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«Meet Me at the Well: Take a Month and Water Your Soul by Virelle Kidder Companion Bible Study by Jocelyn Hamsher and Virelle Kidder Copyright 2010 by ...»

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Meet Me at the Well:

Take a Month and Water Your Soul

by Virelle Kidder

Companion Bible Study

by Jocelyn Hamsher and Virelle Kidder

Copyright 2010 by Jocelyn Hamsher and Virelle Kidder

This study done in partnership with Circle of Friends Ministries


You have permission to copy and distribute the following. (As long as the text and

formatting are unaltered and the copies are given away free of charge.)

Unless otherwise indicated, all Scripture references are taken from the HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION, Copyright 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society. Used by permission of Zondervan Publishing House. All rights reserved.

Scriptures quoted from The Holy Bible, New Century Version, copyright 2005 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by permission.

Scripture quotations marked NLT are taken from the Holy Bible, New Living Translation, copyright 1996, 2004. Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., Carol Stream, Illinois 60188. All rights reserved.

Scripture taken from THE MESSAGE. Copyright 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 2000, 2001,

2002. Used by permission of NavPress Publishing Group.

CONTENTS Forward by Virelle Kidder……………………………………………………..3 Week One: The Living Water………………………………………………….4 Week Two: Running to God…………………………………………………..13 Week Three: Resting and Relinquishing……………………………………...22 Week Four: Thick Skin and Thank-You’s……………………………………30 Week Five: Living on the Altar………………………………………………39 Week Six: Hearing His Heartbeat……………………………………………48 Week Seven: Purpose in the Pruning………………………………………...57 Week Eight: Joyful…………………………………………………………..65 Week Nine: Begging for More………………………………………………74 Week Ten: A New Name……………………………………………………81 Week Eleven: He Is…………………………………………………………89 Week Twelve: The Heart of the Matter……………………………………..97 Week Thirteen: Living It Out………………………………………………104 References………………………………………………………………….110 Foreword Among the things I love most about walking with God, are his surprises along the way. Right when we’re doing the next thing He’s given us, a huge blessing waits on our path. That’s what happened in the spring of 2009 while I was speaking at Moody Bible Institute’s “Gathering for Women” in Cleveland, Ohio. I met Lisa Troyer, musician and Moody radio host from the sponsoring station. While I was speaking, God whispered to her obedient heart, “I want you to write worship music for this.” We connected, found a new friendship, and prayed for God’s leading. Less than a year later, through Lisa’s enormous talents, the new “Meet Me at the Well” CD took life.

Just when I thought God’s surprises were complete, Lisa suggested a thirteenweek Bible study to accompany both the book and CD. Through her ministry, Circle of Friends, she knew the perfect person to write it, pastor’s wife and board member, Jocelyn Hamsher. I have to agree. Jocelyn is deep, wise, and fun. I love this Bible study! Aiding our project has been my good friend and superb editor, Michele Huey.

Working with these women has enriched my life immeasurably and birthed a dream partnership in ministry with Circle of Friends. We are now able to offer my book, Meet Me at the Well, along with a retreat series, Lisa’s beautiful worship music on a companion CD, and a thirteen-week Bible study for women who desire solid spiritual growth and deep renewal. How good is God?

Lisa and I traveled to Nashville in October 2009 to record an hour-long radio show with Wayne Shepherd, the voice of Moody Radio for many years, along with his top producer, Joe Carlson. What a privilege that was. Thanks to Wayne, this radio special will be heard all over the country and available free as a promotional tool for those who wish to book a conference or retreat with both Lisa and me.

As you read this Bible study and respond to the Word of God, have your journal in hand. You won’t want to miss a thing God says to you. Every word of God is life giving and precious, meant to revive our souls and guide us on each step through life.

Why not invite a friend or small group to join you as you study, worship, grow, and drink in living water at the well? I promise you, your life will never be the same.


–  –  –

There is a woman in the Bible that every one of us can relate to. Maybe not because of her five husbands, nor even because of the “cat calls” she elicits from the townsmen, nor whispers from women when she walks by. We relate to this woman because her spirit is parched to the bone. She’s worn out by life physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This woman, whom we meet in John 4, Virelle has affectionately named Moriah. She comes to Jacob’s well every day at noon to collect her water, a time when no one else from town will be there. All the other women draw their water at the end of the day to avoid the heat. Not Moriah. Something tells me she is tired of taking “the heat” from those around her. Noon is a much safer time to come out in public.

Read John 4:1–42.

Jesus Is Intentional Read John 4:4 again. What three words stand out to you in this verse?

This short verse holds big meaning. In their travels, devout Jews often took a long, outof-the-way route to avoid Samaria for various reasons, one being the great hostility between Jews and Samaritans from centuries earlier. Samaritans, who were formerly Israelites, were looked upon as “impure” and not true children of God, as they had intermarried with the Assyrians during their captivity. Jesus was bucking the norm by going through Samaria. The words “had to go” didn’t mean that there was construction and Jesus had to follow a detour through Samaria to get to Galilee. The word “had” means “must, an unavoidable, urgent, intrinsic, compulsory necessity.” (The Complete WordStudy New Testament, Spiros Zodhiates, 1991) Jesus had to go through Samaria because He knew in His Spirit He had a divine appointment to keep. He knew there was an urgent need–one that He longed to fulfill. Jesus, God in flesh, knew her need from miles and miles away and met her where she was. Not only did He visit her town, but He also stopped at the exact place she frequented. That is God’s heart for us as well. He is intentional in finding us.

What about Us?

Oftentimes we try to hide who we are and how we really feel. We attempt to cover our faults and bury our insecurities. We steer clear of our internal mirror, just in case we catch a glimpse of what needs to be dealt with. But identifying where we are emotionally and what’s inside brings things to the surface so our thirst can be quenched.

