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«The 13th International Conference of Young Scientists on Energy Issues Kaunas, Lithuania, May 26-27, 2016 Organized by Lithuanian Energy Institute In ...»

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The 13th International Conference

of Young Scientists on Energy Issues

Kaunas, Lithuania, May 26-27, 2016

Organized by

Lithuanian Energy Institute

In cooperation with:


Biuro pasaulis

Kauno energija

Reo Investment

dr. Sigitas Rimkevičius

Chairman of the Conference

Chairman of the Organizing Committee Vytautas Akstinas


Aleksandrs Ļvovs Mantas Marčiukaitis Latvia Lithuania Andres Siirde Estonia Namejs Zeltins Latvia Andris Kreslins Latvia Pierre-Etienne Labeau Belgium Anton Brin Belarus Panos M. Pardalos USA Alessandro Petruzzi Italy Ralf Ebinghaus Germany Bernhard Peters Luxemburg Sten Bergstrom Sweden Bjørn C. Hauback Sigitas Rimkevičius Norway Lithuania Darius Milčius Lithuania Sergej Zhdanok Belarus Enn Mellikov Estonia Svetlana Danilova-Tretiak Belarus Eugenijus Ušpuras Lithuania Victor A. Zhovyansky Ukraine Vaclovas Miškinis Finn Ravndal Norway Lithuania Florentin Paladi Moldova Virginijus Radziukynas Lithuania Luis E. Herranz Spain Vytautas Martinaitis Lithuania Myriam Lazard France The Board of Reviewers was formed from the experts in the field of the Conference topics.

Board of Reviewers Kristina Ukvalbergienė Aleksandras Iljinas Lithuania Lithuania Alessandro Petruzzi Italy Linas Miknius Lithuania Liudvikas Pranevičius Algirdas Gulbinas Lithuania Lithuania Algirdas Jasinskas Lithuania Liutauras Marcinauskas Lithuania Algirdas Maknickas Lithuania Luis E. Herranz Spain Mantas Marčiukaitis Andres Siirde Estonia Lithuania Marija Eidukevičiūtė Andris Kreslins Latvia Lithuania Anupras Šlančiauskas

–  –  –

The International Conference of Young Scientists on Energy Issues has been organized already for thirteen time since 2004, which became a nice annual tradition. We are very proud to bring together talented young scientists to participate in the 13th International Conference of Young Scientists on Energy Issues (CYSENI 2016). We expect that this will contribute to exchange of ideas, improved knowledge of young researchers, development of their acquired abilities and contribute to increasing level of exercised research activities.

The initiative for such an event came from young and enthusiastic researchers of Lithuanian Energy Institute (LEI). They realised that there are a lot of young, smart and science-oriented young people who do research in the energy area and they do need a place and time to meet each other to share their views, generated ideas and present the latest research results. The first Conference was organized by young researchers with the supervision of experienced scientists from LEI in 2004. In 2005, it became a national Conference with participants from Kaunas University of Technology, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Vilnius University, Vytautas Magnus University – in fact from all science and education institutions of Lithuania involved in energy-related topics. The next year (2006) was devoted to strengthening the status of the conference among young researchers and their experienced supervisors. In 2007, the Organising Committee decided to put emphasis both on regional and international dimensions of the conference. The participants from neighbouring countries – Belarus and Poland participated in the conference for the first time. In 2008, we welcomed the participants from Belarus, Estonia, India, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia. In 2009 the outcomes of the conference (in terms of scientific papers) was contributed by the young scientists from Belarus, Estonia, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Nigeria and Ukraine. With a growing attention to this annual event the conference proceedings included the papers with scientific results of researchers from various Lithuanian science and research institutions and foreign institutions (Belarus, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Nigeria, Norway and Ukraine) in 2010. In total 69 papers of young scientists’ from various Lithuanian science and research institutions and foreign institutions in Belarus, Estonia, Germany, Latvia, Nigeria, Poland, Taiwan and Ukraine were reviewed and accepted for the publication in 2011. In 2012, even 81 young scientists took part in the conference and presented the results of their research.

