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«Capacities/Research Potential FP7-REGPOT-2012-2013-1 Project No. 316014 EAgLE European Action towards Leading Centre for Innovative Materials Report ...»

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Capacities/Research Potential


Project No. 316014


European Action towards Leading Centre for Innovative


Report from activity at WP1 during period from June to November 2013

Project management

WP leader Krystyna Jablonska

Task 1.1 Preparation of the manual on the project implementation

Manual on Project Implementation was elaborated and sent to EC on 29 of

November according to the project timetable. The elaborated procedures guarantee the

successful implementation of the detailed Action Plan prepared for the project. The manual (enclosed) describes the project organization and the decision-making bodies, collects all the procedures and practical instructions, as well as forms to be used in day-today management of the project, to ensure efficient decision-making process and enable timely preparation of all the reports, milestones and deliverables. The elaborated procedures are used in the current activities.

Task 1.2 Administration and financial management of the project Project implementation was successfully started.

A dedicated bank account has been opened. The Excel Table for project cost recording has been elaborated. Costs are to be recorded for each particular tasks, according to the cost category. The procedures for estimation of personnel costs and processing payment execution have been established and the template for individual time-sheets has been elaborated. The details of organization and cost reporting of the incoming/outgoing visits have been established. The eligible travel related costs have been detailed, according to the Grant Agreement and respective national regulations. Templates have been elaborated for costs reporting of incoming and outgoing visits, respectively. Project related correspondence has been

provided. The Project Support Office has been established, covering the following tasks:

Iwona Kaniecka - responsible for verification and authorisation of project expenses in accordance with the Description of Work (DoW), registration of every project spending according to the cost category and preparation of the data for the Form C, preparation of the individual 6-monthly time-sheet forms for every WP, supporting the Project Coordinator and the Head of PSO in the administrative tasks.

Katarzyna Rutkowska - responsible for keeping the repository of the EAgLE documents and supporting the Head of the PSO in the administrative tasks.

Anna Polak – preparation of the copies of all financial documents after their annotation, account assignment and recording in the bookkeeping system.

Krzysztof Mialik – verification of the bookkeeping accounts and bank statements, handling the FORCE portal and introduction of the data to the electronic Form C, cooperation with the external auditor.

Aleksandra Kłosaj – preparation of the contracts for the personnel recruited in frames of the EAgLE project, preparation of the monthly payment report in EUR, according the EBC exchange rate on the day of payment, including calculation of PM actually worked in every workpackage, keeping the payment records and making them available to the auditor.

Agnieszka Jędrzejewska – preparation of annexes to the work contract for the employees of IF PAN, verification of absence recording in monthly time-sheets of every EAgLE performer.

Teresa Madalińska – calculation of monthly remuneration, based on the number of hours actually worked on the project.

Monika Budny – administration of the outgoing visits: handling the documents “instrukcja wyjazdowa”, collection of the cost evidence, verification and approval of the travel and subsistence costs, receipt of the duly signed and approved by the WP leader reports from each travel.

Karolina Kowalczyk - administration of the incoming: handling the documents “instrukcja przyjazdowa”, calculation and preparation of the per-diem payments for the visitors, collection of the travel and cost evidence, receipt of the duly signed and approved by the WP leader reports from each visit.

Joanna Libera – logistic support of the incoming and outgoing visits, releasing the ticket purchase order, hotel reservation. Logistic support to the Chair of ISC in preparation of ISC meetings.

Three meetings of the Management Board have been organized. The minutes from each meeting are deposited in the EAgLE documents repository and at the EAgLE web page.

On the June 5 2013 the Kick-off Meeting started officially the project. During the meeting welcome address and general information about the project was given by Prof. Leszek Sirko project Coordinator. Prof. Krystyna Jabłońska project Manager provided short overview of the activities foreseen in the EAgLE project and Prof. Ewa Jędryka Head of Support Office explained the basic administrative and project implementation procedures.

