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«This instruction implements Technical Order 00-35D-54, USAF Deficiency Reporting, Investigation and Resolution. It outlines procedures and assigns ...»

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Certified Current On 5 November 2015




ACCESSIBILITY: Publications and forms are available on the e-Publishing website at ww.ePublishing.af.mil for downloading or ordering.

RELEASABILITY: There are no releasability restrictions on this publication OPR: OC-ALC/ENSDAB SPOCO Certified by: OC-ALC/EN (Col Mallory P. Knight) Supersedes: TINKER AFBI 21-109, 13 March 2008 Pages: 28 This instruction implements Technical Order 00-35D-54, USAF Deficiency Reporting, Investigation and Resolution. It outlines procedures and assigns responsibilities, as well as standardizes the deficiency reporting, investigating, and resolution process, as practicable, for Tinker Air Force Base. It does not apply to Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard. Should organizations covered by the scope of this instruction determine further refinement of procedures and responsibilities are required beyond those contained in this instruction, development of a lower level instruction is recommended. Refer recommended changes and questions about this publication to the Office of Primary Responsibility using AFIMT 847, Recommendation for Change of Publication. Ensure all records created as a result of processes prescribed in this publication are maintained in accordance with AFMAN 33-363, Management of Records, and disposed of in accordance with the Air Force Records Disposition Schedule located at https://www.my.af.mil/gcss-af61a/afrims/afrims This instruction may not be supplemented.


This operating instruction has been substantially revised and requires a complete review.

This revision reflects the most recent changes contained in TO 00-35D-54, USAF Deficiency Reporting, Investigation and Resolution; and revised AFMCI 63-510, Deficiency Reporting, Investigation and Resolution. This revision implements the use of the Joint Deficiency Reporting System (JDRS) replacing Infocen, GO21. JDRS is a cross-service web enabled automated tracking system designed to initiate process and track deficiency reports from the war fighter to the investigating process solution. JDRS implements specific tasking for the different type of user from the originating point, action points and supp

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training course work is accessible from https://afkm.wpf.af.mil/drir.training. Access is approved on a need to know basis, once approved, JDRS users are required to authenticate using the common access card (CAC), and users without a CAC require PKI certification from one of the DOD approved external authorities.

NOTE: All hard copies of Tinker Air Force Base (TAFB) instructions are considered uncontrolled copies. Only the electronic version residing on the Tinker Air Force Base web pages will be considered controlled. When a copy of a TAFB instruction is utilized, it is the user‘s responsibility to verify that copy is the most current available. This will be accomplished by comparing the date of the copy with the date of the electronic version on the web page.

Scope. This instruction applies to all Tinker Air Force Base personnel and contractors who operate or sustain the USAF Deficiency Reporting and Investigating System (DRIS). The intended scope of this instruction is that information contained herein will be used as a supplement and is not intended to supersede any guidance provided by TO 00-35D-54. This instruction applies to organizations that are responsible for deficiency process functions to include any agency or contractor who performs exhibit handling and processing responsibilities for USAF managed or repaired "Q" condition assets. The instruction outlines and assigns responsibility for the deficiency process, exhibit shipping and handling procedures, as well as coordinating specific efforts between this ALC and other identified agencies. Although on-base organizations are structured differently, every effort has been made to standardize deficiency process procedures.



1.1. SPOCO DRIS Oversight.

1.2. SPOCO Program Management.

1.3. Deficiency Process Metrics.

1.4. Management Indicators.

1.5. File Manager Responsibilities.

1.6. SPOCO DR Screening Responsibilities.


2.1. Originating Point DR Screening.

2.2. Originating Point DR Input to JDRS.

2.3. Originating Point Local Shipping Procedures.

2.4. Originating Point DR Status and Analysis.

2.5. Originating Point Credit Reversal Actions.

–  –  –

3.2. Action Point Request for Credit Reversal.

3.3. Action Point DR Investigation Responsibility.

3.4. Action Point Verification of DR Investigation Funding.

3.6. Action Point DR Investigation/Closing Responsibilities.

3.7. Action Point GIDEP Responsibilities.

3.8. Action Point Metric Analysis.

3.9. DLA or Cross-Component Elevation Procedures.

–  –  –


7.1. Exhibit Handling and Processing.

7.2. DR Exhibit Documentation.

7.3. DR Exhibit Notification.

7.4. DR Exhibit Induction and Disposition.

7.5. DR Exhibit Reconciliation.

–  –  –

1.1. SPOCO DRIS Oversight. The Single Point of Contact Office (SPOCO) is the designated OPR for the Deficiency Reporting (DR) process for Tinker AFB and provides the management framework to implement TO 00-35D-54 for the base. The SPOCO administers and provides oversight to the DRIS program and measures program compliance. The SPOCO ensures standardized processes to the extent practical.

1.2. SPOCO Program Management. The SPOCO administers implementation of TO 00-35Dwith coordination from wing deficiency process points of contact (POCs).

1.2.1. Assists in measuring program compliance through self-inspections, Unit Compliance Inspections and other audits as directed.

1.2.2. Advocates deficiency process program and Deficiency Reporting Improvement System (DRIS) improvements.

1.2.3. Serves as focal point for Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) defective material

notification. When notified, SPOCO will: Interrogate Air Force Master Item Identification Data Base (DO43) system to determine source of supply (SOS). Research the Joint Deficiency Reporting System (JDRS) database for current DRs, identified by National Stock Number (NSN) in the defective material notification, and ensure correct applicable action point is contacted. Forward the DLA defective material notification to Defense Distribution Depot Oklahoma City (DDOO) for applicable stock screening, contract identification, asset segregation and change of condition code as directed by DLA notification as applicable.

