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«Vocabulary / Word Choice 1.) Revise this sentence, substituting a specific example for the underlined words: Manuel had a cute dog. Ex. Manuel had a ...»


Vocabulary / Word Choice

1.) Revise this sentence, substituting a specific example for the underlined

words: Manuel had a cute dog.

Ex. Manuel had a brindle-coated bulldog with big black eyes.

2.) Revise this sentence in a way that shows rather than tells: Jimmy was


Ex. Jimmy’s shirt was covered with grass stains. His jeans were

caked in mud. His sweaty face was streaked with dirt.

3.) Replace the general adjective in this sentence with two specific adjectives: I tasted the delicious dessert.

Ex. I tasted the creamy, chocolatey dessert.

4.) Revise this sentence using a more interesting “looking phrase”: I looked through the crack in the door.

Ex. I peered, squinted, stared… 5.) Replace the boring underlined verb with a vivid verb: I went through the snow.

Ex. I trudged through the snow.

6.) Add a word referent to improve this title: Alex Rodriguez Ex. Alex Rodriguez – the A-ROD Legend 7.) Use a word referent for the underlined word: The grizzly bear pawed through the trashcan. These grizzly bears are a big problem in our parks.

Ex. these dangerous wild mammals 8.) Rewrite this sentence using a specific example: Daevon saw the bird with his binoculars.

Ex. Daevon saw the bright red cardinal with his binoculars.

9.) Revise this sentence, showing, rather than telling: Aubrey was frustrated with her laptop.

Ex. Aubrey sighed loudly and ran her fingers through her hair in a frantic way. Staring at the screen of her laptop she shook her head and repeatedly hit the escape key. “AHHHH!” she muttered.

10.) Revise this sentence, showing, rather than telling: The restaurant was nice.

Ex. The eatery had low lighting coming from a series of crystal chandeliers. Tables were covered in white linen and they glittered with shiny gray dishes and silver utensils. Wine colored cloth napkins were folded into triangle shaped that stood like pyramids on each plate. Soft music played as the conversation hummed.

11.) Improve this sentence by replacing the ordinary verb with a more vivid verb: Despite his sprained ankle Jorge went across the finish line.

Ex. Despite his sprained ankle Jorge (limped, sprang, crawled, hobbled, sprinted)… 12.) Replace the overly general adjective in this sentence with one or more specific, vivid adjectives: Marlena wore a nice dress.

Ex. Marlena wore a sleek, silky lavender dress.

13.) Replace the boring verb with a vivid verb in the sentence, below:

–  –  –

Ex. I pondered (worried over, stressed about, wrestled with, etc.) 14.) Rewrite this sentence, replacing the overly general adjective with specific


–  –  –

45.) Revise this sentence using a better “tag” word: “Hello Ms. Carter,” Glenda screamed, smiling and waving.

Ex. hollered, called, shouted, said, exclaimed 46.) Replace the underlined word with a specific example. Be sure to use an


–  –  –

58.) Mark the subject (who/what) part of the sentence, and the predicate (doing/describing) part of the sentence below, by dividing them with a slash. Then, replace the subject with a specific example that includes an adjective.

–  –  –

59.) Mark the subject (who/what) part of the sentence, and the predicate (doing/describing) part of the sentence below, by dividing them with a slash. Then add an adjective to the predicate.

–  –  –

60.) Replace the boring verb in this sentence with a vivid verb. Kendra went across the playground, happy to be out for recess.

(Kendra skipped across the playground, happy to be out for recess.) 61.) Revise this sentence, adding a vivid verb(s): I went across the icy pond.

–  –  –

65.) Write 3 word referents (nearly synonymous words or phrases) that describe you!

EX. hard-working student; dedicated athlete; fun-loving big sister 66.) Write a sentence or two about a pet that uses two powerful adjectives and a vivid verb.

–  –  –

68.) Revise this sentence, showing, rather than telling: Glenn was really tired.

(EX. Glenn yawned, rubbed his eyes, and slumped in his seat.) 69.) There's a word in this sentence that was poorly chosen. Revise the sentence with a word that makes better sense. Max was exhausted and slowly raced up the hill.

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