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«225 Minutes of the meeting of Llangoedmor Community Council held at the Old School Rooms, Llangoedmor on Monday 7th March 2016 Present: Chairperson: ...»


Minutes of the meeting of Llangoedmor Community Council held at the

Old School Rooms, Llangoedmor on Monday 7th March 2016

Present: Chairperson: Cllr Mrs Amanda Edwards. Cllrs K Symmons, Iwan Davies, Colin Lewis, Gareth Evans,

Mrs J Hawkes, Bryan Rees

County Cllr Hayden Lewis joined the meeting as indicated in the minutes.

Members of the public: 4

1. Welcome and Apologies / Croeso ac Ymddiheuriadau

The Chairperson welcomed Mr and Mrs Hickin and their planning consultant, present to speak on their application for an affordable dwelling and also welcomed Mr H Davies who was interested in the Council vacancy. Apologies had been received from Cllr P Hazzelby

2. Opening Prayer / Gweddi Agoriadol The Chairperson invited Mr Hickin to speak to the meeting. Mr Hickin advised the Council that he understood that his application had just been validated by Ceredigion County Council and that the Community Council was yet to receive a copy. He stated that he and his family had grown up in the area and he now hoped to be able to build an affordable dwelling on land which his parents were prepared to gift to him and his wife. He hoped, if he were able to build on the proposed plot, to help his parents with their smallholding and provide a local home for his 3 daughters. Mr Hickin’s Planning Consultant advised that the proposal was well linked to a small group of dwellings and could meet LDP policy requirements. It was noted that until the Community Council received formal notification of the application it would make no comment.

3. Disclosure of Personal Interest / Datgelu Buddiannau Personol Cllr I Davies declared an interest in any discussion to do with a replacement laptop as he was an employee of one of the quoting companies and Gwyl Fawr Aberteifi and Ceredigion YFC.

4. Personal Matters / Materion Personol The Chairperson welcomed back Cllr Mrs J Hawkes after her illness. Cllr Mrs Hawkes advised the Council that she would not be in a position to follow the normal custom and practice, as Vice-Chair, of taking the Chair in May. This was due to increasing work commitments.

5. Planning Applications / Ceisiadau Cynllunio No planning applications had been received.

It was agreed that as no formal notification of Mr and Mrs J Hickin’s application had been received no comment would be made.

6. Minutes of Previous Meeting / Cofnodion y Cyfarfod Blaenor Cllr B Rees proposed that the minutes of 01.02.16 be accepted as a true record. Seconded Cllr Colin Lewis, carried unanimously.

Matters Arising – Materion yn Codi 7.

Where not covered under an Agenda heading It was queried if any further action had been taken with regard to the access between the hall and chip shop. It was agreed that the Clerk organise a land registry search to establish ownership of the car park and access.

ACTION: Land Registry search BY: Clerk Cllr C Lewis asked the Clerk to report water usage at the public toilets by cubic metres as well as by cost.

It was reported that the ‘History Day’ had been well attended and Cllrs and the Clerk were thanked for their input. The school would be thanked for the use of the hall.

Cllr B Rees stated he had not yet cut back the saplings at the Church but had looked at the trees by the Millennium building and they were all budding and looked healthy.

The Clerk advised that she had been contacted by Tai Ceredigion with regard to the siting of bottle banks on their land. It was agreed that the bottle banks had been on the land when it belonged to Ceredigion County Council and had remained in placed when the land was transferred to Tai Ceredigion. It was noted that a Cardigan business was bringing its empties to the bottle bank which was part of the problem of the banks being continually full.

ACTION: Contact Env Health and Tai Ceredigion BY: Clerk

–  –  –

It was noted that the Council was required to be registered with the Information Commissioner – Data Protection Proposed: Cllr B Rees, second Cllrs MRs J Hawkes, carried unanimously CC H Lewis joined the meeting Payments to Members of Town and Community Councils Details had been circulated to all prior the meeting. The Clerk confirmed that the Council would pay out of pocket expenses and also consider payment of a care allowances as agreed as part of the budget setting process.

