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Pedagogy - Abstracts, online materials. Free e-library

    Abstracts, online materials. Free e-library - Pedagogy.

  1. «Michael Albright, Lehigh University: The Two Performing Schoolmasters: Performing Professionalization in Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour’s Lost and ...»
  2. «A Pedagogical Ontology as a Playground in Adaptive Elearning Environments Christian Swertz, Alexander Schmölz, Alexandra Forstner - University of ...»
  3. «Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy February 5-7, 2014 The Inn at Virginia Tech and Skelton Conference Center Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia ...»
  4. «Preface Wittenberg University is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and truth. At the heart of our search for knowledge is personal honesty, an ...»
  5. «Ferdinand J Potgieter “Teach Your Children Well”: Arguing in Favor of Pedagogically Justifiable Hospitality Education Abstract This paper is a ...»
  6. «BREAKTHROUGHS IN THE SOCIOLOGY OF EDUCATION Detournement as Pedagogical Praxis James Trier (Ed.) Detournement as Pedagogical Praxis BREAKTHROUGHS IN ...»
  7. «How Socratic Pedagogy Works PETE BOGHOSSIAN Portland State University College of Education Post Office Box 751 Portland, Oregon 97207 E-mail: ...»
  8. «EDUCATIONAL FUTURES: RETHINKING THEORY AND PRACTICE Pedagogy and Edusemiotics Theoretical Challenges/Practical Opportunities Inna Semetsky and Andrew ...»
  9. «ED/EFA/MRT/2015/PI/21 Background paper prepared for the Education for All Global Monitoring Report 2015 Education for All 2000-2015: achievements and ...»
  10. «TRANSGRESSIONS: CULTURAL STUDIES AND EDUCATION Popular Culture as Pedagogy Research in the Field of Adult Education Kaela Jubas, Nancy Taber and Tony ...»
  11. «UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT FALL 2008 MGT/MGP 261: Investment Analysis Daytime MBA: Th 12:10p.m. - 3:00 p.m. ...»
  12. «Building up an equilateral language learning triangle through innovation and pedagogic improvement: the example of an educational innovation project ...»
  13. «Paul Stephens Professor of Social Pedagogy, University of Stavanger, Norway ABSTRACT In this paper, I examine the nature of social pedagogy, a ...»
  14. «Sustainable Tourism Pedagogy and Student Community Collaboration: Developing Core Literacies and Reflective Practice Tazim Jamal, Justin Taillon and ...»
  15. «Anning(Early)-3740-Ch-02:Anning(Early)-3740-Ch-02.qxp 10/8/2008 11:59 AM Page 27 CHAPTER 2 DEVELOPING A PEDAGOGY OF PLAY Elizabeth Wood Introduction ...»
  16. «GCSE Applied Business General Certificate of Secondary Education (Double Award) J226 General Certificate of Secondary Education J213 OCR Report to ...»
  17. «WPA: Writing Program Administration, Volume 33, Numbers 1-2, Fall/Winter 2009 © Council of Writing Program Administrators Pedagogical Memory: ...»
  18. «OECD/PEB Evaluating Quality in Educational Facilities 2005 RESEARCH INTO IDENTIFYING EFFECTIVE LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS Kenn Fisher Director, Learning ...»
  19. «The Cemetery: a highly heterotopian place In the UK as elsewhere in Europe, cemeteries are increasingly managed and developed as green open spaces, ...»
  20. «Teaching assistant: Caitlin Scott (c7scott@uwaterloo.ca) Office location and hours: tba Meetings: Lectures (for all): Thursdays from 2:30pm-4:20pm in ...»
  21. «A Swedish perspective on PEDAGOGICAL COMPETENCE Editor Åsa Ryegård Karin Apelgren and Thomas Olsson A Swedish perspective on PEDAGOGICAL COMPETENCE ...»
  22. «Bounded and Fluid Contexts and Identities – Implications for Pedagogies of Life-Long Learning Parlo Singh School of Education and Professional ...»
  23. «ISSN 2072-7925 Transforming pedagogical ethos into an effective learning environment CELE Exchange 2011/3 © OECD 2011 Transforming pedagogical ethos ...»
