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C M Kidd

Bureau of Mineral Resources, Geology and Geophysics


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Claren M Kidd

University of Oklahoma


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89/20631 Cat. No. 89 0612 6 Department of Primary Industries and Energy Minister for Resources: Senator the Hon Peter Cook Secretary: G.L. Miller Bureau of Mineral Resources, Geology and Geophysics Director : R.W.R. Rutland AO Printed in Australia by R. D. RUBIE, Commonwealth Government Printer, Canberra CONTENTS Page







iii ABSTRACT This union list has been compiled to facilitate access to an important category of geoscientific literature field excursion guides that commonly does not have a very wide distribution.

Details of over 300 excursion guides are recorded in this report, together with a list of the libraries where they can be inspected or borrowed.

Locality and map sheet indexes have been provided to assist users.



Geologic field excursion guides are an important, but often elusive, segment of geological literature. They may be called 'excursion notes', 'excursion guides', Afield trip guidebooks', 'tour notes', or 'field guides'. Within this Report they will be referred to as excursion guides.

Most excursion guides are issued erratically having been prepared for field-trip participants in an international, national, state, or local meeting. They may have been published by learned societies or one of their divisions or specialist groups, by government geological organisations, or by commercial publishers. Excursion guides also appear in 'unpublished' series of government geological organisations, such as the South Australia Department of Mines & Energy's Unpublished Reports.

Excursion guides vary widely in format. Some are composed of two or three mimeographed or photocopied pages that the authors distributed to the participants of a field excursion such as those conducted by the Geological Survey of Western Australia for the excursions that followed the issuing of their 1:250 000 geological map sheets. The New South Wales Geological Survey and South Australia Department of Mines & Energy include excursion guides in their microfiche Report series. Other State Geological Surveys and the Bureau of Mineral Resources, Geology and Geophysics (BMR) Include excursion guides in their soft cover Report or Record series. An excursion guide may also appear as a soft- or hard­ bound, well-illustrated monograph.

Distribution of excursion guides is generally limited. Even for excursions organised by the Geological Society of Australia and its divisions, only a limited number of copies are available and in some cases they can be obtained only from the appropriate division. It is usually necessary to be a participant on the excursion or to correspond with the excursion leader to obtain a copy.

With the publication of this union list of excursion guides, persons who wish to go into an area can learn of the existence of a excursion guide through the use of the indexes within this Report and then be able to borrow a copy from a library rather than having to 'bother' the excursion leader to acquire a copy.

Scope of the union list

Only excursions in Australia are listed in this Report. New Zealand and the islands north of Torres Strait are outside its scope. Late nineteenth- and early twentieth- century geological literature contains reports of exploration into and across the continent. These early narrative descriptions were not included in this union list because they are usually not site specific and, thus, today it would be difficult to locate and visit them.

Excursion guides included in this union list contain a road log, a map with stops indicated, or a description of an organised progression with sufficient information to allow for future visitation of sites. Usually the word(s) 'excursion', 'field trip', 'field conference' or equivalent, occurs in the title. Excursion guides which include these words, but which do not show rational progression from site to site or specific locations on a map are not included. The sites must be shown and specified to allow for a return visit. Several of the excursion guides of the 25th International Geological Congress (25IGC) contain general descriptions of a geological province or the structure and/or stratigraphy of an area but not of specific sites. The following 25IGC Excursion Guides are not included in the Report: 10A, 42A, 7B, 10B, 11B, 13B, 15B, 17B, 18B, 19B, 22B, AND 23B.


Frequently two or more organisations combine their efforts for pre- or post-conference field trips and the accompanying excursion guides. In this union list, such excursion guides are listed under each of the sponsoring organisations. The reference numbers of the co-sponsors appear in parentheses after the excursion guide's title.

Occasionally several small excursion guides used at one meeting were bound together as one volume. The title of the meeting or the volume is listed with *(multiple titles)'; this indicates that several excursion titles occur within the guide book.

Method of collecting information In April 1986 a letter and library information form were distributed by BMR to libraries which possibly held excursion guides. The libraries were indentified from the Guide to the National Union Catalogue of Australia (6th edition, 1985, Canberra: National Library of Australia).

The libraries were asked to send by 15 July 1986 photocopies of the cover, title page, table of contents/introductory page, and any map which showed the field trip excursion route. A follow-up letter was sent in mid-August to those libraries from which no response was received.

Additional libraries were identified from the Directory of Special Libraries in Australia (6th Edition, 1984, Ultimo, NSW: Library Association of Australia, Special Libraries Section) and a letter requesting similar photocopies was sent to them in August.