In the meeting participated Project Coordinator, Project Manager, Head of Support Office, Workpackage Leaders and Vice-leaders, Task Leaders, administrative personnel involved in the project.

The 1st Management Board meeting took place on 3 July 2013. The preparation of the application to the MNiSW for financial support of the EAgLE project was described by project Coordinator Prof. Leszek Sirko, Prof. Ewa Jędryka Head of Support Office explained the procedures of outgoing and incoming visits to and from scientific partners and for attending the ISC meetings, next procedures for participation in the conferences were given explanation and discussed. The participant of the project have been informed about chosen logo of the project which will be used for promotion. In the point of agenda the time shits used for evidence of project effort were shown and appropriated procedure described. Maciej Zajaczkowski the secretary of IF PAN Commission for Procurement introduced the necessary procedures to be abbey according to the European and National low. The last part of meeting was devoted to the Action Plan for the project for 2013 and procedures of reporting and monitoring of the project progress. This part was described by Project Manager Krystyna Jablonska. She reported also the status of preparation of Manual on Project Implementation which is the first EAgLE deliverable. The Action Plan for 2013 was accepted by Management Board by unanimous voting. The next Management Board meeting was announced on October, 14 th. The leaders of WP were asked to prepare the progress report for period 1. 06 to 1.09 2013 and propose the corrective measure if needed.

The 2nd meeting of the Management Board was held on 14 th of October. The meeting was attended by Project Coordinator, Work Package leaders, Task leaders and administrative staff. The Work Package leaders presented the progress report in the realization of the packages and work plans. After that, the proposed by WP’s leaders corrections to the work plan and financial plan for the rest of 2013 were discussed. The Members of the Board approved the document with proposed corrections by the open voting. Next, the financial rules of project implementation, as well as the procedures for the preparation of the reports were presented and discussed. At the end the promotional materials and project's website were demonstrated. The meeting ended with the conclusion that the realization of the project proceeds as expected. The next Management Board meeting was announced to take place on December, 18th. The leaders of WP were asked to prepare the progress report and action plan for the 2014.

Task 1.3 Organization of the Steering Committee Meeting Task leader Tomasz Dietl The first meeting of the Steering Committee took place in the Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences on November 19 th 2013, 12:30 – 22:00.

Out of 16 ISC members, 14 was present, representing academia (6 members), large experimental facilities (3 members), local/national authorities (2 members), and small companies (3 members). From the EAgLE side in the meeting participated: the Project Coordinator, Manager, Director of the Project Support Office, Innovation Manager, and leaders (or vleaders) of the EAgLE workpackages. The agenda included discussion on: twinning (WP2), visibility (WP6), workshops (WP3), conferences (WP6), and innovation (WP5). After the indepth discussion, the ISC formulated a number of recommendations to the Management Board concerning particular activities, whose implementations may require a discussion with the project officer. The ISC meeting participants, agenda, discussion, and recommendations were summarized in the meeting minutes that was submitted to the Project Board and the EC officer on Dec. 17 after approval of its text by all members of the ISC.

Task 1.4 Reporting to the European Commission According to the project timetable the first derivable Manual on Project Implementation was sent to EC on 29 of November 2013.

The partial reports from the performed tasks and activities are collected consecutively.

Report from activity at WP2 during period from June to November 2013 Enhancing of human potential through exchange of know-how and twinning WP Leader Maciej Sawicki In the first 2 months of the duration of the Project the WP2 budget was constructed and its feasibility has been checked for the whole duration of the project as well as the projected expenditure for the first 7 months of the project (period June-December 2013) was set for two periods: up to October and from October 2013. Also, all the task leaders confirmed their contacts in Partnering Organizations (POs) and travel (outgoing and ingoing visits) were drafted for the first 6 months of the Project. These actions allowed efficient start of Twinning visits between scientists from IFPAN and POs. In total 11 ingoing visits to IFPAN and 6 outgoing visits to PO took place on a cost of ca. 17872 and 7420 Euro, respectively.

