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Be Safe-Be Kind-Be Responsible and Persevere

Maple Street Magnet School

Phone: (603) 332-6481 Fax: (603) 335-7358 Twitter @maplemagnet


We are a magnet school in the Rochester NH School District-A public elementary school with

an extended 200 day school year that offers special programs not available currently in the

district, designed to attract students from throughout the Rochester School District. All

admissions are through a lottery system.

We are also a PBIS school- An initiative designed to create positive school climate that enhances learning and pro social growth Our School’s Mission Statement The mission of the Maple Street Magnet School is to empower every child to reach his/her full potential.

Be Safe-Be Kind-Be Responsible and Persevere Staff Principal Secretary Robin Brown - Website Brenda Bourgeois brown.r@rochesterschools.com bourgeois.b@rochesterschools.com Kindergarten Teacher - First Grade Teacher Sarah Bond Monique Temple bond.s@rochesterschools.com temple.m@rochesterschools.com Second Grade Teacher Fourth Grade Teacher Karen Muzzey Website Sara Cantrell muzzey.k@rochesterschools.com cantrell.s@rochesterschools.com Third Grade Teacher Fifth Grade Teacher Mary Glidden - Website Melissa Cunliffe - Website glidden.m@rochesterschools.com cunliffe.m@rochesterschools.com Integrated Arts Teacher - Website French Teacher Beth Wiggins Marty Wintje wiggins.b@rochesterschools.com wintje.m@rochesterschools.com Music Sue Abbiati - Website abbiati.s@rochesterschools.com Guidance Christie Stokel Reading Specialist Bonnie Mulcahy Stokel.c@rochesterschools.com mulcahy.b@rochesterschools.com Special Education Kindergarten Assistant Donna Gilbert Kim Billings gilbert.d@rochesterschools.com billings.k@rochesterschools.com Be Safe-Be Kind-Be Responsible and Persevere Paraprofessional

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By adding an additional 20 days to the school calendar, students retain more, so less remediation is necessary. Teachers also have more time to teach and can use the time to provide enriching activities as well as opportunities for re-teaching. Over a six year period of time, children at MSMS will have gained 2/3 of a typical 180 day school year of additional learning opportunities.

Boundless Explorations’ (BE) Time

Boundless Explorations is a 45 minute weekly time for children to explore offerings of their interest over a 5 week period. By allowing students to choose a goal, accomplishment or project from a list of choices and then guiding the students through the process, we can give them the foundation of successful autonomous learning. (20% Time, 2013) Why do Boundless Explorations Time? Boundless Explorations allow students to join with other grade level students who have similar interests, it inspires and brings back the love of learning for learning’s sake, it’s differentiation at its best, a perfect way to model life-long learning, something students remember for a lifetime and it is fun.(Genius Hour, 2013)

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French Language is taught in each classroom 3 times weekly for 30+ minutes by an expert World Language teacher who incorporates oral language learning with music, technology and the history, culture and traditions of France.

Why do we teach French instead of other world languages? The magnet school teaches French because of the strong French heritage and culture right here in Rochester. With that in mind, it was thought that children who have relatives in the area could use their French to speak to relatives and neighbors.

Why teach a world language? Children should start learning a world language in kindergarten and continue through high school. Learning languages helps increase listening ability, memory, creativity and critical thinking - all of which are thinking processes that increase learning in Be Safe-Be Kind-Be Responsible and Persevere general. In addition to developing thinking skills, world language study exposes children to other ways of looking at the world. To those who consider world language study in elementary school a frill, world language education supports the core curriculum. When done right, world language instruction uses themes that support the elementary curriculum including math, science, social studies and language arts. (Mary Redmond, Wake Forest University, 2012)

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Although full day kindergarten is offered at the other Rochester elementary schools, magnet school kindergarten students have Art, Music, P.E., French, and Technology offered to them.

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Project Based Learning is offered 4 days per week for 45 minutes based on the overriding theme of the school.

In Project Based Learning (PBL), students go through an extended process of inquiry in response to a complex question, problem, or challenge. While allowing for some degree of student "voice and choice," rigorous projects are carefully planned, managed, and assessed to help students learn key academic content, practice 21st Century Skills (such as collaboration, communication & critical thinking), and create high-quality, authentic products & presentations.(Buck Institute for Education(BIE), 2010) Rigorous, meaningful and effective Project Based Learning: is intended to teach significant content; requires critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and various forms of communication.; requires inquiry as part of the process of learning and creating something new;

is organized around an open-ended “Driving Question”; creates a need to know essential content and skills; allows some degree of student voice and choice; includes processes for revision and reflection; and involves a public audience. (BIE, 2010) If we are serious about reaching 21st Century educational goals, PBL must be at the center of 21st Century instruction. The project contains and frames the curriculum, which differs from the short "project" or activity added onto traditional instruction.

Why use PBL? Students gain a deeper understanding of the concepts and standards at the heart of a project. Projects also build vital workplace skills and lifelong habits of learning. Projects can allow students to address community issues, explore careers, interact with adult mentors, use technology, and present their work to audiences beyond the classroom. PBL can motivate students who might otherwise find school boring or meaningless. (BIE, 2010)

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The mission of the Maple Street Magnet School Family/School Partnership Team is to foster a community that promotes meaningful, satisfying partnerships within our school and with the larger community of Rochester, NH.

Our family engagement vision is that families and school personnel engage in regular, two way, and meaningful participation in and communication regarding student learning and other school activities. We value families as an integral part of student learning. We encourage families to be actively involved in their child’s education at school. We believe families are full partners in their child’s education and are included, as appropriate, in decision –making to plan for their education.

