 7, 2012 @ 7:00p.m. in the ...»
  67. «DEALING WITH DESTABILIZING ‘MARKET DISCIPLINE’ Daniel Cohen (Ecole normale supérieure, Cepremap and CEPR) and Richard Portes (London Business ...»
  68. «From soothing palliatives and towards ecological literacy: A critique of the Triple Bottom Line Markus J. Milne Professor of Accounting School of ...»
  69. «CFSC Newsletter: ABA Business Law Section | | July 2016 Print or Download PDF Newsletter Committee Roster Join CFSC Important Dates Leadership ...»
  70. «Trading Rendezvous Concepts: The fur trade was an important part of the economy for various cultures in the region. Objectives: Students will be able ...»
  71. «Invited Article A Historical View of the Term “Moral Hazard” * by David Rowell + and Luke B. Connelly ++ The term moral hazard has a long ...»
  72. «Household Finance after a Natural Disaster: The Case of Hurricane Katrina Justin Gallagher Daniel Hartley∗ December 3, 2015 Abstract Little is ...»
  73. «Consistent Pricing of CMS and CMS Spread Options with SABR-like Distributions and Power-t Copulas Andreas K.H. Geisselmeyer Working Paper Series n. ...»
  74. «Contractual Resolutions of Financial Distress Nicola Gennaioli and Stefano Rossi∗ CREI Universitat Pompeu Fabra, CEPR and Imperial College Business ...»
  75. «The Legislative, Finance, and Administration Committee meeting was held on August 26, 2013, at 6:00 p.m. with Chairman Lynn presiding. Members ...»
  76. «Dialogue Forums 2010 Global Financial Stability: A Dialogue on Regulation and Cooperation On behalf of Global Financial Stability: A Dialogue on ...»
  77. «Abstract Transport infrastructure investment increased substantially in Britain between the seventeenth and eighteenth century. This paper argues ...»
  78. «FINANCE MACRO RISK Risk and Macro Finance Working Paper Series No. 2015-02 Safe Asset Demand: A Review Pascal Golec and Enrico Perotti University of ...»
  79. «Homeownership, the Great Recession, and Wealth: Evidence from the Survey of Consumer Finance Draft, January, 2013 Michal Grinstein-Weiss Washington ...»
  80. «GROW How Ideals Power Growth a n d P r o f i t a t t h e Wo r l d ’ s Greatest Companies N O T FO R D IS Jim Stengel TR IB U TI O N The Idea l ...»
  81. «Did the Glorious Revolution Contribute to the Transport Revolution? Evidence from Investment in Roads and Rivers Dan Bogart Department of Economics ...»
  82. «Cohesion and Development Policy in Europe Ákos Bodor – Zoltán Grünhut (eds.) Cohesion and Development Policy in Europe Editors Ákos Bodor ...»
  83. «Is There a Plausible Theory for Decision under Risk? By James C. Cox, Vjollca Sadiraj, Bodo Vogt, and Utteeyo Dasgupta Experimental Economics Center ...»
  84. «THE TANNER LECTURES HUMAN VALUES ON Delivered at Stanford University May 16-19, 1995 AMY GUTMANN is Laurance S. Rockefeller University Professor of ...»
  85. «IOSR Journal of Business and Management (IOSR-JBM) e-ISSN: 2278-487X, p-ISSN: 2319-7668. Volume 17, Issue 4.Ver. V (Apr. 2015), PP 58-65 ...»
  86. «New York University, Abu Dhabi Social Science Division PO Box 129188 Abu Dhabi, UAE +971 2628 4976 Christian Haefke christian.haefke@nyu.edu ...»
  87. «The polycentric city-region that never was: Paris agglomeration, Bassin parisien and spatial planning strategies in France Ludovic Halbert To cite ...»
  88. «Coal Smoke and the Costs of the Industrial Revolution∗ W. Walker Hanlon UCLA and NBER October 17, 2016 Abstract While the Industrial Revolution ...»
  89. «Bernd Hayo School of Business & Economics (FB02), Philipps-Universität Marburg, Universitätsstr. 24, 35037 Marburg, Germany Tel. +49-6421-28-23091, ...»
  90. «Botond K˝szegi o Paul Heidhues Department of Economics WZB (Social Science Research University of California, Berkeley Center Berlin) Berkeley, CA ...»
  91. «104 Communications of the Association for Information Systems (Volume 12, 2003) 104-118 UNDERSTANDING ELECTRONIC COMMERCE FROM A HISTORICAL ...»
  92. «Financing Higher Education in a Mobile World∗ Gabrielle Demange† Robert Fenge‡ Paris School of Economics, and CESifo University of Rostock, and ...»
  93. «December 2010 Harvard Graduate School of Design Justin Chapman Andreas Georgoulias Sustainable Financing for the Hong Kong International Airport On ...»
  94. «Thanks to the School Board of Alachua County and the Alachua County Tax Collector’s Office for providing the data used in this project. We ...»
  95. «Abstract. This article is the written version of the author’s keynote presentation to the inaugural International Industrial Organization ...»
  96. «IFRS Hírlevél IFRS 16 - Lease Deloitte Hungary issues its monthly newsletter to inform its clients about the most recent developments involving ...»
  97. «Owner-Managers’ Preferences for Financing: A Study of Singaporean SME By Charlton Low and Tim Mazzarol1 _ This paper examines the findings of a ...»
  98. «Justin Yifu Lin and Célestin Monga Abstract The notion of “structures” has evolved over the decades to cover both macro and micro issues, and to ...»
  99. «Exchange-Rate Pegging in Emerging-Market Countries? by Frederic S. Mishkin Graduate School of Business, Columbia University, and National Bureau of ...»
  101. «We show how fan charts generated from Bayesian vector autoregression models can be useful for assessing (i) the effect of the zero-lower-bound ...»
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