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«3rd Quarterly Report – April to June 2008 Philippine Sanitation Alliance 3rd Quarterly Report April to June 2008 Prepared by AECOM International ...»

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3rd Quarterly Report – April to June 2008

Philippine Sanitation Alliance

3rd Quarterly Report

April to June 2008

Prepared by AECOM International Development for USAID/Philippines under Cooperative Agreement No. 492-A-00-07-00023-00

I. Executive Summary

During the quarter, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Philippine

Sanitation Alliance (PSA) project conducted a technology-finance workshop for the housing

sector, two stakeholder workshops and septage management and promotions planning workshops with our partner cities. All the workshops were well attended and well received by the participants. The service providers’ training also ended with a field visit to treatment facilities within Metro Manila. PSA staff also participated in the Wash Day campaign in Cebu City Calbayog City, one of our partner cities from LINAW 2, constructed sanitation systems in its new housing resettlement site and health clinic with help from the PSA and the US Naval Construction Regiment.

Achievement of performance indicators and results are on track, as well as the level of expenditures. Non-USAID funds leveraged during the quarter totaled $98,821, and 430 people obtained access to improved sanitation.

II. Performance Objectives and Expected Outputs Achievement of performance indicators and results are on track, as well as the level of expenditures. Non-USAID funds leveraged during the quarter totaled $98,821, and 430 people obtained access to improved sanitation as a result of PSA assistance.

AECOM International Development Suite 4022, Golden Rock Bldg.

168 Salcedo Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City 1229 T/F 819-0687 www.aecominterdev.com Page 2 Indicator Reporting Summary of Results Indicator 3rd Qtr Cumulative FY08 Target 430 10,000

1. Number of people in target areas with access 430* to improved sanitation facilities as a result of USG assistance (disaggregated by gender)

2. Number of feasibility and special 1 3 4 studies/plans prepared

3. Amount of non-USAID financing mobilized for $98,821 $150,276 $150,000 sanitation projects and facilities

4. Number of people trained in environmental 231 men 393 men 200 law, enforcement, public participation, and 98 women 153 women cleaner production policies, strategies, skills 329 total 546 total and techniq

–  –  –

Details of Results

1. A wastewater treatment facility was built for the Calbayog Greenland Subdivision, which currently has 60 homes completed and occupied. A facility was also completed for the Calbayog Health Clinic. The Sta. Cruz Slaughterhouse Wastewater Treatment Facility is under construction and will begin operating in August.

–  –  –

5. The PSA worked with the USAID Philippine Water Revolving Fund project to organize a WASH day in Cebu in April.

6. The Clean Water Act was implemented by many city partners that developed wastewater treatment facilities for their public markets, slaughterhouses and public hospitals (Calbayog City, Manjuyod Municipality, Santa Cruz Municipality, and Zamboanga City).

III. Summary of Major Accomplishments A. Technology-Finance Workshop for the Housing Sector Generates Interest A 2-day workshop on Appropriate Technology and Financing Solutions for Wastewater Management for the Housing Sector was held April 29 and 30, 2008 in Makati City to introduce technology and financing options for low-cost wastewater management that have proven to be successful in the region or other parts of the world. Speakers shared best practices and technology design approaches in managing domestic wastewater in the housing sector. The first day focused on technology and the experiences of partners in designing and operating wastewater treatment projects. The Keynote Speaker from Brazil Klaus Neder second day focused on financing that partners representing Brasilia Water and Wastewater can tap to fund their projects, followed by site Corporation talked about Condominial Sewerage visits to existing facilities. The site visits exposed Technology during the Tech-Fin Workshop participants to best wastewater management practices as applied in various types of housing facilities.

Participants included representatives from national agencies, including DENR and Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC) together with key shelter agencies. The private sector was represented by members of the Chamber of Real Estate and Builders' Page 4 Associations (CREBA), Gawad Kalinga and other housing-related organizations. The members of the media were also invited as participants.