In 2013 conference celebrated its 10 years anniversary. This time there were submitted 130 abstracts, 100 papers were reviewed and 80 papers were accepted to the Conference. The authors were not just from Lithuanian institutions or neighbouring countries – Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Romania, Nigeria, Indonesia and Taiwan.

Participants of CYSENI 2014 were from many different countries (United Kingdom, Denmark, USA, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, Czech Republic, Estonia and India).

In 2015 our conference, for scientific discussion, connect together even 129 participants from Czech Republic, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, Switzerland, Malaysia, Morocco, Russia, Italy, Poland, Ukraine and Belarus.

This year we are pleased that young scientists further found the conference valuable to present their up to date research results and share scientific experience. Conference event in Institute is usually full of pleasant atmosphere, interesting and valuable discussions and cheerful social programme. For the best papers of this year we have provided an opportunity to be published in journal Energetika (ISSN 0235-7208). The greetings and acknowledgments of the participants encourage us to keep these moments in mind and improve the future CYSENI conferences.

Regarding the next year we already invite you to the 14th International Conference of Young Scientists on Energy Issues (CYSENI 2017), which will be held on 25-26 May, 2017 in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Sincerely, Conference Organizers CONTENT I HYDROGEN AND FUEL CELLS (5) M. Urbonavičius, D. Milčius Power generation by proton exchange membrane fuel cell using plasma modified aluminum and water reaction

M. T. Idiev, B. S. Safarov, U. N. Fayzulloev Conversion of the idle water discharges from reservoirs to the hydrogen production by electrolysis

A. Volkovs, M. Vanags, J. Kleperis Direct measurements of dissolved gas near the cathode during pulse electrolysis

A. O. Muminov, N. B. Kurbanov, B. A. Markaev The influence of potassium hydroxide, stainless and graphite electrodes on efficiency of the water electrolysis

D. Girdzevičius, D. Milčius Electrical power generation with PEM FC using hydrogen supply through Mg-Ni reaction with water

II RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES (12) Z. Sustere, V. Kampars The influence of acyl moiety of carboxylate methyl esters on rapeseed oil chemical interesterification

I. Ališauskaitė-Šeškienė Multi-criteria decision analysis methods aiming to evaluate renewable energy sources technology

M. Ruduks, A. Lešinskis Generation of a test reference year for Dobele, Latvia

J. Černeckienė, T. Ždankus Wind energy for building heating: converting mechanical energy in the hydraulic system................ II-55 M. V. Savenets, I. V. Dvoretska, G. M. Kruchenitsky Vertical distribution and seasonal variability of wind over Ukraine and adjacent territories.............. II-64 E. Grigonytė, E. Butkevičiūtė Short-term wind speed forecasting using ARIMA model

V. A. Voloshchuk On-line, interactive tools and algorithms for thermal calculations of heat pumps

G. Gecevičius, M. Marčiukaitis, V. Zimnickas Analysis of wind power prediction errors using data of High Resolution Local Area Model............. II-82 L. Jasiūnas Investigation of spent mushroom compost as an alternative waste-based feedstock for biofuel precursor production via hydrothermal liquefaction

V. Zimnickas, G. Gecevičius, A. Markevičius A literature review of wind turbines icing problems

M. Praspaliauskas Possibilities of anaerobic digested sewage sludge thermal utilization in Lithuania

G. Kondratavičienė Statistical analysis of measurement data of wind energy parameters

III SMART ENERGY NETWORKS (2) H. D. Mathur, Y. K. Bhateshvar Frequency regulation with vehicle to grid (V2G) option in multi generation power network......... III-122 V. Zimackis Comparison of commonly used mathematical models for lightning return stroke current waveform



V. Varanavičius Customer behaviour in energy consumption: environmental activities

J. Marks Study of power transformer mechanical faults detection by using vibrodiagnostics

T. Komass Experimental analyse of vertical axes wind turbine active pitch control system with permanent magnet synchronious motor using MATLAB simulink tools


M. Krečius Multicriterion support measures effectiveness investigation for RES-E development in Lithuania

J. G. Dedecca, R. A. Hakvoort A novel approach to offshore grids transmission expansion and modelling

P. Mačiulis Analysis of the application of financial instruments to renewable energy technology


MECHANICS AND METROLOGY (4) M. Drūlia Experimental equipment design for investigating condensation phenomena at horizontal water-vapor interface

