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 a Creative Commons, BY-SA-NC license. ! The willingness to risk is not separate from the openness to ...»





Gleanings from Robert Wolfe’s

Abiding in Nondual Awareness


Compiled by Katherine Holden

Released by Karina Library Press under

a Creative Commons, BY-SA-NC license.


The willingness to risk is not separate from the openness to awakening.

The enlightenment process leads to thorough non-attachment; it may

as well begin with non-attachment.

Ultimate Reality surrounds and permeates every form. Its presence is

thoroughly inescapable.

Your brain is a product of this Intelligence—your thoughts and actions owe their manifestation to this ultimate reality—You are not the Doer.

Each night in our deepest sleep there is an emptiness which is choiceless and in which nothing really matters.

Do not talk of helping another until you can put him beyond all need of help.

Only when your candle is aflame can you light another’s.

All appearances are subject to change.

You are That because all things at their basic existence are That.

What is infinitely and eternally omnipresent need not be searched for;

pervading all things, it cannot even be avoided.

Wherever division exists, conflict will be a product.

The Truth that you will discover is the same Truth that is present this very moment.

What-to-do is to awaken. The what-to-do after awakening can only be known after awakening.

Any actions prior to awakening are confused actions, from the standpoint of the “self,” “others” and the “world.” The purpose of being awake arises from being awake.

What do you have any obvious control over? Yourself.

The first dedication of enlightened teachers was to free themselves from their illusive identity as a “doer.” Without a profound perception of “everything in its place and time” how is one to sustain trust that “all things work together for the good of each and all”?

If there were a principle of the universe, it would be that anything which any thing does is okay The desire for something not to exist which does presently exist is suffering—our word today would be dis-content.

“Freedom” means to allow ‘what is’ to be Peace means truce in the war with what appears in consciousness.

Die to the idea that you exist.

Nothing changes in any external sense, just the awareness that what we had taken to be our identity is a misconception.

Everything in the end is a defense against nothingness.

There is no such thing as free will: “You are not the Doer” The Self-realized person has no problem being exactly as he is— spontaneously and transparently.

She holds no notion of who she is supposed to be, what role she is assumed to play in other people’s imaginations.

To be as you are, is where peace and freedom are finally understood.

–  –  –

Ramana Maharshi’s theme: The Self you seek to be united with is already your own essential self.

God does not have being. God is being. Your being is God as presence.

Choicelessness is a matter of being present with what is.

–  –  –

One observes the choices that are being made and their outcome, without concern, without feelings of conflict. This is called “choiceless awareness.”

–  –  –

Viewing the world as it really is, without having ideas about it, one lives “in it” though not in the customary manner.

You are in consciousness, consciousness is not “in” you.

–  –  –

Contemplation is part of every mundane movement, unceasingly.

“Who is it that watches what?” With Absolute awareness, there is observation of the appearance of mind chatter, without concern for whatever is factually present.

–  –  –

The universe does not exist itself as any conceivable thing, in the absence of a mind to specially identify it.

Enlightenment is the realization that “there is Nothing from the start.” “Truth is a pathless land”—you are inescapably immersed in it.

–  –  –

An absence of self-interest results in an attentive day-to-day existence notably only for its freedom from strife.

The self cannot endure in the moment which knows no past.

You will relinquish your ego-centeredness sooner or later.

At that time, you will cease to create problems for yourself and others.

The “presence of clarity” is a way of saying “the absence of ego.”

–  –  –

Our most grievous attachment is the attachment to fixed ideas.

Images of what “has passed” and ideas of what “is to come” are the tendrils of the vine of attachment.

–  –  –

Our bodies are made from the ashes of long dead stars.

Whether one is a seeker or a finder, neither has escaped being.

Suspend your hopes, ideas, beliefs or preferences, for whatever is present, to be anything other than what it is.

Once realization is present clearly, we comprehend that the real “practice” is how we live our life, not some superficial system or methodology.

–  –  –

The seat of our fear is in the preservation of each individual “self.” Have you surrendered to expectation? Or is this “surrender” an element of a gaining idea, quid pro quo?

–  –  –

Surrender says to the unfoldment, ”Do with me whatever you will:

enlightenment or non-enlightenment.” To yield is closer to what surrender is intended to mean.

The image of the self is best not preserved, but pickled.

When you don’t consider yourself to be anything in particular, you’re not restricted by labels.

This Presence is the essence which animates every single activity.

–  –  –

An attentive awareness to what is present can be of service to the seeker.

The sages insist that there is no such actuality as an independent self:

then, “whose” thoughts are these?

–  –  –

When the mind ceases to embrace limiting concepts, reality no longer is compartmentalized, fragmented.

It has been said “The ‘what is’ is what it is!”

–  –  –

Even discontent could be present and one can be content with that.

Enlightenment is to be continually aware of the nondual actuality— even in the midst of dualistic perception.

–  –  –

When it is recognized that you and I are an unbroken whole, then from the Absolute perspective, there are no relationships that exist.

There is nothing you can do wrong.

–  –  –

Who is responsible for the process of human thought? Are you?

From the standpoint of God, there can be no such thing as a “problem”.

The seeker is proposing that there is an “I” apart from the “guru.”

–  –  –

The mind that is aware of “you” or That (as separate) is not real.

There is but one undivided consciousness—not “mine” and “yours.”

–  –  –

I don’t concern myself with the need to make the what is “better.” What is important is the moment-by-moment living of Self-realization.

Do not take it for granted that your “future” is anything but a word.

Suzuki Roshi said: “the true purpose of Zen…is to see thing as they are… and to let everything go as it goes.”

–  –  –

When we have no expectations, there are no significant problems in the present.

Expectation is an idea which attempts to draw the Past and the Future into the existing moment. The Past and the Future are themselves ideas.

–  –  –

Humans collectively would rather see the world evaporate in a puff of plutonium smoke than to surrender the individual sense of self.

We all stand—spiritually—in the path of a tornado.

Our conditioning has immobilized us with hypothermia of the soul.

–  –  –

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