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November 7, 2014 The Honorable Paul Krekorian Chair, Budget and Finance Committee do City Clerk, Room 395 Los Angeles, CA 90012 Public Safety Technology Team — Supplemental Report(C.F. 14-1473) At the November 3, 2014 Budget and Finance Committee meeting, several issues were raised regarding creation of the Public Safety Technology Team. This report is intended to clarify those issues.

Goal of Public Safety Technology Team (PSTT) The goal of the Public Safety Technology Team (PSTT)is to create a joint Los Angeles Fire Department(LAFD)/Los Angeles Police Department(LAPD)/Information Technology Agency (ITA)team to focus on large-scale technology initiatives as prioritized by both the Fire Chief and Chief of Police.

PSTT Organization Chart The LAFD/LAPD/ITA staff to be assigned to the PSTT will be contingent upon the needs of each Public Safety Technology Project. The Chief Information Officer for Public Safety(CIO/PS) will report to both the Fire Chief and Chief of Police. The CIO/PS will have functional responsibility over the staff assigned to the PSTT. This means she will provide technical guidance and direction on activities related to the Public Safety Technology Project, but day-to-day supervision will remain with the respective department chain of command as reflected by the attached organization chart.

Generally, the PSTT will be comprised of the Fire PSTT Unit, the Police PSTT Unit, and the ITA PSTT Unit. The first project identified by the Fire and Police Chiefs for the PSTT is a feasibility analysis to determine if the existing LAPD Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) platformcan also meet the needs of the Fire Department. As such,

each PSTT Unit for this project will be comprised of the following Project Managers:

Captain I for LAFD; Senior Systems Analyst II for LAPD; Information Systems Manager for ITA. Each PSTT Unit has equal authority, with the goal being to reach decisions by consensus among the Units. Where consensus cannot be reached, the CIO for Public


Chair, Budget and Finance Committee November 7, 2014 Page 2 Safety will make a recommendation to the Fire Chief, where the recommendation pertains to Fire systems and operations, and to the Police Chief, where the recommendation pertains to Police systems and operations. Ultimate decision-making authority will rest with the Fire Chief and Chief of Police, respectively.

It must be noted that the organization chart shows three additional positions in the LAFD PSTT Unit that were not included in the October 31, 2014 report: one Captain I;

two Firefighter III/Dispatchers; and one Geographic Information Systems(GIS) Specialist. Rather than requesting resolution authority for the three sworn positions, the LAFD intends to detail existing staff with appropriate experience in dispatch operations to the PSTT. Six months overtime backfill for these positions would amount to $265,760. Due to the Department's projected budgetary shortfall, the LAFD is requesting funding to the Variable Staffing Overtime Account. In addition, with progression of the Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)system, a GIS Specialist dedicated to this system is now required. The position would provide technical geographic information system input, application design, and development of a range of maps and reports for fire dispatch operations. Six months funding of $36,416 and resolution authority is requested for this position.

Attachment 2 provides a summary of the duties of each LAFD and LAPD position identified on the organization chart.

CAD Platform Assessment Process It is not a foregone conclusion that the current LAPD CAD will meet the needs of the LAFD. The first project the PSTT will tackle is the analysis required to make this determination. This process is expected to last between three and six months. The

analysis will run in two parallel tracks as follows:

1. User Requirements/Functional Track — The PSTT will identify and document the functional/user requirements for LAFD dispatch from start to finish. During this effort, the LAFD Captain, sworn dispatchers, and any others deemed necessary by LAFD will identify for the LAPD and Motorola(LAPD CAD vendor) every step of the dispatch process, every end-user requirement, and all business/functional needs of dispatchers, field personnel, and Fire management.

2. Technical Track — The PSTT will identify and document all technical requirements for a successful Fire CAD implementation. This discussion will involve a deep dive into the technical aspects of every integration or interface with the existing LAFD CAD (e.g., Fire Station Alerting, AVL, Tiered Dispatch System (medical dispatch protocols), Pulse Point, etc.). The IT staff from LAFD and ITA who currently support these technical aspects of Fire dispatch and related Fire systems will be point on the technical discussions.


Chair, Budget and Finance Committee November 7, 2014 Page 3 At the conclusion of these "deep dives" into both the functional/user and technical requirements of Fire dispatch, the PSTT will produce a Gap Analysis. The Gap Analysis will document all areas wherein the current LAPD CAD falls short of meeting

the needs of the LAFD. These items will likely fall into one of three categories:

a. LAPD CAD can only meet the need with some modification to the system;

b. LAPD CAD can provide the function requested by LAFD, but not in the same manner as it is delivered today (i.e., an LAFD business process may have to be altered); or c. LAPD CAD cannot meet a particular need altogether.

Once the Gap Analysis is complete, the PSTT will review the results with the Fire Chief and other LAFD management. Ultimately, the Fire Chief will evaluate the results of the Gap Analysis and decide whether the LAFD will join the LAPD CAD platform. A report on the results of the CAD platform assessment process and the Fire Chief's decision will be transmitted to the Mayor and City Council for consideration.