  24. «OECD - Innovative Learning Environment Project Universe Case Denmark Pedagogical Platform The underpinning objective of this ILE is to promote four ...»
  25. «OECD - Innovative Learning Environment Project Universe Case Mexico (CONAFE) Itinerant pedagogical advisors for the Community Courses The Pedagogical ...»
  26. «The Mann Act: The Protection of Women from Abusive Men Allie Miller Progressives cannot be reduced to a group of overzealous Sunday school teachers ...»
  27. «Instructors Rahul Mehrotra, Chair and Professor, Department of Urban Planning and Design For appointment, contact Caroline Newton: ...»
  28. «Andrés Canga-Alonso / Andrea Rubio-Goitia ‘Students’ Reflections on Pedagogical Translation in Spanish as a Foreign Language Reflexiones sobre ...»
  29. «Abstract First and foremost, this paper concerns the combination of classical propositional logic with a relevant implication. The proposed ...»
  30. «Anthony J. Nocella II Syracuse University It is without a doubt that education is liberation and when individuals are marginalized, segregated, and ...»
  32. «V: PEDAGOGY OF THE OPPRESSED: FREIRE MEETS BOURDIEU Thus, in a society in which the obtaining of social privileges depends more and more closely on ...»
  33. «Andras S. Szabo Corvinus University of Budapest & International Weightlifting Federation andras.szabo@uni-corvinus.hu Abstract The paper deals with ...»
  34. «st annual Association of Teacher Education atee in Europe conference TEAM WORK IN INTEGRATING A CHILD WITH BORDER INTELLECTUAL CAPABILITIES AND SOTOS ...»
  35. «Pedagogy and Human Movement Across the full range of human movement studies (HMS) and their many sub-disciplines, established institutional practices ...»
  36. «Sexually Transmitted Infections UNIT OVERVIEW Make me know your ways, O Lord Teach me your paths Lead me in your truth and teach me. Psalm 31:3 ...»
  37. «Ontwikkelingspedagogiek Ontwikkelingspedagogiek Pedagogiek in breder perspectief Jan Willem de Graaf Maryke Tieleman Tweede druk Inhoud Voorwoord 9 ...»
  38. «A Pedagogic Trinity – Exploring the Art, Craft and Science of Teaching Russell Crawford,8Learning and Professional Development Centre, Keele ...»
  40. «Education and Information Technologies 6:4, 251–266, 2001. # 2001 Kluwer Academic Publishers. Manufactured in The Netherlands. Pedagogy before ...»
  41. «Nobody believes in action anymore, so words have become a substitute for action, all the way to the top, a substitute for the truth nobody wants to ...»
  42. «Student Activities for How to Clean Green NOTE TO EDUCATORS The activities in this resource aim to provide learning opportunities for both literacy ...»
  43. «1 Using Bloomberg Terminals in a Security Analysis and Portfolio Management Course Adam Y.C. Lei and Huihua Li1 ABSTRACT Motivated by an obvious gap ...»
  44. «Phenomenology & Practice, Volume 2 (2008), No. 1, pp. 63 – 79. PowerPoint’s Pedagogy Catherine A. Adams, University of Alberta Email: ...»
  45. «JULIA GILLEN*, JUDITH KLEINE STAARMAN#, KAREN LITTLETON*, NEIL MERCER#, ALISON TWINER* * The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK # University of ...»
  46. «Abstract Animated pedagogical agents are lifelike animated characters that facilitate the learning process. This paper describes Adele, a pedagogical ...»
  47. «Education Tech Research Dev (2015) 63:381–403 DOI 10.1007/s11423-015-9378-5 RESEARCH ARTICLE Animated pedagogical agents effects on enhancing ...»
  48. «Developing Adaptive Pedagogy with the Adaptive Course Construction Toolkit (ACCT) Declan Dagger, Vincent P. Wade, Owen Conlan Knowledge and Data ...»
  49. «A Pedagogical Perspective on Online Teaching Annemette L. Kjærgaard and Thyra U. Thomsen Journal article (Publishers version) Cite: A Pedagogical ...»