I. V. Novikova, A. S. Pushnov The new structured packing cub for realization heat and mass transfer processes

A. Gediminskas Preliminary results on condensation modelling in vertical flat channel

P. Vilkinis, M. Valantinavičius, N. Pedišius Investigation of fluid flow structure in open type cavity under stationary and pulsatile flow conditions


Z. Zelca, S. Kukle, S. Jegina, J. Kajaks Effects of hemp fibres pre-processing on linear low density polyethylene matrix composite mechanical properties

N. Gupta, A. Mishra Comparative study on selection of substrate material from hybrid microwave integrated circuits (HMICS) using ASHBY‘s and TOPSIS‘s techniques

A. Oluwabi, I. O. Acik, M. Krunks, V. Mikli, A. Juma Characterisation of zirconium doped titanium dioxide thin films deposited by chemical spray pyrolysis

Š. Varnagiris, D. Milčius Incorporation of nanoparticles into the bulk of EPS using PVD system

W. Yang, N. Spalatu, N. Maticiuc, M. Krunks, J. Hiie Influence of the secondary thermal annealing on the properties of CdTe/CdS:CdCl2:O2 structure

R. Janulionis, G. Dundulis, A. Grybėnas Numerical investigation of critical stress intensity factor

S. Jegina, A. Sutka, S. Kukle, Z. Zelca The effect of sodium chlorophyllin on polyvinyl alcohol electrospun nanofiber diameters........... VII-234 I. Dündar, I. O. Acik, A. Mere, A. Katerski, M. Krunks, V. Mikli Niobium doped TiO2 layers by chemical spray pyrolysis



D. Gimžauskaitė, A. Tamošiūnas, P. Valatkevičius, V. Valinčius The influence of gas type on the plasma torch electrical and thermal characteristics

R. Paulauskas, A. Džiugys, N. Striūgas The cause and mechanism of pelletized biomass swelling uppon pyrolysis

V. V. Leschevich, O. G. Penyazkov, S. Yu. Shimchenko The experimental study of auto-ignition of hybrid methane/air/coal dust mixture under temperature 950–1200 K

A. Saliamonas, R. Navakas, N. Striūgas A. Džiugys, K. Zakarauskas Research of OH* chemiluminescence intensity dependence on execess air raitio in premixed natural and producer gas flame

J. Kluska, P. Kazimierski, D. Kardaś, P. Kazimierski Effect of biomass settling in the fixed bed gasification reactor

L. Vorotinskienė, N. Striūgas Estimation of indirect fuel moisture content for intelligent control of biofuel furnaces................VIII-287 K. Lazdovica, V. Kampars, L. Vasarina, J. Grabis Screening of nanopowders from catalytic pyrolysis of buckwheat straw by using TGA-FTIR method

T. Vonžodas The application of agricultural waste and recycling products for small and medium scale boilers

I. N. Shatan Tomographic reconstruction of the flame temperature field based on the talbot images method

V. Zaleskas, D. Valaitis Analysis of precipitated particles in ESP and cyclones of small and medium scale boilers..........VIII-311


V. Akstinas Low flow projections of the South-Eastern Lithuanian rivers in 21st century

L. Tylec Diversity and importance of ecosystem services on wetlands: example of Biebrza National Park and Warta Mouth National Park, Poland

X FUSSION ENERGY (1) A. Tidikas, G. Stankūnas Neutron activation in water cooling systems of nuclear fusion devices


A. Graževičius CFD simulating the heat removal from fuel assembly located in a spent fuel pool

XII CROSS-CUTTING ENERGY ISSUES (4) A. Auzans, A. Teder, A. H. Tkaczyk Regional regulation effect on the uranium market price

A. E. Lutynska Dynamic model for assessment of sustainable development level

E. Misiulis, A. Džiugys Effect of geometrical shape and boundary condition on stress distribution and deformation in ophthalmic artery numerical model

F. Osmani, A. Kochov Case study – the importance and the impact of the cogeneration project in reducing atmospheric emissions in the city of Pristina

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