B. Calbayog City Develops Sanitation Systems for Relocation Site and Health Clinic PSA staff assisted the US Naval Construction Regiment and Calbayog City to develop proper sanitation systems for two new construction projects. PSA sanitation experts Dave Robbins and Lito Santos visited Calbayog City twice in May to provide technical assistance to the 30th Naval Construction Regiment, which is building a wastewater system that can serve 240 homes at the Greenland relocation site. The wastewater treatment system includes an anaerobic baffled reactor that will reduce about 70% of the pollution from the sewage and a secondary treatment system, which utilizes cocopeat as a filtration medium. The wastewater is collected through an innovative condominial sewer system, which utilizes shared sewer laterals to minimize the installation cost and operational requirements. The PSA team also provided assistance for a similar wastewater treatment system for the new Calbayog City Health Clinic, which will serve the residents of the subdivision and other residents of the city. The construction was a joint military project between the US and the Philippines in which the US military provided personnel and construction materials worth about $48,000. Both systems are scheduled to be completed in July 2008. Calbayog was a pilot city during the USAID Local Initiatives for Affordable Wastewater Treatment project from 2005-2007, and is now part of the PSA.

C. Zamboanga City Pursues Five Sanitation Initiatives and Holds Septage Management Workshop Zamboanga City held a septage management workshop on June 18, 2008 which attracted about 60 participants from various sectors. The group discussed options for developing a cityPage 5 wide program to desludge septic tanks and charge a monthly fee on water utility customers’ water bills. Following the workshop, the technical working group (TWG) met with the PSA representatives and developed a first draft of a septage management ordinance. The environment committee of the City Council will do a first reading of the ordinance, and the TWG will develop a promotion campaign.

This is their first activity after the city decided to pursue five major projects. The projects will include treatment facilities for the city slaughterhouse, city public market, Brent Hospital, Mampang relocation housing site, and a citywide septage management program. Mayor Lobregat has conveyed his excitement and determination to pursue these initiatives and requested the PSA to inspect and evaluate treatment facilities of private slaughterhouses, the municipal hospital, and private desludgers.

D. Meycauayan Sets Priorities for its Wastewater Management Program

On April 15, Meycauayan City held its one-day multi-stakeholders’ consultation and action planning workshop. More than 80 people attended the workshop representing the city government, city council, barangay leaders, national agencies, the water district, homeowners associations, academe, and private sector companies including Jollibee, Coca-Cola, Maymart, a hospital, and a private housing developer.

The workshop participants developed an action plan to address wastewater issues, using consultation, consensus-building, and participatory approaches. The workshop also created excitement about the project and support for the implementation of the PSA project. The event was opened by Meycauayan City Association of Barangay Chairmen President Rene Ponciano on behalf of Mayor Joan Alarilla. Ed Alarilla, former Mayor and now general consultant of the City, also made some inspiring remarks. In his speech, he underscored the value of the workshop to the city and expressed his hope for better cooperation among the city stakeholders.

USAID officer Jose Dulce highlighted past USAID projects with the province of Bulacan and encouraged everyone to actively participate in the projects and to learn from the examples of other LGUs in this sector.

A long list of wastewater management and sanitation projects was developed which was later prioritized during a June 25, 2008 meeting. A smaller group of stakeholders met to focus activities on the more urgent yet doable projects in the next twelve months of 2008 until 2009.

The nineteen participants selected nine priority activities, including creating a Water Quality Management Team to oversee the program, gathering data, developing an information and education campaign, training on cost recovery and technology, drafting a water pollution ordinance, and developing a pilot wastewater treatment facility for St. Mary’s College of Meycauayan (SMCM), a private school in the area.

Medium-term plans include developing a septage treatment facility for a small community and a public school, and developing a wastewater treatment facility for the city’s slaughterhouse, among others.

Page 6 After facilitating the meeting, Engineer Lito Santos and Nene Narvaez, senior PSA consultants, conducted an ocular inspection of the SMCM. Engr. Santos will submit an initial evaluation and proposed design to the technical working group (TWG) in the next few weeks.

