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DS200 Precinct Ballot Scanner

Election Day Training Manual

Version Number 1.6.x

Election Systems and Software, Inc.

11208 John Galt Blvd.

Omaha, Nebraska 68137

United States of America

Phone (402) 593-0101

Toll Free (877) 377-8683

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DS200 Election Day Checklist Page 2

2008 by Election Systems & Software, 11208 John Galt Blvd., Omaha, NE 68137All rights reserved. Printed in the USA Security Recommendations, ES&S, Omaha, NE This document, as well as the product described in it, is furnished under license and may be used or copied only in accordance with the terms of such license. The content of this document is furnished for informational use only, is subject to change without notice, and should not be construed as a commitment by Election Systems & Software, Inc. Election Systems & Software, Inc., assumes no responsibility or liability for any errors or inaccuracies that may appear in this document. Except as permitted by such license, no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of Election Systems & Software, Inc.

Disclaimer Election Systems & Software does not extend any warranties by this document. All product information and material disclosure contained in this document is furnished subject to the terms and conditions of a purchase or lease agreement. The only warranties made by Election Systems & Software are contained in such agreements.

Users should ensure that the use of this equipment complies with all legal or other obligations of their governmental jurisdictions.

All products described in this document are registered trademarks of Election Systems & Software Inc. All other products mentioned are the sole property of their respective manufacturers.

Proprietary Information ES&S has identified and appropriately marked relevant portions of this document, which it considers confidential and proprietary. This document version has not been certified by the EAC.

The document sections referenced below contain Election Systems and Software, Inc.

(ES&S) confidential information, which is provided for the sole purpose of permitting the recipient, to evaluate the ES&S Voting System submitted herewith. The following sections are designated as “Proprietary and Confidential” by Election Systems & Software.

–  –  –

Attaching the DS200 to the Ballot Box  1. Unlock and open the ballot access flap (aka “barn door”) on the back of the ballot box. Position this flap in the up position so ballots can pass into the ballot box.

 2. Unlock and open the Counter Access Panel on the front of the ballot box (top). Place the scanner about 1/4 of the way into the recessed area and slide it on the mounting rails until it is four to five inches from the back of the recessed area.

 3. Inspect the power cord for damage. If the cord is damaged, contact the Division of Elections or ES&S for a new cord.

 4. Thread the cord through the opening on the side of the ballot box until it appears inside the opening behind the scanner.

 5. Plug the diverter cable (attached to the ballot box) into the diverter port on the back of the scanner. Plug the power cord into the power port (flat side of the plug facing up) and then plug the AC power cord from the external power supply into a 120-volt wall outlet.

WARNING: Only plug the scanner into a grounded, three-pronged electrical outlet. Plug only one scanner into an outlet. ES&S recommends that you do not use an extension cord.

–  –  –

 6. Slide the scanner until it is against the back of the ballot box making sure that both cables do not block the ballot feed slot just above the cord area.

Open the Auxiliary bin door and pull down and twist the plunger pin, so the plunger pin pops up to hold the scanner in place.

 7. Close and lock the Counter Access Panel in the closed (up) position.

 8. Check the Ballot Compartment areas including the Auxiliary / Emergency Ballot bin in the front of the ballot box and the left and right side bins to verify that the ballot compartments are empty. Close and lock all doors. Remove all ballot box keys.

Opening the Polls  1. Unlock the front of the DS200 machine.

 2. Open the LCD screen on the DS200.

 3. The DS200 unit is programmed to automatically power up when you raise the LCD screen. If your DS200 does not power up, unlock the switch door covering the power button.

 4. Press the bottom button labeled POWER to turn on the DS200.

–  –  –

Installing the Election Definition Flash Drive NOTE: Only perform the following steps if the Election Definition USB Flash Drive is not installed on the DS200.

 1. The Election Definition USB Flash Drive is in the same area where the power button is located. Locate and unlock the switch door.

 2. Remove the protective plastic cap of the flash drive containing your election definition.

 3. Insert the flash drive into slot B. Do not use slots A or C. Do not force the flash drive into the slot – the label with the date and title of the election should be facing to the right.

 4. The system will initialize and the following screen appears:

 5. Press OPEN POLLS.

 6. The Zero Report will print automatically. If, for some reason, the report does not print or you need to print another copy, contact the Division of Elections or ES&S for further instructions.

 7. Once the start-up reports are complete, close and lock the switch door.

Give the wristlet with the tabulator and ballot box keys to the warden who must maintain custody of the keys at all times. Leave the Zero Report attached to the paper tape roll, rolling it tightly and securing with a paper clip.

The Public Count on the screen should be 0. The DS200 is ready to receive Election Day ballots.

Confidential and Proprietary to ES&S State of Maine Update July, 2013 DS200 Election Day Checklist Page 6 Scanning Ballots The DS200 can accept and scan ballots inserted in any direction. Depending on the options set for the Election, voters may encounter messages when processing their ballot. The following situations represent some common ballot exceptions that the voter may experience, and the poll worker may be called upon to provide assistance. An audible alert will sound when these situations are detected.

Blank Ballots For State elections, the DS200 precinct tabulator is coded to detect and notify the voter when it encounters a completely blank ballot. The display will indicate that no votes were detected on the ballot and offer the voter two choices, Accept or Return.

If it is the voter’s intent to cast a blank ballot, the voter should select Accept. The ballot will be counted, however an under-vote (blank vote) will be registered for each race and issue on the ballot.

If it was not the voter’s intent to cast a blank ballot, the voter should select Return.

The ballot will be returned to the voter uncounted, and the voter can then mark their choices and re-feed the ballot.