During the FY 2015-16 budget process, the Fire Chief and Chief of Police will make a joint recommendation to the Mayor's Office and the City Council as to whether the PSTT should continue, as funding and the continuation of resolution authorities will be required if the recommendation is to continue with the PSTT.


It is recommended that the City Council, subject to approval of the Mayor:

1. Authorize resolution authority for the following positions from January 1 through June 30, 2015, subject to allocation by the Personnel Department, and, as appropriate, pay grade determination and salary setting by the City

Administrative Officer(CAO):

–  –  –

2. Instruct the Police Department to submit appropriate documentation to the CAO, Employee Relations Division for consideration of pay grade upgrades for one Senior Systems Analyst I (1597-1)to II (1597-2), and one Senior Police Service Representative I (2209-1)to II (2209-2).


Chair, Budget and Finance Committee November 7, 2014 Page 4

3. Upon approval of the pay grade upgrades, authorize the CAO to activate substitute authorities through June 30, 2015 for one Senior Systems Analyst II and one Senior Police Service Representative II in the Police Department.

4. Approve the following transactions:

Appropriate from: Fund 100/58 Unappropriated Balance, Account 000184, Police/Fire Dispatch System Consolidation

–  –  –

5. Authorize the City Administrative Officer, or his designee, to make technical adjustments to comply with the intent of these recommendations.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at(213)473-9989.


–  –  –

RALPH M. TERRAZAS Fire Chief Attachments


Public Safety Technology Team

–  –  –

Los Angeles Fire Department

1. Chief Information Officer(C10) As this is a new position to the LAFD, the appointee will work closely with the Chief Information Officer for Public Safety and LAFD PSTT staff in the planning, coordination and development of Public Safety Technology Projects. Through close collaboration, the position will develop a thorough knowledge of LAFD technology projects. The Fire CIO will be responsible for the daily IT operations of the Fire Department, as well as Fire related IT projects assigned to the Public Safety Technology Team.

2. Captain I (Detailed): $102,240(6 months backfill)

The Fire Captain will head the LAFD PSTT Unit and serve as LAFD Project Manager on the CAD feasibility assessment project. The position will have experience as a Captain on the LAFD dispatch floor and will be responsible for managing and supervising all LAFD personnel on the Fire PSTT Unit. The Captain will serve as the subject matter expert on all LAFD dispatch user/functional/business requirements. The Captain will collaborate with ITA personnel and LAPD dispatch and civilian technology staff in determining the feasibility of sharing common dispatch platforms.

The Captain will also serve as a subject matter expert on dispatch business functions and responsibilities, such as systems for radio communications, 9-1-1 telephony, AVL, CAD dispatching, and logging recorded systems.

3. Two Firefighter III/Dispatchers: $163,520(6 months backfill) The Fire Dispatchers will work under the direction of the Captain on the LAFD PSTT Unit and will serve as an LAFD resource for Public Safety Technology Projects pertaining to dispatch operations and CAD. The positions will provide comprehensive end-user analysis for all proposed integrated systems and document all Unit activities and record user requirements. The Fire Dispatchers will have experience operating in the LAFD Dispatch Center and utilizing dispatch related systems, such as CAD and AVL.

4. Geographic Information Systems(GIS) Specialist: $36,416

The GIS Specialist will be dedicated to LAFD dispatching operations, operating GIS geoprocessing systems. The position will perform technical geographic information system input, including spatial and attribute data editing, application design and programming system analysis for various LAFD systems, including CAD and AVL. The GIS Specialist will produce a wide range of maps and reports, applications, and export data and files necessary to support Fire dispatch operations.

5. Two Systems Programmer II: $108,400

These positions will be assigned to meet LAFD Communications Network and Infrastructure technology requirements. One Systems Programmer II (SP II) will be dedicated to the support, administration and maintenance of LAFD's Network Staffing System (NSS)servers, network connections to the Fire Stations, network port configurations and application support and will serve as the NSS technical expert. The NSS, among other functions, maintains deployment and Public Safety Technology Team — Attachment 2 Page 2 timekeeping schedules for field personnel, and is, therefore, critical to LAFD operations. The second SP II will monitor and maintain the LAFD application environment; provide administration and maintenance of LAFD servers and data storage systems; monitor and maintain software configurations for enterprise server applications; develop and implement data backup and recovery strategies; and recommend business continuity solutions. This position will also be responsible for creating and maintaining documentation related to the LAFD network environment.

6. Database Architect: $56,475

The Database Architect(DBA) will work on Department-wide technology projects creating and managing the LAFD electronic databases required to store and organize vast amounts of data captured by LAFD software applications. This position will conduct data analyses, establish data designs, and perform database implementations necessary for the use, integration, integrity, security, availability, maintenance and operation of the public safety databases. The position is critical to LAFD daily operations, ensuring applications are not at risk of suffering from poor performance and unexpected outages.

7. Programmer Analyst V: $52,988

The Programmer Analyst V will perform application programming in modern programming languages to ensure Public Safety Technology software applications meet the needs of the public safety end user, including updating and maintaining the notification and call out system. The position will focus on automating several manual/paper processes within the LAFD to ensure critical deadlines, legal mandates and/or timelines for operational tasks are met.

Los Angeles Police Department

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