  50. «An evaluation of pedagogically informed parameterised questions for self assessment Onjira Sitthisak*, Lester Gilbert, and Hugh C Davis Learning ...»
  51. «Tertiary curriculum design has increasingly emphasized work-integrated learning (WIL) opportunities. This qualitative study provides an overview of a ...»
  52. «Toward an Understanding of Assessment as a Dynamic Component of Pedagogy Eleanor Armour-Thomas CUNY – Queens College Edmund W. Gordon Teachers ...»
  53. «Journal of Sustainability Education Vol. 2, March 2011 ISSN: 2151-7452 Implementing Education for Sustainable Development: The Potential use of ...»
  54. «“Learning Objects” have become the new buzzwords for education, both here and overseas. Taking many possible forms, they offer exciting new ...»
  55. «This is a case study of an effective partnership between a university and the local school district. While the course of events was far from being ...»
  56. «Sociální pedagogika | Social Education 25 Volume 4, Issue 1, pp. 25–37, April 2016 ISSN 1805-8825 | doi:10.7441/soced.2016.04.01.02 German ...»
  57. «Pedagogy-driven Design for Online Language Teaching and Learning JOZEF COLPAERT Universiteit Antwerpen ABSTRACT This article discusses some ...»
  58. «Elina Fonsén University of Tampere Finland Abstract The purpose of the research was to clarify the phenomena of pedagogical leadership and to ...»
  59. «Johanna Heikka University of Tampere Finland Macquarie University Australia Abstract This study aimed to investigate pedagogical leadership in early ...»
  61. «BABIĆ-KEKEZ, GRK: PARENTS' ATTITUDES TOWARDS PEDAGOGICAL EDUCATION Doc. dr Snežana Babić-Kekez1 Faculty of natural sciences and mathematics ...»
  62. «Teachers’ Pedagogical Knowledge and the Teaching Profession Background Report and Project Objectives Project Lead: Sonia Guerriero, PhD ...»
  63. «Jihočeská univerzita v Českých Budějovicích Pedagogická fakulta Katedra anglistiky Bakalářská práce Multicultural World in Zadie Smith’s ...»
  64. «Journal of Education Policy Vol. 19, No. 5, September 2004 Expanding teacher work roles: a resource for retention or a recipe for overwork? Lora ...»
  65. «Designing Serious Games for education: from Pedagogical principles to Game Mechanisms Francesco Bellotti, Riccardo Berta, Alessandro De Gloria, ...»
  67. «CHAPTER  10 SOCIAL  CLASS  AND  PEDAGOGIC  PRACTICE Basil Bernstein The Structuring of Pedagogic Discourse, ...»
  68. «Best horror sentences: monsters, mist, deserts, dark forests and thunder and lightning. These are a random selection of sentences and paragraphs from ...»
  69. «“A Peddler of Tears” by Yoko Ogawa Eighteen was the last year of my life I made a living selling tears. At the time some of my best customers ...»
  70. «by Brian James Girard A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Education) in The ...»
  71. «http://www.altcexchange.edu.au/group/integrating-practiceexperiences-within-higher-education With the participation of: Flinders University James ...»
  72. «Patricia Bizzell POWER, AUTHORITY, AND CRITICAL PEDAGOGY ABSTRACT: This essay addresses the problem of left-liberal educators who want to promote ...»
  73. «Teachers’ Pedagogical Systems and Grammar Teaching: A Qualitative Study SIMON BORG University of Malta Despite the centrality of grammar in L2 ...»
  74. «Studies in Higher Education Vol. 30, No. 5, October 2005, pp. 501–516 ‘Peer learning’ as pedagogic discourse for research education1 David ...»
  75. «Chapter 15 PRINCIPLES FOR PEDAGOGY-ORIENTED KNOWLEDGE BASED TUTOR AUTHORING SYSTEMS: Lessons Learned and a Design Meta-Model Abstract. While ...»
  76. «QUT Digital Repository: http://eprints.qut.edu.au/ Beutel, Denise (2009) Teachers’ understandings of their relationships with students : pedagogic ...»