Donations Cllr B Rees declared a personal interest as a School Governor.

Following discussion it was agreed to give donations to:

Llechryd School: 750 Gwyl Fawr Aberteifi: 300 Cruse Ceredigion: 100 CAB: 100 Audit The Clerk would contact the Council’s internal auditor ready for year end.

The Clerk would be circulating the Financial Risk Assessment list prior to the April meeting.

The Clerk would be circulating an amended code of conduct for adoption prior to the April meeting (this must be adopted within 6 months of April 1st 2016) Grass cutting contract Copies of quotes had been supplied. It was noted that most contractors expressed concern over the 3 week cutting schedule as they felt that a quality of cut would not be obtained. It was agreed that the Council would consider this in the 17/18 contract. Following discussion it was agreed to obtain references for Mr Owens and if these were good he would be offered the 2016 contract. The Chair, Vice-Chair and Clerk would review the references in due course and make the appointment if suitable.

CC H Lewis left the meeting Insurance Clerk and Chairperson to meet and go through as complex.

County Archives OVW had confirmed that if in accordance with the Data Protection Act and Freedom of Information Act, any of the minutes are deemed as confidential, the Archivist can keep the document "closed" - meaning that the public would not be able to access it for a certain period of time agreed with the Council (anything up to 100 years is usual). This couldn be done with part or parts of a document as well as a whole documents, but for convenience, it's usually whole documents which are kept closed.

Clerks Contract The General Purposes Committee had met and gone through the Contract and Job Description. The Council agreed to accept the recommendations and both were presented to the Clerk for comment.

The Clerk expressed concern that, whilst not illegal, the remit of the ‘General Purposes Committee’ was very broad. She felt that having a committee which could undertake any function of the Council (except setting the precept of the Council, this being proscribed by law) could be misconstrued and was not best practice. After some debate it was agreed to discuss the matter further at the April meeting.

ACTION: April agenda item BY: Clerk Clerks leave request Noted Laptop A number of quotes from both local companies and online had been obtained. It was agreed that the details for circulated to Cllrs C Lewis, J Hawkes and I Davies to review.

ACTION: Circulate details BY: Clerk Website The Clerk had stripped the Website as some of the links were not working. The basic information required to meet the legal requirements had been added. She queried what else the Council wanted on the site in terms of information about the villages etc.

ACTION: April agenda item BY: Clerk FB Page If the Clerk was added then she would post basic info on there as well (road closures, public consultations etc.).

9. Highways and Public Rights of Way / Priffyrdd a Hawliau Tramwy Cyhoeddus Flooding - Lady Road at the bend before the Chapel. No response yet from CCC. County Cllr H Lewis was asked to follow up on this and on what, if any, proposals there might be with regard to alleviating the flooding by Cardi Builders.

Flooding Glanau. Mrs Hanford had been in touch to say that the flood gates advised by NRW had worked but the water level had reached high enough for it to come up through the floors and through the house walls adjacent the lane to Ty Twt and Old Church Cottage. It was the first time in 10 years the property had flooded. She was to contact Natural Resources Wales and would come back to the Council. She thanked the Council for its concern.

2013 Active Travel Act It was agreed that Ceredigion County Council again be approached with regard to providing pavements from Llechryd to Cardigan and through the village.

ACTION: Contact CCC BY: Clerk

10. Amenities / Mwynderau Charity The Clerk had taken initial advice from OVW It seemed that the Charity should be run separately from the Council and hold separate accounts etc. The Clerk was currently working with Mr Paul Egan of OVW to ascertain how the current situation could be resolved to meet the legal requirements of the Council and Charities Commission.

Play area With lighter evenings the Clerk would arrange a date to meet with Mr E Rees (and circulate to all) for advice about playground inspections.

Christmas Lights Mr Penny had advised that the connection by the Church will need replacing. It was queried which connection it was.