This constitutes of approximately 7 and 4% of the envisaged number of Twinning ingoing and outgoing visits, or 6 and 2% of expected costs allocated for inward and outward activity, respectively. The relatively small percentage for the reported time period (about 16% of the Project duration) reflects the initial inertia of the starting project and the already existing other commitments of the scientist involved in the Twinning activity for the second half of 2013. According to the envisaged number of visits for the next 12 months period, the Twinning activity should level off with the planned one by the end of 2014.

The following bar-chart graphically represents the Twinning activity in the reported period for each of the 16 PO (tasks) represented by the total in-going (red) and out-going (green) expenditure (darker shades) put on the background of the total planned expenditure for each of EAgLE’s tasks (lighter shades).

–  –  –

Enhancement of IF PAN human resources through recruitment of experienced researchers and trainings WP leader Elzbieta Guziewicz During the reported period the following actions within tasks 3.1-3.8 have been performed.


• prepared a professional profile for the experienced researcher to be recruited;

• circulated information about vacancy position in the research units, on the IF PAN website and through the EURAXESS web portal (www.euraxess.com);

• made selection of the participated candidates to interview;

• prepared and conducted web interviews (personal or by Skype) with selected candidates (qualification/recruitment commission included: Project Coordinator prof. Sirko, Project Manager - prof. Jablonska, WP3 leader - prof. E. Guziewicz or deputy of WP3 leader - prof. R. Puzniak, and appropriate task leader);

• prepared report from the qualification/recruitment commission activity;

• handed over the documents about selected candidates to the dedicated Commission of the IF PAN Scientific Council that evaluated and approved the best candidate for this position, according to the internal rules of IF PAN;

• informed all applicants about the Commission of the IF PAN Scientific Council final decision;

• prepared the chosen candidate’s short CV to post it on the EAgLE webpage;

• elaborated an Action Plan for 2013 (1 month) and preliminary one for 2014 for candidates who have already started their work at IF PAN.

Task 3.1.

Recruitment of the experienced researcher in the field of XPS (task leader: prof. K. Jabłońska) During the reported period the following activity was performed. Information about recruitment was announced on the IF PAN website on July 26 and through the EURAXESS on portal August 9, the deadline for applications was October 15, 2013. Three candidates were applying: Dr. Dmitry Zatsepin, Dr. Srinivasan Swaminathan and Dr. Ioannis Liakos.

The interview with the candidates was performed on Skype October 31, 2013 by the task leader K. Jablonska and I. Demchenko, the leader of the group SL-1.2, where the candidate will be employed as well as by E. Guziewicz, the leader of the WP3. Selection was done November 12, 2013 during the dedicated meeting of the Recruitment Commission. By unanimous voting Dr. Dmitry Zatsepin was chosen. Dr. Zatsepin got also the recommendation IF PAN Scientific Council on this position. Minutes from the Recruitment Commission meeting were prepared by the K. Jablonska and were given to EAgLE documents repository and to the WP3 leader. The Project Coordinator L. Sirko took final decision to accept the candidate Dr. D. Zatsepin on the position of experienced researcher in the field of X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy. The applicants, who have not been selected, were informed about the negative decision. Dr. Dmitry Zatsepin was informed about the decision of the Coordinator. Due to formal procedures in obtaining the appropriate visa he will start his activity at the position of experienced researcher in the field of X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy February 1, 2014.

Task 3.2.

Recruitment of the experienced researcher in the field of Condensed Matter Theory (task leader: dr. I. Demchenko) Information about recruitment was announced on the IF PAN website June 22 and through the EURAXESS portal June 9 (job ID: 33868527), the deadline for applications was September 1. 2013. Two candidates were applying: Dr. O. Namarvar and Dr. Y. Melikhov.

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