  77. «Final report of the social pedagogy pilot programme: development and implementation Claire Cameron, Pat Petrie, Valerie Wigfall, Stefan Kleipoedszus, ...»
  78. «Causal Patterns in Ecosystems Lessons to Infuse into Ecosystems Units to Enable Deeper Understanding The Understandings of Consequence Project ...»
  79. «CBRE_A_523524.fm Page 47 Thursday, November 11, 2010 3:54 PM British Journal of Religious Education Vol. 33, No. 1, January 2011, 47–60 Freirean ...»
  81. «1 STATISTICAL KNOWLEDGE FOR TEACHING Running head: STATISTICAL KNOWLEDGE FOR TEACHING Characterizing Key Developmental Understandings and ...»
  82. «Class size and teacher effects 1 Running head: CLASS SIZE AND TEACHER EFFECTS Class Size and Teacher Effects on Student Achievement and Dropout Rates ...»
  83. «Backbone Michel Meuret E-mail: mmeuret@jura.cci.fr Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie du Jura (France) Abstract This project addresses language ...»
  84. «Cock-a-Doodle Oops! a teacher’s guide Created by marcie colleen Lori Degman, Author Cock-a-Doodle Oops! Lori Degman is a teacher for the deaf and ...»
  85. «Available online at www.sciencedirect.com Computers and Composition 25 (2008) 300–312 A Pedagogy of Play: Integrating Computer Games into the ...»
  86. «Combining reusable learning resources and services to pedagogical purposeful units of learning1 Rob Koper Introduction Over the last decade scholars ...»
  87. «bs_bs_banner Conclusion to the Special Issue: Queer of Color Analysis: Interruptions and Pedagogic Possibilities LANCE T. MCCREADY Ontario Institute ...»
  88. «Ronald Strickland Confrontational Pedagogy and Traditional Literary Studies We all know too well the resisting student-even the bright student-who ...»
  89. «While teacher content knowledge is crucially important to the improvement of teaching and learning, attention to its development and study has been ...»
  90. «Promoting Pedagogical Design Capacity Promoting Pedagogical Design Capacity through Teachers' Narratives Elizabeth A. Davis Carrie Beyer Cory T. ...»
  91. «making a difference: policies, people and pedagogy in physical education and sport professor dawn penney an inaugural professorial lecture MAKING A ...»
  92. «Pathophysiology Direct effects of increasing pressure occur only on the gas filled spaces in the body. The human body is primarily made of water, ...»
  93. «Designing Literacy Pedagogy: Scaffolding democracy in the classroom J R Martin & David Rose In press in J Webster, C Matthiessen & R Hasan (eds.) ...»
  94. «10-9-02 OPPRESSION AND CONFLICT* MORTON DEUTSCH TEACHERS COLLEGE, COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY In this paper, I shall primarily focus on oppression and how to ...»
  95. «Jane Williams-Siegfredsen A Scandinavian tradition Depending upon who you ask, the forest and nature nursery tradition started in Norway, Sweden or ...»
  96. «Fall 2014 MyODU | ODU Online | Helpdesk | Academic Calendar | ODU News | Panther Athletics | ODU Bright Future Ahead for New Insurance and Risk ...»
  97. «Pedagogy in diverse secondary school classes: Legacies for higher education KAREN DOOLEY School of Cultural and Language Studies in Education, ...»
  98. «Where will the next generation of UK mathematicians come from? 18–19 March 2005, Manchester www.ma.umist.ac.uk/avb/wherefrom.html The meeting is ...»
  99. «You get what you annotate: a pedagogically annotated corpus of coursebooks for Swedish as a Second Language Elena Volodina1, Ildikó Pilán1, Stian ...»
  100. «DOCUMENT RESUME ED 311 449 CS 212 093 AUTHOR Baron, Dennis TITLE Declining Grammarand Other Essays on the English Vocabulary. INSTITUTION National ...»
  101. «SO 029 601 ED 425 110 Galvez-Martin, Maria Elena AUTHOR Reflection and Pedagogical Knowledge versus Social Studies TITLE Pedagogical Content ...»
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