The last excursion guide title was added to this list in November 1986.

Based upon the photocopies received, the excursion guides were reviewed at the National Library of Australia (ANL), and the BMR(AMG) and Australian National University (ANU) Libraries. If the title was not available from one of these libraries, it was borrowed via Interlibrary Loan-. On the Austral-i-an Bib 1 iographlc" Network (ABN), titles were identified by searching subject, corporate authors and keywords.

Holdings were also checked on ABN. Three classifications (550-556, 559 and 622) of the Australian National Bibliography (ANB) were also scanned for relevant titles. By scanning the pages of The Australian Geologist, the existence of many more excursion guides and field trips became evident. Contact was made with the excursion leaders who generously sent copies of excursion notes or referred me to someone who might have information. BMR geologists were also important sources of excursion guides. All guides thus acquired were added to the BMR Library.

–  –  –

Title entries and holdings This Report is modelled on the Union List of Geologic Field Trip

Guidebooks of North America (3rd edition, 1978, Falls Church, Virginia:

American Geological Institute). Organisations which sponsor field excursions appear in alphabetical order. Each organisation is given a number and under each organisation, in chronological order, is a list of excursion guide titles. Information not found on the item, but provided by a field trip leader or from other sources, is bracketed. Parentheses following the title enclose the reference number of the co-sponsoring organisation or individual that may also be considered responsible for the excursion, together with the year of the excursion.


31 Geological Society of Australia. Specialist Group in Tectonics and Structural Geology. Field Guide

–  –  –

After each title entry, participating libraries that hold a copy of the excursion guide are listed in alphabetical order under the National Union Catalogue of Australia symbol. If the library has not been given a symbol, one was devised by using the same method as does ABN. Contrived symbols are enclosed by brackets, e.g. [WAM] refers to Australian Mineral Ventures Library located in Western Australia. The first letter indicates the state or territory followed by the first letter of each of the first two or three words of the organisations's name. The DIRECTORY OF LIBRARY SERVICES in this Report provides the addresses and loan policies of all participating libraries. (The information on libraries is incomplete and library service details are not current. Users are advised should check with the respective libraries for up-to-date information.)

The indexes

Geographic index. This index is based on geographic terms derived from the excursion guide titles, table of contents, or map. The index is ordered by state or territory followed by geographic terms. The excursion guides relating to each locality are shown by the number of the sponsoring organisation followed by the year of the excursion. For example, excursion guides relating to the Albany area of Western

Australia are shown as:

–  –  –

This entry indicates that that excursion guide is held by the libraries whose symbols are: [WAM], WIT AND WU.

Map sheet index. Geological excursion guides also can be located by using the 1:250 000-scale map sheet index (Fig.l). Excursion guides relating to each map sheet are shown by the number of the sponsoring organisation and the year of the excursion. For example, excursion guides relating to the Gordon Downs sheet (SE/52-10) are shown as


–  –  –

I extend grateful thanks to the Director of the Bureau of Mineral Resources, Geology and Geophysics for allowing me to use BMR facilities and resources for this project. Grateful acknowledgement and appreciation are also extended to Paul Shelley (Head, BMR Database Coordination and Liaison Section) who provided advice on the project, developed the database and reporting routines for this union list, and made—i-ts—pub-l-i-eat-i-on—a—real-i-ty-;—to—Universi-ty-of-Queens-l-and~Geoiogy Librarian, Margaret Eva, who made helpful suggestions in the several stages of the planning the union list; to my assistant at the Geology Library of the University of Oklahoma, Carolyn B. Powell, who assumed additional responsibilities during my absence; to the University of Oklahoma Libraries who supported my application for and receipt of a 12-month sabbatical leave of absence; to the participating libraries that even in this time of financial constraint, submitted information concerning their holdings; to the numerous geologists who helped me to learn of the existence of excursion guides and made copies available; to Louise Beaucourt who helped me to use the Australian National Library and the Australian Bibliographic Network; and, finally, to the staff of the BMR Library who provided the assistance and good humour to make the project enjoyable.

30-12/2 Figure 2: Major geological basins and provinces.


–  –  –

This list is arranged by the National Library of Australia's unique symbol for each library. The initial letter is the first letter of the State or Territory. The second and subsequent letters are the initial letters of the name of the library.

This list was compiled in December 1986 and information relating to the various services may not be current. In addition, information on some library services is incomplete. Users should check with the respective libraries for up-to-date information.

–  –  –

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