1.2.4. Mediates dispute resolution when identified by deficiency process action points and/or MAJCOM functionals.

1.2.5. Ensures minimum training requirements are communicated to personnel assigned key deficiency process responsibilities. Identify and coordinate with applicable organizations all deficiency process training requirements, as required by HQ AFMC Deficiency Process Training Management Plan, posted on the Deficiency Reporting Community of Practice.

1.2.6. Chairs the Deficiency Process Working Group which provides a forum to address deficiency process issues and taskings identified through management review and special interest items, as well as unique problems as they occur. Organizational representatives include action points, support points, equipment specialists (ESs), originating points, and exhibit shipping and handling personnel.

1.2.7. Participates as primary/alternate member(s) of deficiency reporting, investigation and resolution process advisory council.

6 TINKERAFBI21-109 2 FEBRUARY 2011 1.2.8. Solicits and represents base positions at annual workshops.

1.2.9. Serves as interface to HQ AFMC deficiency process taskings.

1.2.10. Accomplishes transfer and/or reassignment of misrouted DRs to the responsible file/ database/action point.

1.3. Deficiency Process Metrics. The SPOCO is responsible to assess the health of the DRIS program through deficiency process performance metrics by measuring the DR process through analysis and comparison to program goals, standards, objectives and trending results. The

SPOCO will:

1.3.1. Extract monthly and quarterly DR statistics from JDRS, with a breakdown of DR open status by applicable organization to identify specific DRs which exceed the AFMC standard.

1.3.2. Segregate "open" DRs where final resolution has been determined and is dependent upon other factors which preclude closing. Information regarding use of these category codes, along with their subsequent processing and status update requirements, is contained in

Chapter 4 of TO 00-35D-54. These DRs are in one of the following status codes: Open Awaiting Engineering Change Proposal (ECP). Open Awaiting Funds (AF) Open Awaiting Fix Verification (AFV) Open Repeated (R) Open Dispute (DISP) NOTE If an open DR has not been actively investigated within 12 months of the initial deficiency reporting, the reason for delayed actions or not funding the investigation shall be noted in JDRS and the DR closed with the status of ― Closed-Acceptable Risk‖. The risk associated with that DR must be formally accepted by the individual in the chain of command with the authority to accept a risk at that level. Ref TO 00-35D-54 sect. 1.7.7.

1.3.3. Provide a review of DR progress towards resolution and distribute group-level DR data monthly to cognizant groups and center deficiency process POCs. This review provides an aggregate metric roll-up each quarter to OC-ALC/CC as part of management review indicators. Metrics that do not meet recommended TO 00-35D-54 standards require corrective action plans from the responsible organization.

1.4. Management Indicators. Management indicators developed by the SPOCO provide a standardized method to identify, resolve and prevent stagnation of processes which impede deficiency resolution and opportunities for improvement. Management indicators include and will be supplemented with other metrics deemed appropriate for assessing the health of the center deficiency process.

1.4.1. All open status Category (CAT) I and CAT II DRs where resolution of described deficiency has not been determined.

1.4.2. Exhibit process and handling process timeliness is a measure of AF and DLAmanaged assets for which OC-ALC has reporting responsibilities and engineering authority.

TINKERAFBI21-109 2 FEBRUARY 2011 7 1.4.3. Monthly memoranda is provided to cognizant groups and contain additional metrics, tables and supporting spreadsheets for all "open investigation in work" DRs regardless of status or determined resolution.

NOTE: To portray the most accurate metrics and ensure consistency in reporting, monthly edit assessments are performed through queries to identify records with incomplete or inaccurate data. Errors and missing edits identified are forwarded via e-mail for action points/ESs to correct and update. DRs should be accepted or rejected within ten days. DRs that languish for over ten days without being acknowledged or rejected by the action point may be added to the monthly management indicators.

1.5. File Manager Responsibilities. The SPOCO is the local manager for JDRS. Its

operational responsibilities include:

1.5.1. Control JDRS access to include civilian/military support and prime contractors.

1.5.2. Determine JDRS access authorization based on individual deficiency process responsibility area.

1.5.3. Prior to providing access, the SPOCO ensures users complete their specific deficiency process operational training and become familiar with resources on the deficiency process community of practice.

https://afkm.wpafb.af.mil/community/views/home.aspx?Filter=HE-NP-M0-01 NOTE: All requests for access and authorization changes to JDRS will be coordinated with the file manager, and submitted via System Authorization to the HQ JDRS clearing house for approval. Users are generally granted access for a two year period, or by the expiration date of their CAC card. Renewal is granted by requesting recertification.

1.6. SPOCO DR Screening Responsibilities. The SPOCO serves as the screening point for receipt of all DRs from USAF major commands, other Department of Defense components and foreign military sales countries. The following activities are noted as part of control and

accountability procedures:

1.6.1. Interrogate JDRS database to identify new DRs on a daily workday basis.

1.6.2. Screen new DRs to ensure OC-ALC has management responsibility for the weapon system, end item or commodity being reported.

1.6.3. Research using USAF Master Item Identification Data Base (DO43) and Mission

Workload Assignment System (DO86) to verify the following data elements: NSN. Material Management Aggregation Code (MMAC). Manufacturer‘s Part Number (PN). SOS Equipment Specialist (ES code).

1.6.4. Transfer misrouted DRs to the appropriate Single Point of Contact Office 1.6.5. Assign and forward DRs through JDRS to responsible action point organization establishing a routing and tracking trail of the DR history.

8 TINKERAFBI21-109 2 FEBRUARY 2011 Cat I Product Quality Deficiency Reports (PQDRs) shall be assigned to the ES based on the assigned ES code shown in D043 and the individual shown to be assigned that code in the Reutilization Disposition System (RDS) ES code listing.

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