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«The Chairman said the Parish Council sent their best wishes to the Clerk, Liz Bonney, and thanked the former Clerk, Sue Jack, for standing in for her ...»


Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 7th May 2014 at 7.30 pm in the

Community Centre, Stockton Road, Long Itchington

The Chairman said the Parish Council sent their best wishes to the Clerk, Liz Bonney,

and thanked the former Clerk, Sue Jack, for standing in for her tonight.

1. Apologies: Councillors Atkins and Wheatley and County Councillor Stevens.

2. Questions from members of the public:

Present: David Riches, Conservative candidate for Long Itchington Ward, Simon Mills, Beer Festival representative, James Briggs, Carnival Committee representative, Richard Reeve and Tony Grimes, farmers concerned about the Marton Road development and Christopher Purser, HS2.

2.1 Simon Mills reported that the Beer Festival had been very successful and thanked the Parish Council for their help in planning the event. The Police presence prevented any trouble occurring and the St. John’s Ambulance reported no Festival related incidents.

The District Council hadn’t emptied litter bins and some were locked making it impossible for organisers to empty. Cllr. Charles commented that the village had looked very tidy after the festival had ended on Tuesday. Cllr. Clark reported that there was some glass on the main road and Mr. Mills said he would arrange for it to be cleared up. Parking could be a problem next year if Marton Road farm was developed.

The Chairman had spoken to the Crime Commissioner and thanked him for the police presence. He also thanked the publicans for their efforts and planning to make the Festival successful and not detrimental to residents.

Cllr. Jackson suggested that more feedback on how local charities benefited from the Festival should be published, perhaps in the next Diary.

2.2 Richard Reeve and Tony Grimes were concerned about the effect the proposed development at Marton Road Farm would have on drainage as water from this land usually dispersed slowly over the winter across their fields where the fall was very slight and the run off from the houses would probably be quicker and greater than the current capacity of the system. The Chairman said that a planning application had not yet been submitted but there was to be a public consultation on Friday 16th May at the Community Centre by the developers, Bloor Homes, where plans would be on display.

2.3 James Briggs said that the advertising boards for the Carnival were to put up around the village and the banner attached to the pond one week before the event. Road Closure notices were also to be put up as the road would be closed for the procession, which would celebrate 100 years of a Carnival in Long Itchington.

3. a) Election of Chairman 2014/2015 – Cllr. Briggs was re-elected.

b) Election of Vice-Chairman 2014/2015 - Cllr. Atkins was re-elected.

c) Election of Working Parties Community Centre Ma

–  –  –

4. Declaration of interests:

Cllr. Reeve declared an interest in the Marton Road application.

5. Minutes to be approved – 2nd April 2014 Proposed by Cllr Jackson and seconded by Cllr McNally – the minutes were approved as a true record.

6. Police items/Neighbourhood Watch:

Cllr. Charles reported that she had spoken to PCSO Katrina Taylor about a bike found after the Beer Festival, the visibility from the road of the new picnic benches at the LILAC field and the site of the proposed youth shelter. The Chairman suggested that a risk assessment ought to be carried out at the LILAC field.

Cllr. Atkins had spoken to PCSO Taylor about bikers on the Sustrans route and it was suggested they were contacted about putting up additional signs banning bikes.

7.1 HS2 Petition Christopher Purser reported that the Bill relating to this scheme had its second reading in the Houses of Parliament on 28th April and had been passed.

Action groups now had to get the best mitigation for citizens affected by it. He suggested that the Parish Council should petition Parliament on the following three areas of


 the closure of Long Itchington Road at Offchurch,  the inclusion of the Code of Construction Practice,  the potential damage to Long Itchington Wood.

It was agreed to petition Parliament with the Chairman being named as petitioner.

Sue Jack agreed to liaise with Mr. Purser to produce the petition.

7.2 Communications:

 Cllrs. Atkins, Clark and Shillitoe had met to discuss the website and Googlemail had been added in a limited way to coordinate calendars.

 Cllr. Shillitoe was to edit the next edition of the LI Diary.

 A presence on Facebook had been discussed to try and get younger people involved in community matters.

7.3 Community Centre:

 The end of year accounts were being finalised.

 Mr. Round was looking at the Spring Show and analysing any feedback.

Emergency Planning – meeting arranged for 10th May, 10.30 – 11.30 am at the 7.4 Green Man.

7.5 Finance:

The cheque list was presented for approval. Proposed by Cllr Shillitoe and seconded by Cllr Reeve. Agreed unanimously.