The fact is that Jesus already knows where we struggle. He is just waiting for us to openly acknowledge it and to bring it to Him so He can heal us. Throughout the text of John 4, we have some indication that Moriah may have some areas of thirst. List some of those apparent areas. (For some ideas see verses 7–9, 11–12, 18, 22, 25.) On pages 19 and 20, Virelle speaks to those who feel overwhelmed by responsibilities, to the point of wanting to quit. Running on an empty emotional tank, they feel torn in two by the needs of others, begging God for strength to get through each day. Does this describe you today? Are you overloaded, stressed out, anxious, discouraged, or depressed? Are you physically exhausted, emotionally empty or spiritually dry? List words that describe you at this season of your life.

Jesus Is InvitationalRead John 4: 7–14.

As Jesus sat down at the well, He asked Moriah for a drink. She answers with surprise that He, a Jew, would ask such a thing. According to the Jews, she had several strikes against her. She was a woman, let alone one with a past. She was also from Samaria, “the wrong side of the tracks,” and therefore deemed “unclean.” Jesus was breaking every rule there was by speaking to her, let alone asking her for a drink. By Jewish standards, receiving a cup that she had touched would make Jesus Himself unclean.

When Jesus asked her for a drink, he instantly validated her value to Him!

“Unclean” was not a label He would use. Instead of seeing a label, He saw her soul. A soul He created, a soul He knew intimately and loved. In seeking her out and speaking to her, He had every intention to invite her into relationship with Him. He wanted her to know Him–the One who could bring true satisfaction.

What was Jesus’ response to her question? (v.10) Jesus doesn’t mess around but gets right to the point. “If you knew the gift of God and who it is that asks you for a drink…” If only we would.

God created us to know Him and love Him passionately.

Write the following verses:

Isaiah 43:10

Jeremiah 24:7

John 17:3

John 17:26 What do these verses tell us about God’s heart for us?

What is this “living water” that Jesus told Moriah He could give her?

Jesus pointed to the water in the well and told her that this water will make her thirsty again. But the water He had for her will quench her thirst. This thirst that Jesus talked about was that painful longing for that would refresh, support and strengthen her soul.

Ever been there? This water is fresh, flowing and life-giving.

This water is Jesus Himself and what He can give.

This water is the Holy Spirit, eternal life, and the quenching of a parched body, mind and soul.

Virelle describes her overall “dry” condition (p. 21–23) and the message from Psalm 87:7

that was given to her when a conference director came to her door and handed her this verse. “As they make music they will sing, all my fountains are in you”. Talk about a personal invitation from God Himself for renewal! Sounds a little like the same message Jesus gave to Moriah: “Come and get to know me. I can give you living water….” What about Us?

Want some good news? It’s no sin to be tired.

–  –  –

Have you found Virelle’s statement to be true? If so, how?

Many of us live to the point of exhaustion. We have lived in imbalance for weeks, months, and even years: working, caregiving, running a home, being involved in the church and the community, serving on four different committees in four different towns with meetings scheduled for the same night. You get my drift. We don’t slow down. We don’t even come to a rolling stop. Soon we become irritable and no fun to be around.

Every day looks like another job to tackle so we can check it off our list. What’s on your list today?

Yet, Jesus Himself extends to us an invitation for refreshment and renewal.

Virelle points to Jesus as our example:

–  –  –

If the Son of the Most High God needed to pull away from the busyness of ministry and “life” regularly, how much more do we?

Here’s a surprise. For you and me, planning rest is as important as planning ministry or work. Just like you would schedule a social activity on your calendar, so you need to schedule times of retreat. When someone calls to invite you to yet another activity, you can simply tell them you have plans. There is no need to explain what or why. Because you have plans you cannot afford to miss–a date with the God of the Universe. Take a

personal inventory:

Do I take time to rest?

Do I pull away from the routine and thoroughly enjoy myself?

Do I laugh?

Do I ever just sit and be still?

Do I go on walks and take in all the beauty God gave me to enjoy?

Do I ever plan a retreat time with the Lord?

How will I plan for rest and renewal from now on?

It is time to start enjoying life with the One who gave it to you. You have been given a personal invitation.

Write Psalm 43:4.

According to Scripture, who is He?

Oh Lord, thrill our hearts with You. Be our joy and delight.

Jesus Is Our Illuminator Read John 4:15–26.

As Moriah continues to ask about the living water (v.15), Jesus cuts to the chase.

By hitting on a more personal note regarding her “husband,” He lovingly exposes the hidden places of her soul. As she begins to open up to Him, He tells her more about her life. Imagine how awkward that must have been! So, she changes the subject and talks about worship. This area of her life appears to be another need and Jesus illuminates that one too.

Moriah most likely had a tradition of religion. In verse 12 she refers to “our father Jacob.” In verse 20, she speaks of her forefathers worshiping on Mount Gerizim, a mountain held sacred by the Samaritans. Oh, she worshiped the true God. However the Samaritan Bible contained only the Pentateuch (the first five books of the Bible) and rejected the rest of the canon of Scripture. Samaritans didn’t know Jesus as the Messiah, only as a teacher. Jesus told her, “You Samaritans worship what you do not know; we worship what we do know, for salvation is from the Jews.” Moriah had a faith heritage.

She had faith traditions. But the question is, did she have Jesus?

Jesus desires intimacy with us. The very thing Moriah was seeking in human relationships, now stood right before her. He wants to give Himself to us and desires us to give our hearts and lives to Him. He says, “A time is coming when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks.” He wants us to worship Him with a true spirit that flows from within us, from the affections of our hearts.

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