The Partnership Team believes that by building partnerships within the larger community relationships can be fostered. The mission of the team is to give back to the community with the hope that outside businesses and agencies will also form partnerships with the school.

Friday Morning Meeting

Friday Morning Meeting is the time when we celebrate the highlights of the week with each other. Please know that you are invited to share in the weekly acknowledgements of kind, safe and responsible behavior. Students, staff and families share in the accomplishments of the week. Students also have a chance to show off their French by reciting the Pledge in French and by ending the meeting with a French song. Morning meeting is at 8:30 and lasts about 20 minutes.

The First and Third of the Month is Friday Parent Talk

On the first and third Fridays of the month Parent Talk follows the meeting. Again, all parents are invited to attend. Parent Talk is an opportunity for families to connect and share ideas. Some topics are school related and some are not. If you would like a topic covered, please feel free to suggest the topic to the principal.

Blizzard Bags

Blizzard bags are ways for students and teachers to use snow days for learning opportunities. By The first two snow days are off for everyone –no school work needs to be done. On the third snow day of the year, students will do one day of work from the bag and so forth each time there is a snow day.

On Blizzard Bag days teachers will be available by email, unless there is no power or Internet.

Each teacher will give you the hours that she is available online, should any questions arise concerning the assignment.

Individual teachers will design the bags in a way to best fit the needs of their students. Please read the information included in your child’s Blizzard Bag to learn the specific due datse and requirements for your child. MSMS staff is committed to keep learning opportunities fluid as well as fulfill the obligatory 200 days.

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If your child is absent for any reason, please call the school at 332-6481. This is the most accurate way to get the information to our attendance secretary. Please, always call the school, if your child is going to be out. We have voicemail, so an early morning call is fine too. Thank you.

We want to make sure all students are safe, so if we do not receive a call, the school calls the family.

Thank you for your help with this matter.

Good attendance at the elementary level is vital. Good school attendance correlates with better student achievement.

–  –  –

In this instance, please notify the principal and the classroom teacher in writing by either email or a note as much ahead of time as possible. This allows the teacher to prepare work for the child to complete while absent.

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The drive in the front of the building is closed to all but emergency vehicles. Please, do not drive through this area. Students should not arrive to school prior to 8:00 am unless attending before school program. There is no supervision for students before 8:00 am.

Walkers: Walkers should enter school grounds one of two ways. If a student is walking from the lower end of Maple and is approaching the school on the school side of the street, the student should walk in driveway opening closest to North Main Street. If a child is walking from any other direction he or she should enter school grounds in the driveway nearest the playground.

Children must always cross in the crosswalk.

Children should not walk through the parking lot, nor should they use the front walkway.

Car Riders: Parents are encouraged to please drive up Maple Street and drop off children near the driveway nearest the playground,where Mrs. Mulcahy will greet them. Please do not drive through the horseshoe driveway, but rather, stop on the road the bottom of the driveway nearest the playground. Parents are still welcome to walk their children into school.

In this case, please continue to park where you have been parking except on the hash marks.

There can be no parking on the hash marks.

Bus Riders: A staff member will greet bus riders. Bus riders will be dropped off at the bottom of the driveway near the playground. Bus riders will immediately enter the building upon arrival.

Children who have breakfast can enter the building at 8:00 am. We have supervision in the café at that time. Children should never go on the playground before the start of the school day, since there is no supervision. Children arriving after 8:15 will be offered a breakfast to take back to their classrooms. Late students arriving at 8:30 will not be allowed to get breakfast. The only exception is a bus student whose bus has arrived late.

Dismissal Expectations The dismissal procedures have been designed for the safety of all students. Please, help us keep all children safe by complying with these procedures. A form must be completed for each child by a parent or guardian indicating how the child will be getting home. If your child is to leave school grounds with any person other than the parent or caregiver, it is necessary for the parent or caregiver to give the school written permission.

Bus riders and car riders will be dismissed at 2:55.

MSMS Afternoon Pick-up Procedure Parents, please, we need your help to have a safe dismissal for your children.

If your child is a car rider, please remain in your vehicle.

Be Safe-Be Kind-Be Responsible and Persevere Please approach Maple Street via Waldron Ave.

When you see the children walking to the sidewalk, drivers may turn onto Maple and stop on the hash marks. Children will be helped into the vehicles as usual.

There can be no parking on the hash marks, only stopping to get your children. Please reinforce with your children the importance of remaining near the fence while they wait for a car pick-up.

If your plans should change at the last minute and you cannot contact the school, please check with a teacher before your take a child from the car line. Your child’s safety is most important to us.

If you do not want to wait in a car line, dismiss your child as a walker. Since parking is limited around the school, you may have to park on Pine Street or on Maple beyond the school yard. Walk from your car to the top of the driveway nearest the playground, and your child will be dismissed to you by a classroom teacher.

Walkers are dismissed at 3:00 and car riders are dismissed at 2:55.

Thank you for your help Walkers: Walkers will be dismissed at 3:00. Students who have permission to walk home alone will be dismissed. Children who are being picked up by an adult will remain at the top of the drive behind the white line. Please walk to the white line and your child will be released to you.

We must have a note and/or phone call if your child is being dismissed differently than previously arranged. Without written notice or a phone call of a change in routine, attempts will be made to contact the parent, but if the parent cannot be reached, the child will follow their regular procedure for dismissal.

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