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«VIEW SUMMARY EVIDENCE Placement on the Magic Quadrant is based on Gartner's Enterprise information archiving offers organizations solutions for ...»

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Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Information


29 October 2015 ID:G00272049

Analyst(s): Alan Dayley, Garth Landers, Anthony Kros


Placement on the Magic Quadrant is based on Gartner's

Enterprise information archiving offers organizations solutions for compliance and discovery, while view of a vendor's performance against the criteria reducing overall storage costs. To aid IT leaders, Gartner evaluates vendors offering products and noted in this research. Gartner's view regarding vendor services that provide archiving for email, social media, files and other content types. placement on the Magic Quadrant is heavily influenced by surveys completed by the vendors, and more than 1,000 inquiries and one-on-one conversations at Gartner conferences conducted during the past 12 months with our clients on the topic of EIA. In Market Definition/Description addition, the Magic Quadrant methodology includes the solicitation of references from each vendor; for this Enterprise information archiving (EIA) incorporates products and solutions for archiving user Magic Quadrant, Gartner conducted more than 125 messaging content (such as email, IM, and public and business social media data) and other data reference checks from a set of customers provided by each vendor.

types (such as files, enterprise file synchronization and sharing [EFFS] and Microsoft SharePoint documents, some structured data, and website content). A vast majority of market spend for EIA is for email retention. EIA products provide features such as data reduction across content types,


retention management, content indexing and at least basic tools for e-discovery. A new use case supporting analytics of secondary data also is starting to appear. Due to the complexity associated Ability to Execute with man

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Source: Gartner (October 2015) Vendor Strengths and Cautions Actiance Actiance, based in Redwood City, California, provides EIA support for IM, public and business social data, and email. Its Vantage product implementations are split between on-premises and SaaS, and support includes Microsoft Office 365, Lync/Skype for Business IM and voice, and SharePoint; IBM Connections and Sametime; Jive; Salesforce Chatter; Bloomberg; Thomson Reuters; and other enterprise social applications. Offered as a SaaS offering, its Socialite product manages capture and compliance for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube. Alcatraz, an on-premises or SaaS solution, brings all sources and conversations together into a common repository for all Actiancecaptured data, including Exchange and Domino email archiving. Search performance is backed by a minimum 10-second SLA. Comprehensive analytics capabilities recently have been added to the suite.

Actiance products are mainly sold direct or through large partners, such as IBM and EMC, with twothirds of its revenue generated from the financial services sector. Actiance's largest email archiving customer has 10,000 mailboxes. The vendor plans to add Alcatraz Surveillance to its suite this year, enhancing comprehensive surveillance capabilities across all content in the Alcatraz store repository.

Further planned updates will be "capture on demand" for instant capture of selected data sources, and upgrades to the Socialite and Vantage user interfaces.

Strengths Integrated tools provide the ability to aggregate the collection of user identities across all sources, and store the data collectively in the Alcatraz repository. This enables search, discovery and supervision across all content types.

Actiance is widely adopted in the financial services market for collection of IM and persistent chat data.

Actiance provides a comprehensive set of compliance capabilities. These include data loss protection (DLP), ethical boundaries, classification, cross-content discovery and a full surveillance feature set.

Cautions Actiance is facing increased competition in its legacy business for IM and social media compliance capture as legacy email archiving vendors integrate their own social and business media data capture products.

Email archiving is still relatively new for Actiance, with a limited number of customers that have adopted to date.

The user interfaces for Vantage and Socialite are dated, and administrative users face challenges working in the product.

Barracuda Networks Based in Campbell, California, Barracuda Networks has progressed from its 2014 C2C acquisition, with initial integration of its portfolio. The PST Enterprise solution has been fully integrated with Barracuda Message Archiver. Legacy C2C Systems ArchiveOne is now being sold through the channel.

Barracuda supports Exchange, Office 365, Domino and Gmail, files, and IM. In addition to the Message Archiver physical appliance, Barracuda has introduced a virtual appliance for Message Archiver that supports VMware, Hyper-V and Xen hypervisors, as well as Azure, vCloud Air, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) public clouds. The bulk of Barracuda customers use the products for email retention, with few implementations as of yet for files and IM archiving. Message Archiver is sold exclusively through the reseller channel; the largest implementation is 24,000 mailboxes.

Barracuda offers Instant Replacement, which provides customers with next-day replacement of defective hardware and a new replacement appliance every four years. Barracuda plans to release a SaaS solution in the near future, as well as simplified general information management tools for midmarket customers.

Strengths The Barracuda Message Archiver is inexpensive, simple to install and easy to manage, garnering positive comments from customers.

ArchiveOne offers strong PST management capabilities, including policy application for in-place management of PSTs or ingestion into the archive.

Barracuda Instant Replacement program provides an effective and efficient way to quickly replace defective equipment, and a simplified upgrade path — a new appliance is automatically provided after four years.

Cautions Barracuda still has no full SaaS solution in general availability; something that has been on its roadmap for an extended period.

Barracuda Message Archiver and ArchiveOne, overall, are still not fully integrated, and users should seek a full understanding of Barracuda's ongoing roadmap to ensure archiving needs are met.

File archiving is still very basic, and files and other content are not included when doing a search for discovery purposes.

