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«2016 SDA University and Annual Conference SDA Conference-SDA University Wednesday, September 21 Welcome Breakfast with Ann Terry and Joe DePaepe ...»

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2016 SDA University and Annual Conference

SDA Conference-SDA University Wednesday, September 21

Welcome Breakfast with Ann Terry and Joe DePaepe

sponsored by Colorado Special Districts Property and Liability


The morning will begin with the presentation of the Colors. SDA’s

Executive Director, Ann Terry, and Joe DePaepe, Pool

Administrator for the Colorado Special Districts Property and

Liability Pool, will then team up to highlight some of this year’s

outstanding programming.

W-1 How to Ensure Your Background Screening Program is Compliant Kris Geraths and Cathy Baker from Background Information Services, Inc.

Background screening compliance can be confusing to fully understand. During this session, we'll talk about what legal considerations are important in order to maintain compliance at the state and federal level. Discussion will include Ban the Box, 7 Year Rule Legislation, Consumer Rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Disclosure and Authorization Forms, and Understanding the Adverse Action Process. You will leave the session with a better understanding of how to balance your due diligence and compliance.

W-2 Show Me the Money-Evaluating a Banking Relationship for Your District Jenifer Waller from the Colorado Bankers Association and Kileigh Sperber from ANB Bank This session will assist attendees in becoming better acquainted with a variety of topics and resources which will help support banking needs and goals. If you are a treasurer, investment officer, finance officer, director, or a board member you do not want to miss this program. The discussion will focus on policies, processes, and other useful information to help public funds investors make well-informed banking and investment decisions.

W-3 Board Member Financial Boot Camp Kristin Donald from Apex Park and Recreation District and Peggy Dowswell from Pinnacle Consulting Group, Inc.

This session will give an extensive high level overview of the financial year and events including budget, financial statements, investments, debt, and financial policies. This informative presentation will help translate the terms coming from your finance officer and auditor.

W-4 Planning and Design Approach Saves Up to 75% on Capital Construction Over 45 Year History Ronald C. McLaughlin, R. James McLaughlin, and Melanie S.

Asquith from Merrick & Company; and Zachary P. Margolis from the Town of Silverthorne The Silverthorne Dillon Joint Sewer Authority owns and operates the Blue River Wastewater Treatment Plant, treating the waste of five neighboring entities. A master planned design approach, starting in 1971, has allowed the “totally enclosed” plant to economically operate and evolve with changing regulatory requirements. The current plant has been constructed through nine major projects, increasing capacity and advanced treatment capabilities, while still utilizing all previous investments. Come learn how this system has operated so successfully for over 45 years.

W-5 A Humorous Review of Open Meetings, Open Records, and Executive Sessions (to the Extent Possible!) Jim Collins from Collins Cockrel & Cole Come get all your burning questions answered about open meetings, open records, and executive sessions. You might even get a laugh or two!

W-6 A Whole New Workforce: Plan to Thrive James McDonough from Mountain States Employers Council Are you ready for the younger workers that will replace the retiring workforce? What can you do to prepare and make the most of this new generation? How can you address the brain drain of the exiting generations and preserve critical institutional memory to minimize disruption? Learn the facts and the strategies to proactively build a strong workforce.

W-7 50% of the Cost of Insurance is Often Influenced by a District's Board and Management Joe DePaepe and Adam Johnsen from the Colorado Special Districts Property and Liability Pool This informative presentation will delve into the importance of district management knowing the factors that affect the cost of insurance. The discussion will include topics such as rating mechanisms, understanding risk, and the acceptance of risk as well as how the management of risk can effectively reduce insurance costs. Find out what you can do to influence these costs at your district.

W-8 What’s New in TABOR? Well, Nothing, But There’s Always More to Learn… Evan Goulding, Consultant, and Michael Valdez from the Special District Association of Colorado The TABOR amendment impacts all levels of government in Colorado; this includes special districts as well as cities and counties. The law is substantial and complicated. Topics around TABOR will include financial limitations, election requirements, multiple year financial obligations, and enterprise exemptions.

Discussions will also include mill levy calculations and an overview of Colorado’s property tax structure. No matter how long you have worked with TABOR, this educational discussion will shed light on what else you need to know about this complicated issue.

W-9 Strategic Planning for Your District’s Growth Anne Best Johnson and Mark Maxwell from Tetra Tech; Sean Cronin from St. Vrain and Left Hand Water Conservancy District;

Clint Dudley from Thompson Rivers Park & Recreation District;

and Chris Matkins from Fort Collins-Loveland Water District and South Fort Collins Sanitation District Even small districts can benefit from having a strategic plan.

Strategic plans don't need to be complicated or created by a consultant team. There are several elements that you can do yourself. This will be an engaging session with takeaways including content for a strategic plan, how to hold a visioning session, and lessons learned from districts.

W-10 Water Resources Education in Colorado-Opportunities for Special Districts Tom Cech from the One World One Water Center at Metropolitan State University of Denver Special districts are facing a “Silver Tsunami” of retirement-aged workers, and now is the time to train our next generation of workers. Many of our future challenges will pertain to water – and special districts can provide a wide range of water education opportunities for customers. This can include information regarding population growth, water use demands, water efficiency practices, and water stewardship.

W-11 Working with Great Outdoors Colorado to Maximize District Dollars for Parks Axel Bishop and Erik Spring from Design Concepts; and Jake Houston from Great Outdoors Colorado Remaining responsive and relevant helps maintain voter support for special districts, and more importantly, this helps maintain healthy, valuable communities. One way to enhance the dollars in districts is by applying for Great Outdoors Colorado grants. This is an amazing development dollar source unique to Colorado in terms of outdoor recreation funding. How, when, and for which projects are topics that will be explored.