Internet banking – Cllr. Reeve and Mr. Purser agreed to look into setting this up for the Parish Council. Advice to be sought from WALC.

7.6 Highways:

Pot-holes – summer review to take place.

Pavement from Model Village to Stockton Road needed resurfacing.

–  –  –

 Cllr Jackson continues to work on the sensory area  Outdoor Gym Equipment had been installed.

 Cllr. Wheatley elected Chair at AGM on 9th April with Jo Hill as Secretary.

 Next meeting 17th May – priorities to be discussed.

 Parish Council Centenary in October - possible Treasure Hunt around the parish involving village organisations.

 Youth hang-out shelter – grant from SDC for £10,000 but design and site to be agreed.

7.8 Planning

7.8.1 Monthly report: see attached.

7.8.2 Cemex application for land next to Adams Close – imminent validation by SDC Rosconn – 75 houses – still live. PC needs to write further response 7.8.3 Bloor Homes – Marton Road Farm Consultation event planned for 16th May. Suggested to write another questionnaire for the event.

7.8.4 Neighbourhood Plan – Village Design Statement Many questionnaires from Bascote returned for analysis – with Jeremy Atkins.

7.8.5 Cabinet Meeting, SDC – Cllrs. Atkins and Jackson attended the meeting and a decision was made to select the Gaydon/Lighthorne Heath site for housing development for infrastructure and employment reasons. The decision was to be ratified on 12th May.

7.8.6 Planning Rota – Cllrs Charles, Reeve and Shillitoe 7.8.6 S106 money – a separate meeting was to be held to decide priority for expenditure.

8 Meetings Southam Community Forum – Useful contact with Police Invitation to hold next meeting in Long Itchington – June 25th Annual Parish Meeting – post-mortem – need a speaker /controversial topic for next year?

9 Other items Cllr. Charles – Leigh Crescent play area was to be resurfaced this month.

Any white markings found near houses should be photographed and sent to PCSO Taylor.

Cllr. Clark – a grant of £10,000 for renovating the toilets in the Community Centre had been applied for.

Cllr. McNally said he planned to retire at the October meeting of the Council.

The Chairman said he had worked hard for the Council over many years and would be missed.

10 Next meeting – 4th June Apologies from Cllr. McNally (holiday) The Chairman declared the meeting closed at 10.06 pm.

Signed ………………………………………………………. Date……………………………………...

–  –  –

2. Questions from members of the public / visitors 3. a) Election of Chairman for 2014/2015

b) Election of Vice-Chairman for 2014/2015

–  –  –

4. Declaration of interests Each member of the Council is responsible for determining if they have a personal interest in any item on the agenda and should declare it at the commencement of the relevant item (or as soon as the interest becomes apparent). If that interest is a prejudicial interest the member must withdraw from the room unless one of the exceptions applies.

Councillors are reminded that they must act solely in the public interest and should never improperly confer an advantage or disadvantage on any person or act to gain financial or other material benefits for themselves, their family, friends or close associates.

–  –  –

6 Police items/Neighbourhood Watch: Cllr. Charles to report.

7.1 Report from County Councillor Stevens 7.2 Report from District Councillor: Vacant Post 8 Reports:

8.1 HS2 Petitioning – Christopher Purser to report 8.2 Communications – Cllr. Clark to report.

8.3 Community Centre – Cllr. Clark to report.

8.4 Emergency Planning – Chair to report.

8.5 Finance 8.5.1 Cheque list for approval:

8.5.2 Monthly Financial Report: N/A 8.5.3 Year End: N/A 8.5.4 Internet Banking – report from Cllr Atkins 8.6 Highways 8.6.1 Faulty lights to be reported 8.6.2 Other urgent items 8.6.3 Date of next EWP 8.7 Open Spaces 8.7.1 LILAC Project:

8.7.2 Beer Festival Update 8.7.3 Village Maintenance: any new items.

8.8 Planning 8.8.1 Monthly report: See attached 8.8.2 Neighbourhood plan/Village design statement:

8.8.3 Enforcement matters 8.8.4 Cabinet Meeting – Cllr Jackson to report Stratford Full Council Meeting – May 12th Strategy Planning 8.8.5 Planning Rota: Cllrs Charles, Reeve and Shillitoe 8.8.6 Update from task and finish group:

8.8.7 S106 grants money:

9 Meetings attended/forthcoming meetings:

 LILAC AGM: April 9th 7:30pm  Annual Parish Meeting: Post-mortem 10 Correspondence for circulation – in envelope.

11 Other items:

12 Any other business – for information only 13 Date of meetings – at 7.30p.m.in the Community Centre,

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