Bloomberg Bloomberg, headquartered in New York City, positions Bloomberg Vault as a compliance, surveillance, trade reconstruction and risk management solution. Vault supports Exchange and Domino email, IM, social media, SharePoint, Box, as well as Windows and Unix/Linux file shares. Bloomberg is heavily invested in financial services, and provides email supervision. In addition, the company provides solutions to address trade reconstruction, correlating structured, unstructured and voice data, driving compliance for financial services regulations such as the U.S. Dodd-Frank Act and the EU Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) 2. To provide geographical data sovereignty, Bloomberg plans to introduce a hybrid deployment model for local data storage within the client's infrastructure. Vault is sold by a specialist overlay group, as well as the wider company sales force. Bloomberg's largest implementation of email archiving supports 12,000 mailboxes. Bloomberg Vault File Analytics extends compliance and analytics into the customer's unstructured dataset, which offers policy-based retention. The vendor's roadmap also includes enhanced supervision and trade reconstruction capabilities; updated user workflows; and more robust file analysis features, including improved reporting and visualization capabilities.

Strengths The Bloomberg Vault team has extensive experience and understanding of financial services compliance data capture requirements. This is reflected in a rich feature set for this industry.

Bloomberg is a leader in capturing data for Dodd-Frank and MiFID2 regulation adherence.

Bloomberg Vault is a scalable and reliable archiving solution, as noted by customers.

Cautions The Bloomberg Vault offering continues to be overshadowed by Bloomberg as a financial news and messaging company, creating visibility and clarity issues for the Vault platform.

The Vault UI is still a work in progress as the Web interface and some background administration tasks may be nonintuitive.

The search capabilities are not always intuitive, and resulting reports can be difficult to manage.

Commvault Commvault, a publicly traded firm based in Oceanport, New Jersey, provides archiving through its Commvault solutions portfolio, which is most widely used for backup. Commvault archives Exchange, Office 365 and Domino email; Windows, Unix, Linux and Mac file shares; and SharePoint. Commvault partners for social media and IM content. One copy of the data is captured at the same time through Commvault OnePass, for backup and archival use cases. Along with compliance, storage optimization is a key use case. All data is stored in ContentStore, a single virtual repository of data that can be centrally managed and searched. Content-based retention rules can be applied through the Reference Copy feature. Commvault has good vertical support including, and t continues to build out its healthcare support, including plans to deliver vendor-neutral archive (VNA) support in the future.

Commvault is currently an on-premises solution (although it is widely used by managed service providers [MSPs]), and the vendor is delivering a branded SaaS offering as part of its roadmap.

Commvault's largest implementation of email archiving is a federal agency with hundreds of thousands of mailboxes, and its largest file archiving customer is currently licensed for 24PB.

Strengths Commvault is a well-integrated platform for multiple use cases including archiving and backup.

Commvault Simpana is well suited for, and has high penetration in, healthcare.

Commvault provides a scalable solution for file archiving in which customers see a marked improvement in storage efficiencies.

Cautions A general lack of awareness of Commvault as an archiving solution, coupled with integrated code that caters to backup technology first, creates adoption concerns for Commvault customers.

Non-IT personnel find Commvault's administration and discovery interface difficult to use, often requiring additional training.

Some components of the end-user experience — including, user-directed archiving, ability to manipulate the archived data and mobile access — are areas that need to be improved.

EMC SourceOne is the main product in Hopkinton, Massachusetts-based EMC's EIA portfolio. SourceOne supports archive for email (Exchange, Office 365, Domino and other messaging applications, via SMTP; Windows, Unix, CIFS and NFS on network-attached storage [NAS] devices) and SharePoint. Ediscovery is provided through SourceOne Discovery Manager. EMC InfoArchive is a solution for storing many kinds of archived data, including SourceOne-supplied data and structured data for application retirement. Its Cloud Tiering Appliance and DiskXtender work in conjunction with SourceOne for File Systems for multitier file archive and migration. EMC leverages a combination of internal sales resources (namely through its Data Protection and Availability Division) and broad reseller channel for go-to-market. SourceOne is often jointly sold with EMC's data protection products, such as bundled with Data Domain. EMC also offers SourceOne as a service with a one-way encryption key held by the customer, which requires a virtual machine at the customer's site. Data for the hosted solution is captured via a journaling feed or SMTP gateway, with user access through Outlook Web App (OWA) or a Web interface. EMC's largest implementation supports 300,000 mailboxes. Expect EMC to continue to enhance SourceOne as an integrated data protection and archiving solution, cloud and hybrid offerings, and analytics capabilities.

Strengths SourceOne provides archive support for a broad range of data sources; with InfoArchive providing a capable centralized repository for data retention, retrieval and analytics use cases.

Search performance and scalability makes SourceOne a viable option for large enterprises.

New use cases, including analytics and in-place management of data, highlight EMC's awareness of current and future market needs.

Cautions The combination of the myriad of EMC archiving products — SourceOne, InfoArchive, DiskXtender, Cloud Tiering Appliance — in conjunction with administration functions and enduser offerings can be difficult to integrate and manage.

SourceOne Email Supervisor functionality lags competitors for supervision/surveillance in the financial services industry.

The company's future direction and roadmap for overall archiving strategy lacks clarity and is cited as a general concern by customers.

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