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«NEWSLETTER EDITOR INSIDE THIS NO.122 FALL 2013 ISSUE: CLAG Panama, 2014 Letter from CLAG 2 Chair Letter from LASG 3 Panama City, January 7th & 8th ...»

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NO.122 FALL 2013


CLAG Panama, 2014

Letter from CLAG 2


Letter from LASG 3

Panama City, January 7th & 8th


LASG Student

Please remember to register for CLAG’s

Paper & Field

Meeting in Panama City, Panama, in JanuStudy Awards

ary. Several field trips are also planned for Conferences and 4- before and after the meeting, including trips Courses 5 to the Camino Real, Chiriquí, Bocas del Bertha Becker, 5 Toro, Colon, Porotobelo, and more.

Brazilian Geography Pioneer, Passed Away The registration deadline is October 31st, News from CLAG 6To register please visit the web site & LASG Members 8 Bocas del Toro, Panama at http://clagpanama2014.tamu.edu/ Recent Master’s 9and Ph.D. 10 Map of Graduates Panama City Proposed at night Canal Mellon Post-Doc 10 at William & Mary Routes Last Minute Job Openings Journal of Latin American Geography New CLAG Website, Listserv Recent Pub- 13 lications: Books The CLAG website was CLAG Webmaster, and clagnet@clagscholar.org first begun by David CLAG’s website.

Recent 17 Robinson, 18 years ago,

Publications: - The new web address is:

Articles 19 and he has been managhttp://clagscholar.org ing the site since its beReports from 20 CLAG Field Study - The CLAG Listserv has ginning.

Award Winners, 23 also moved, and the new

Matthew Fry is now takaddress for that is:

ing over as the new PAGE 2 Letter from the Chair of the Conference of Latin Americanist Geographers (CLAG) Dear CLAG members, I hope you’ve made plans to attend the CLAG meeting in January 2014 in Panamá by visiting http:// clagpanama2014.tamu.edu/. Our host is the Departamento de Geografía, Universidad de Panamá, and the conference will be held at the Hotel El Panamá. The deadline for registration and


submission is 31 Oct., but I hope that you will register and submit abstracts at earliest convenience. The meeting will run 7-8 January, but field trips are scheduled before and after the meeting. The Camino Real and City Tour field trips are filling up quickly. I’m looking forward to seeing you at the meeting!

I welcome incoming CLAG Board members as of 1 July 2013: Gerardo Bocco; Robert Kent (reelected); Taylor Mack; Heidi Scott; and Julie Velásquez. Thanks very much to outgoing Board members Maria Fadiman, Kent Mathewson, Alexandra Ponette-González, and Matthew Taylor.

In terms of CLAG governance, our Finance Committee is comprised of Rob Kent (Chair and Treasurer), in addition to Kristen Conway-Gómez, Claudia Radel, and ex-oficio members Karl Offen (vicechair), David J. Robinson (executive director), and me. In the next few months, the Finance Committee will compare our approved budget with actual income and expenditures and forward a budget for 2015 to the Board. The 2012-13 Honors committee, chaired Mathewson, made CLAG awards to Pedro Geiger (James Award), Susanna Hecht (Sauer Award), José Omar Moncada Maya (Enlaces Award), and Eric Schmidt (Private Sector & Government).

You should soon receive the third issue of JLAG volume 12. Submissions by CLAG’s senior members are always welcome.

Finally, Matthew Fry is the new CLAG Webmaster, a two-year position that the Board approved in our April 2013 meeting. Matt replaces David Robinson, who has dedicated uncountable hours toward maintaining CLAG’s website for 18 years. The new site is http://clagscholar.org/.

I wish you the best in research and teaching during the upcoming months. See you in Panamá!

–  –  –

Letter from the Chair of the Latin America Specialty Group of the AAG Dear LASG membership, The transition of the AAG annual meeting from Los Angeles to the gulf coast of Florida provides an opportunity to move to another region rich in Latin American tradition, and again celebrate the breadth and depth of our Latin America focused research community. We have a burgeoning list of LASG sponsored sessions and look forward to more additions as you receive this letter. Please contact me if you would like LASG sponsorship for your session. I would like to draw particular attention to our LASG featured panel on Pan-American Geography: Working across Academic, NonProfit, and Public Sectors to enrich Research and Education in the Americas, which will be co-sponsored by the AAG and the Pan-American Institute of Geography and History. Even better, we will be complementing all the panels, posters, papers, and informal interchanges with a social reception co-hosted with the Conference of Latin Americanist Geographers (CLAG). On that note, make sure you consider participating in the CLAG conference in Panama, January 7 & 8. This is an excellent opportunity to share research and fellowship with your fellow Latin Americanists.