Over-voted Ballots For State elections, the DS200 precinct tabulator is coded to detect and notify the voter when it encounters an over-voted race or issue. An over-vote is when more than the allowed number of selections in a race or issue has been marked.

The display will indicate that one or more races have too many votes cast and offer the voter two choices, Correct Your Ballot or Cast Your Ballot with Errors.

If the voter selects Cast Your Ballot with Errors, the ballot will be counted. All properly marked races and issues will receive the appropriate votes and the overvoted races and issues will be counted as blanks.

If the voter selects Correct Your Ballot, the ballot will be returned uncounted.

The election official will spoil the voter’s ballot and issue the voter a replacement.

The warden spoils the ballot by writing, in red ink, “SPOILED BY VOTER” and signs the ballot. If a replacement ballot is issued, the warden writes, in red ink, “REPLACEMENT BALLOT ISSUED” on the spoiled ballot. Do not write anything on the replacement ballot. The spoiled ballot is placed in the envelope provided by the Division of Elections for all spoiled ballots.

Confidential and Proprietary to ES&S State of Maine Update July, 2013 DS200 Election Day Checklist Page 7 System Messages and Errors If a ballot cannot be processed due to damage, inappropriate marks, “doodling” by the voter or DS200 scanner problem, an error message will appear and an audio alert will sound. The ballot will automatically be returned to the voter. The ballot will not be counted and no votes will be cast.

If the ballot is defective, spoil the ballot as described above and issue a new one to the voter.

FYI: Some error messages related to the ballot will instruct the voter to turn over the ballot and try again. In the case of defective ballots, this tactic will not allow the ballot to be processed. Spoil the ballot as described above and issue a new ballot to the voter or place the defective ballot into the Auxiliary bin to be hand counted.

If the display indicates a system message, it may be necessary to contact the Division of Elections or ES&S to assist in the interpretation of the message and correction of the issue.

Using the Auxiliary/Emergency Ballot Bin NOTE: The Auxiliary/Emergency Ballot Bin is used if the scanner stops working and ballots cannot be scanned. Ballots stored in the bin may be removed at a later time for counting once the scanner is repaired or replaced.

 1. Notify the Division of Elections or ES&S that the scanner is not working.

 2. Unlock and open the Auxiliary / Emergency Ballot bin door located on the ballot box, just below the front of the scanner. Fold down the flap on the inside of the bin door to open the ballot slot.

 3. Close the door and lock it in place.

 4. Instruct voters to place their ballots through the slot into the secured ballot bin.

Closing the Polls  1. Check the ballot box’s Auxiliary / Emergency Ballot bin for uncounted ballots. Either feed these ballots into the DS200 tabulator or hand-count these ballots.

–  –  –

 2. Unlock the access door.

 3. Press and hold the CLOSE POLLS button for approximately 5 seconds.

NOTE: The Close Polls button will become red when you first press it. When the red light turns off, you can release the Close Polls button.

–  –  –

 4. Once you release the CLOSE POLLS button, the DS200 will close the polls and automatically print a Voting Results Report and any other reports set up to automatically print.

 5. Turn off the DS200 using the POWER button or by pressing SHUTDOWN on the touch screen.

WARNING: Do Not Remove the DS200 flash drive before the equipment is completely powered off (the Power button will not be illuminated).

Prematurely removing the flash drive could result in damage to the equipment.

Reopening the Polls NOTE: Poll workers may be required to reopen the polls if you find uncounted ballots (in the Auxiliary/Emergency Ballot bin) after you closed the polls or if the polls were closed prematurely.

 1. If the DS200 unit has been turned off, the DS200 unit is programmed to automatically power up when you raise the LCD screen. If the DS200 does not power up, unlock the switch door covering the power button and press the POWER button. The scanner will initialize and display the Polls Closed screen.

–  –  –

2. Press REOPEN POLLS. The password entry screen will appear.

 3. Enter the password provided by your Election Official on the touch screen and press ENTER.

 4. Select RESUME VOTING.

 5. Scan any uncounted ballots.

 6. Repeat the Close Polls steps above.

–  –  –

Printing Reports After the Polls Have Closed NOTE: If you have already turned the scanner off, open the access door and press the Power button. The scanner will initialize and display the Polls Closed screen.

–  –  –

 2. When printing is complete, press SHUTDOWN to turn off the DS200.

 3. When the unit is completely powered off, remove the USB flash drive from slot B. The flash drive must be returned to the Municipal Clerk with other election materials.

WARNING: Do Not Remove the DS200 flash drive before the equipment is completely powered off (the Power button will not be luminated). Removing the flash drive prematurely could result in damage to the equipment.

 4. Close and lock the LCD screen using the DS 200 key.

Disassembling the Scanner  1. Unlock the hinged access door (Counter Access Panel) on the front of the ballot box and swing it down to expose the front of the scanner. Open the Auxiliary bin door and pull down the spring-loaded plunger pin, twisting it until it stays down.

 2. Pull the scanner forward about 4 – 5 inches and disconnect the power cord and the diverter cable from the back of the scanner. Thread the power cord through the back of the ballot box and unplug it from the wall. The diverter cable remains attached to the ballot box. Tape the cord to the ballot box.

–  –  –

 3. Slide the scanner forward until it clears the mounting rails and remove the scanner from the ballot box.

 4. Place the scanner and cord inside the carrying case. Place the power cord on the bottom, using the cutout to hold the rectangular block on the cord. The scanner will rest on top of the power cord. Place the keys back in the envelope provided to you by the Clerk.

 5. Follow the Municipal Clerk’s procedures to transport all required reports, ballots, equipment and supplies to the designated location.

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