W-12 Mitigating FOG/POG in Your Sanitary Sewer System-A Proven Program Jodi Villa, P.E. and Bob Markoski from Kennedy/Jenks Consultants This presentation will discuss the importance of implementing a Fats, Oil, and Grease (FOG) and Petroleum, Oil, and Grease (POG) Program for sanitary sewer districts. A comprehensive program that combines in-house administration, field inspections of FOG/POG interceptors, best management practices for FOG/POG facilities, and the value of keeping a history of facility compliance will be described as well as methods of funding such a program.

W-13 Everything You Need to Know about House Bill 16-1088: Fire Protection District Impact Fees on New Development Evan Goulding, Consultant; Chief T.J. Steck from Elizabeth Fire Protection District; Scott Smith from the Colorado Association of Homebuilders; and Michael Valdez from the Special District Association of Colorado Learn the ins-and-outs of this new law that gives fire protection districts the opportunity to receive impact fees to reduce the effect on fire services from new development. This program will review the history of impact fees in Colorado and will walk you through the changes in the law that benefit fire protection districts. Also included will be some helpful tips on how to work with the city or county and developer in your district.

W-14 Using 21st Century Technology to Reduce Costs and Improve Outcomes for Water and Sanitation Districts Ted Laves from Colorado District Management and Operations Technology advances now allow special districts to reduce costs and optimize outcomes by improving visibility into systems and increasing control capabilities. Districts can now spot infrastructure deterioration and identify hidden problems before failures occur. Technology is rapidly improving and is already much less expensive and far more capable than what was available just ten years ago. This presentation will discuss both what technologies are available today and what we anticipate will be available in the future.

W-15 Marijuana and the Workplace: What Every District Needs to Know Michelle Ferguson from Ireland Stapleton Pryor & Pascoe, PC This informative presentation will provide employers and supervisors with answers to questions relating to medicinal and recreational marijuana use by applicants and employees, such as whether employers have to accommodate the use of medicinal marijuana; whether employers have to permit use when employees are off duty; and what to do if an employee fails a drug test. Get the answers to all of these questions, as well as updates on current Colorado law governing marijuana and the workplace and the additional considerations special districts, as government employers, may need to keep in mind.

SDA University Leadership Lunch featuring David Dye sponsored by T. Charles Wilson Insurance Service “Winning Well: How to Lead Your Team to the Top without Losing Your Soul (or Your Mind!)” Today’s leaders face a hyper-competitive environment sandwiched between business realities and the needs of the people they supervise. Without the tools to win well, leaders too often become isolated, frustrated, and burnt out – in short, they lose their soul. In this inspiring program, David Dye will teach you how to win well – that is, to sustain excellent performance over time. You will receive motivating yet practical tools, tips, and techniques that you can use to win well without losing your soul or mind in the process.

W-16 Special Districts Facilitate Unparalleled Economic Growth Immediately West of Denver Union Station Bob Blodgett from CliftonLarsonAllen, Representative from Miller and Associates, and Derrick Walker from Central Platte Valley Metropolitan District and Central Platte Valley Coordination Metropolitan District Join this enlightening session to learn about the successful use of special districts by developers and the City of Denver at a time when the use of these districts in downtown Denver was not a common tool. This 20-year success story will be told with pictures and stories of the District, Denver, RTD, and other governmental entities and private developers cooperating to make the unparalleled economic growth immediately west of Denver Union Station a reality.

W-17 How to Conduct a Workplace Investigation Catherine Tallerico from Lyons Gaddis There may come a time when a special district is faced with the need to investigate a workplace misconduct claim such as sexual harassment or discrimination. A workplace investigation is critically important to discover problems, prevent re-occurrences, and as a defense to legal actions. This session will discuss how to conduct a workplace investigation. We will also discuss what to do if your district receives a Charge of Discrimination from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or the Colorado Division of Civil Rights.

W-18 Boardmanship and Public Meetings: Logistics, Dynamics, and Case Studies Jennifer Gruber Tanaka from White Bear Ankele Tanaka & Waldron; and Lisa Johnson and AJ Beckman from Special District Management Services This educational session will cover the conduct of public meetings in general. Discussions will highlight how to address common issues that arise during meetings, including board members who may not see eye-to-eye, interactions with members of the public, and a variety of other issues that may be encountered. Several case studies will be presented to allow for interactive learning and discussion with attendees.

W-19 Overcoming Water and Wastewater Challenges with State Revolving Fund Dollars Barry Cress from the Colorado Department of Local Affairs; Erick Worker from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Control Division; and John Williams from Colorado Water Resources & Power Development Authority The State Revolving Fund programs (SRFs), are considered very successful among government financing structures for local communities. Over the years, communities facing significant challenges have used the programs to help their utilities overcome barriers. In this session, three case studies will be discussed, with both large and small systems featured and illustrating challenges associated with regulatory compliance, environmental benefits, aging infrastructure, affordability, and system consolidation.

W-20 Helping Our Heroes: Raising Situational Awareness for PTSD, Addiction, and Suicide Among First Responders Thaddeus McKain from the Archuleta County Sheriff’s Department This powerful discussion will focus on the growing problem of PTSD, addiction, and suicide among first responders, including firefighters, EMTs, and law enforcement. Based on research and the speaker’s own experiences as a recovering alcoholic, suggestions for services to help those in need will also be presented.

Break Delectable refreshments to fuel you up for the Forums!

Sponsored by Special District Solutions SDA University Forums sponsored by COLOTRUST Don’t miss the newly enhanced SDA University Forums, focusing on three key topics that affect all district types and featuring three corresponding keynote speakers.

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