ACTION: Contact Mr Penny BY: Clerk

11. Ongoing Projects SLt Lawrence- still no response from letter. The Clerk apologised as she had not yet sought to find a phone number for the relative of SLt Lawerence.

Mr Leigh – Bench- information about local carpenters and craftsmen sent. Response yet to come.

War Memorial – Cllr B Rees Following discussion it was agreed to ask Cllr B Rees to go ahead with the order for the plaque. It was agreed the Welsh text should be at the top of the design and some colour, perhaps daffodil designs, should be added.

ACTION: Order plaque BY: Cllr B Rees Defribulator – Chairperson There was still ongoing concern that a code was required to get into the cabinet and overall it was not felt to be very user friendly. It was agreed to investigate the cost of providing a box not requiring a code.

ACTION: Cost box BY: Chair and Clerk Emergency Planning – Cllr J Hawkes Cllr Mrs Hawkes advised that she had the outline plans available and local information needed to be inserted.

Speedwatch – Cllr C Lewis Cllr C Lewis would update as soon as new information became available.

12. Events / Digwyddiadau Annual Dinner – It was agreed to hold the dinner on 22nd April 2016, 7 for 7.30pm at the 7 Stars. The guests would be the County Cllr and his wife.

ACTION: Make arrangements BY: Chair Possible villages photo marathon with school/hall?

It was agreed that Cllr B Rees, the Chair and the Clerk would discuss to proposal with the school.

ACTION: Talk to school BY: Cllr B Rees.

Llechryd/Llangoedmor in Bloom It was agreed to cost planters at the entrances to the villages.

ACTION: Cost planters BY: Clerk

13. Meeting reports / Adroddiad Clerk – Draft Local Govt (Wales) Bill The Clerk’s report on a very well attended meeting was noted.

14. Correspondence / Gohebiaeth + e mail correspondence


Principles of Good Administration and Good Records Management / Egwyddorion Gweinyddiaeth Dda a Rheoli Cofnodion Yn Dda OVW Asset Transfer / Trosglwyddo Asedau OVW 2018 REVIEW OF PARLIAMENTARY CONSTITUENCIES IN WALES/ AROLWG 2018 O


OVW Public Appointments Opportunity – British Council - Chair, Wales Advisory Committee | Swyddogol : Cyfle Penodiadau Cyhoeddus – British Council - Cadeirydd, Pwyllgor Cynghori Cymru OVW Cynnal Cymru February Newsletter | Cylchlythyr Chwefror Cynnal Cymru CCC – Development Control Committee Jan/Feb 16

–  –  –


Invitation to purchase medals commemorating the 90 th Birthday of HM Queen Elizabeth II Whilst it was agreed it might be possible to mark the event the medals were not considered suitable.

Cynfor Tref Aberteifi/Cardigan Town Council Cllr I Davies was nominated as the representative from the Council to attend the meeting on Tuesday 15th March 2016 to discuss Cardigan Town Council’s proposal to invite the 2020 Nat Eisteddfod to area.

ACTION: Contact Cardigan Town Council BY: Clerk OVW Confirmation of renewal of membership. The Chair and Cllr J Hawkes agreed to be nominated to attend quarterly Area Committee Meetings.

ACTION: Confirm to OVW BY: Clerk




It was agreed that free access to transport was essential.

ACTION: Respond to consultation BY: Clerk

15. Exchange of information / Cyfnewid Gwybodaeth Cllr K Symmons expressed concern that he had heard of bullying going on in Maes-y-Deri.

The Chairperson expressed concern that the wall opposite Cilgerran TVs was in a dangerous condition.

Cllr K Symmons drew attention to the crack in the wall opposite the 7 Stars. It was agreed photographs and an exact location be provided to the Clerk.

–  –  –

Should there be any confidential matters arising the Council will pass the following resolution and all members of the public and press will be requested to leave the meeting at this point: Resolution: In view of the confidential nature of the business to be discussed, the public and press be excluded from the meeting in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960, Section 1

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