E. Service Providers’ Training Ends with Successful Field Visit Trainees at Nuvali Subdivision in Santa Rosa City, visit to Muntinlupa Market STP, and visit to Ayala-Alabang Village STP On May 9, eighteen staff from seven service providers and Ateneo de Manila joined the culminating activity capping the 4 month-long PSA Short Training Course for Service Providers on Appropriate Wastewater Treatment Systems and Approaches. The companies represented were Maunsell Philippines, Chem-Earth Technologies, Bremen Overseas Research and Development Association-Basic Needs Services (BORDA-BNS), Palafox Associates, Repcon Engineering, Envision, and IM Bongar Services. Two representatives from Ateneo de Manila’s Physical Plant Committee joined the activity to better understand appropriate wastewater treatment technologies as they plan out their university-wide wastewater management program.

The day started with a lecture in the Makati office of Infratex/GSE Philippines that focused on the uses and design application of HDPE liners for wastewater treatment lagoons. The lecture was given by its President Peter Heilveil. Infratex is one the leading suppliers of HDPE pipes and liners in the country with projects that include the Magallanes Treatment Plant, Puerto Princesa Landfill, and private clients like Chevron, Petron, and United Laboratories. Also, a short product presentation on bio-enzymes and the Gembina pipe diversion process was given by WaterKonsult.

The group visited the lagoon system of a new high-end Ayala development in Santa Rosa called Nuvali, Muntinlupa Public Market treatment plant, and the Ayala-Alabang Subdivision treatment plant. The participants expressed their appreciation for the opportunity provided by USAID to be exposed to actual built systems with testimonies and discussions focusing on operations and maintenance issues. The participants received their certificates of completion and a CD Page 7 documentation of the training course in a simple ceremony witnessed by PSA Senior Project Coordinator Jay Tecson.

The service providers’ training was conducted with support from PSA and Maunsell Philippines.

The objective of the training was to organize a pool of service providers knowledgeable in the design of low-cost, low-maintenance wastewater treatment systems that will help the PSA project respond to the demand from both the public and private sector for technical design of wastewater treatment systems. The list of service providers will be widely distributed among PSA alliance partners and they will be encouraged to participate in PSA activities and workshops to better understand the needs and requirements of the alliance partners. The whole training course consisted of eight training modules on how to design sustainable, lowcost, low-maintenance wastewater treatment systems.

F. Wash Day Held in Cebu with US Ambassador Kenney

–  –  –

The one-day PSA stakeholders’ consultation and action planning workshop in Cagayan de Oro was held on May 20, 2008. More than 90 people attended the workshop, which provided an orientation on sanitation to key stakeholders, who then identified priority projects and programs for the city. These included a city-wide septage management program, a public information and promotion campaign, an interceptor system and treatment plant along the river that will be part of Mayor Constantino Jaraula’s proposed “Golden Mile” along the Cagayan River. An interceptor system is an extended combined sewer system that collects dry-weather flow from outfalls leading to a water body and treats it in a terminal treatment facility with an overflow mechanism. At the end of the workshop, City Councilor Ian Mark Nacaya thanked USAID for its Page 8 support and pledged to renew efforts from his committee to deliberate and approve a draft city ordinance regulating septage management in the city.

A day prior to the workshop, PSA Project Manager Lisa Lumbao presented to the City Council the USAID PSA project and the current state of water pollution in the country. The Council expressed its support for the project and pledged to increase enforcement of existing laws on water pollution, including requirements for new subdivisions.

A day after the workshop, the PSA Technical Working Group (TWG) in Cagayan de Oro had its first meeting. The TWG was formed by the Mayor through an Executive Order to assist in the implementation of PSA activities in the city. In the TWG meeting, members outlined the short and medium term projects and programs that were recommended during the stakeholders’ workshop. The TWG will fine-tune the outputs and submit them as a finalized action plan for the approval of the local chief executive.

Both the city council presentation and the stakeholders’ conference were covered by local television and print media.

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