Students! I encourage you to submit graduate student papers and field work proposals to our LASG paper and field study awards competitions. These competitions present great opportunities to not only earn hundreds of dollars of prize money (up to $500 for papers, and up to $600 for fieldwork proposals), but also to get free expert feedback on your work. You are writing these papers and proposals regardless, and therefore have nothing to lose and much to gain through submission. The deadline for our LASG student paper and field study awards is January 17th. We’d like to again congratulate our winners from the Los Angeles meetings: Nicholas Crane and Margaret Holleman. We would also like to recognize our selection committees, this time led by Dr. David Cochran and Dr. Margaret Wilder. Your time and effort is much appreciated. Students and mentors, please go to our temporary award website (http://blog.richmond.edu/dsalisbury/lasg/) for eligibility and guidelines.

After a busy summer in Latin America, we are currently moving our website to the AAG website to increase accessibility, visibility, and sustainability. This should also allow our membership to better take advantage of the information and opportunities available via the AAG portal. Thanks for your patience as we make the transition, and stay tuned for updates.

The Tampa meeting will be my last as Chair of LASG, but our current Vice-Chair, Betty Smith, has the experience and vision to move our Specialty Group forward. However, in Tampa we will need to not only confirm our chair-elect, but also elect both a new Vice-Chair and a Secretary Treasurer. Please send me all nominations via email, so we can find some great replacements for Betty Smith and Steven Rainey. Make sure you ask your nominee before you nominate. Also, if you think you are up to the job, you can certainly selfnominate. See you in Tampa!

Saludos y Saudações, David S. Salisbury University of Richmond LASG Chair 2012-2014 dsalisbu@richmond.edu PAGE 4 LASG Student Paper Award Applications are invited for the 2014 LASG Best Paper Award. Awards will be given at the Ph.D. level ($500) and Master's level ($250) for best student paper; applicants must also be LASG members.

Application deadline: January 17, 2014.

Applications are available on the TEMPORARY LASG website: http://blog.richmond.edu/dsalisbury/lasg/ Please contact Committee Chair, Dr. David Cochran, for questions: david.cochran@usm.edu LASG Field Study Travel Award Applications are invited for the 2014 LASG Student Field Study Award. Awards will be made at the PhD level ($600) and the MA/MS level ($300). This award is intended for a graduate student member of the AAG Latin America Specialty Group to support preliminary or reconnaissance fieldwork for intended thesis or dissertation research in Latin America. The award is not intended to cover all fieldwork costs, but rather to assist students working toward the master's to undertake a short period of field research, or to facilitate study site identification and preliminary research for doctoral students undertaking their dissertation research.

Application deadline: January 17, 2014.

Applications are available on the TEMPORARY LASG website: http://blog.richmond.edu/dsalisbury/lasg/ Please contact Committee Chair, Dr. Margaret Wilder, for questions: mwilder@email.arizona.edu University of Calgary Offers Courses in Mexico City and Puebla Rapid Urbanization in a Megacity: The Case of Mexico City (University of Calgary, GEOG555). This is a week-long intensive embodied-learning course that is offered in the streets of Mexico City during the first week of January. It is designed for upper-level undergraduate students who have a background in urban theory from geography, sociology, anthropology or urban studies. Topics are explored through field experience, and include issues surrounding housing, public-private spaces, supplying the city (retail and wholesale food distribution), urban inequality, solid waste management, urban agriculture, and transportation. This course is taught

by CLAG member Dr. Denise Fay Brown. More information is available at:

http://www.ucalgary.ca/uci/abroad/gsp/mexicocity Popular Culture in Puebla, Mexico (University of Calgary, LAST303). This two week field course in the Puebla-Tlaxcala region of central Mexico focuses on the expressions and performances of popular culture. Students experience and participate in popular culture, while exploring the deeper aspects of class and power relations, globalization, identity, cottage industry, technology transfer and "hybridity". This is an interdisciplinary Latin American Studies course at the undergraduate level offered by CLAG member Dr. Denise Fay Brown. More information is available at: http://www.ucalgary.ca/uci/abroad/gsp/mexicolast NO.122 PAGE 5 4th International Congress Silenced Scriptures. Power and Violence in the Iberian Peninsula and America Cuzco, Peru, September 16-18, 2014 The International Congress “Silenced Scriptures” (CIES in Spanish acronyms) originated in 2005 at the University of Alcala (Spain), with the objective of studying through a multidisciplinary focus writings which were put into secrecy, forbidden, ignored or silenced by Man, mainly in the European and American contexts between the 16th and 19th Centuries. Thanks to the new technologies, currently the “Silenced Scriptures” are a hot topic that are generating deep changes in our research habits, as we are able to get access to countless new documents, texts and testimonies, which were previously very hard or impossible to achieve for scholars.

These new tools are causing deep changes in the habits of researches as well as the scope of their work.

From its beginning, the CIES managed to become an encouraging place to present the latest findings. We therefore encourage all those scholars and researchers of multiple disciplines, both from Hunaities as well as Social Studies: Anthropology, Historiography, Sociology, Economy and others, as well as specialists in Computer Sciences and Audiovisual and Documentary medio to present their papers on the subject of “Silenced Scriptures: Power and Violence in the Iberian Peninsula and America,” and accompany us in this 4th CIES edition that will be held for the firs time in the emblematic and beautiful city of Cuzco, Peru.

Paper submission deadline: January 15, 2014. For more information and details please contact email: congreso@escrituras-silenciadas.com http://www.escrituras-silenciadas.com Bertha Becker, Brazilian Geography Pioneer, dies at Age 82 Colleagues will be saddened to learn of the death last Saturday 13th July, of a pioneer Brazilian geographer, Bertha Becker, aged 82. Bertha, who specialized in Amazonian issues, was a long-standing member of the Rio de Janeiro department, who had enjoyed a post-doc at MIT and was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Lyon in France for her key publications and dedicated fieldwork.

Bertha was one of a small cadre of social scientists that brought geography to prominence in Brazil in the late 1950s and 60s. Her wise opinions will be missed.

–  –  –


Lindsey Carte joined Utah State University's Department of Environment and Society as a postdoctoral fellow with Dr. Claudia Radel's Mesoamerican Migration Project.

Anthony Cummings is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Geospatial Information Sciences Program at the University of Texas, Dallas Christian Brannstrom was promoted to full professor and published a co-edited book with Jackie Vadjunec, Land Change Science, Political Ecology, and Sustainability: Synergies and Divergences (http:// www.taylorandfrancis.com/books/details/9780415540230/) that included several chapters on Latin America (see Recent Publications). He published a co-authored paper on using repeat ground photography in a study abroad program in Brazil (see Recent Publications]). Brannstrom also co-taught a study abroad program in Costa Rica and Nicaragua in June 2013.

Proyectos de investigación vigentes en el Centro de Investigaciones en Geografía Ambiental. UNAM,

campus Morelia, México:

“Linking local action to international climate change agreements in the dry forests of Mexico¨. WOTRO (the Netherland Science for Global Development programme), Financiada por 4 años. Responsable: Margaret Skutsch, participante: Michael McCall.

“MRV para la cuenca de Ayuquila¨; estudios de aportación a la Junta Intermunicipal del Río Ayuquila en el

desarrollo de un proyecto piloto de REDD para Conafor”. Responsable: Margaret Skutsch, participante:

Adrian Ghilardi. Abril 2011-2013.

“Addressing forest degradation in Mexico through REDD+”. Proyecto de investigación financiado por Climate Works. 2 años. Desde Abril 2011.

“Land Policy and Urban Development in Latin America. Local Capacity to Combat Flood Hazards in Deprived Urban Settlements – Developing VGI to Utilise Local Knowledge and Potential” Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, Cambridge,MA. USA. 2012-2014. Responsable del proyecto M.K. McCall “Estudio para determinar el estado de degradación y potencial de restauración en ecosistemas forestales bajo manejo de la Cuenca Baja Del Río Ayuquila – Parte I”. Responsables: Adrián Ghilardi, Enrique Jardel y Margaret Skutsch. Participantes: Jorge Morfin, Vicente Salinas, René Martínez, Tuyeni Mwampamba, Ana Fernández, Lucia Morales. Periodo: May 2012 – Oct 2012.

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