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«2014-15 Parliamentary Interns Partnering with the Parliamentary Internship Programme An initiative of the Canadian Political Science Association ...»

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2014-15 Parliamentary Interns

Partnering with the

Parliamentary Internship Programme

An initiative of the Canadian Political Science Association

September 2015

On behalf of the Canadian Political Science Association and stakeholders in the

Parliamentary Internship Programme, I invite you to support this outstanding post-graduate

work-study program.

Ever year ten young Canadian professionals, university graduates, are chosen as interns to

work with Members of Parliament, learn about and contribute to the legislative process, conduct comparative study tours to other legislatures, network with politicians and policy makers, and develop their leadership skills.

Its 460 alumni have reached the highest levels of their professions serving as company presidents, deputy ministers and ambassadors, judges, national columnists, university professors and as elected officials.

The Members of Parliament for whom they have worked have similarly gone on to serve in positions of national leadership including Governor General, Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, Minister of Foreign Affairs and other cabinet positions as well as Speaker of the House of Commons.

Sponsors of the Parliamentary Internship Programme enjoy a visible presence on Parliament Hill and the opportunity to engage with parliamentarians and public policy practitioners. They meet with the interns during the orientation period, to share their expertise and interest in public affairs, and join the interns and their MPs at the annual Alumni Dinner, three luncheons in the Speaker's Dining Room, and a spring reception.

Above all, sponsorship represents a visible commitment to young Canadians and the quality of Canadian democracy. I invite you to consider the possibilities outlined in this sponsorship document and I look forward to further discussion.

Sincerely, Garth Williams, PhD Director, Parliamentary Internship Programme Table of Contents Introductory Letter / Executive Summary page 2 Table of Contents page 3 Parliamentary Internship Programme page 4 Mission page 4 Who are Parliamentary Interns? page 4 What do they do? Page 5 Where are they now? Page 6 What are they saying about PIP? Page 7 Governance page 8 Finances page 9 Sponsorship Opportunities and Benefits page 9 Contact Information page 12 Sponsors and Friends, 2015-16 page 13 Parliamentary Interns with members of the Canadian Association of Former Parliamentarians (Sponsor), including President, Francis Leblanc, October 2011.

Parliamentary Internship Programme The Parliamentary InternshipProgramme (PIP) is an initiative of the Canadian Political Science Association (CPSA) delivered in partnership with the House of Commons and Members of Parliament in all official parties, with support from a network of private and public sector sponsors.

Established in 1969 with all-party support, it is independent of Government, strictly nonpartisan and operates on Parliament Hill under the auspices of the Speaker of the House of Commons. Originally conceived by Alfred Hales, Member of Parliament (1957-74), it was the first legislative internship program in Canada.

Mission  To give young Canadian professionals an outstanding work-study experience and unique insight into Parliament and Canadian politics  To provide highly qualified assistants for Members of Parliament  To build public knowledge of Parliament and Canadian politics Who are Parliamentary Interns?

Parliamentary Interns are young Canadian professionals. They are selected through a rigorous national competition open to Canadian citizens and permanent residents between the ages of 18 and 35 who hold a university degree in any discipline.

Ten (10) interns are selected each year. They receive a $23,000 stipend and are part of the Programme for ten months, from September to June. In 2014, the Programme received 208 applications.

Twenty-first Prime Minister of Canada, Paul Martin, in conversation with Parliamentary Interns, December 2013.

What do they do?

Interns study Parliament, work for Members of Parliament and share their experience and research with other Canadians.

Studying Parliament and Politics Interns meet weekly with the Director for seminar discussions and to plan the Programme’s academic activities.

 Weekly seminar focused on readings and experiential learning  Briefings with sponsors  “Brown-bag-lunch” speakers series with policy makers and public figures  Study tours to legislatures in Québec City, Iqaluit, Brussels, London and Washington  Conduct original research on Parliament and politics

Working for MPs

Each intern chooses two MPs for whom they will work. Every summer, approximately 70 MPs from all parties apply to host a Parliamentary Intern. The interns interview every one, as a group, and then decide amongst themselves for whom each of them will work. The only caveat is that there must be five interns with the Government and five with the Opposition at any given time.

All interns “cross the floor.” From October to January interns work for an MP on one side of the House and from February to June they work for an MP on the other side. It is a unique learning experience that puts a premium on maturity, discretion and judgment.

 Orientation program covers partisanship and non-partisanship in addition to the legislative process, committees, private members business, ethics and lobbying regulations, budget and supply processes, party organization and training in available research tools, speechwriting, media communications and social media.

 Legislative tasks include writing speeches, statements and questions, drafting bill kits, briefing notes and research papers, preparing Private Members Bills and Motions, selecting witnesses, assisting in committee meetings, supporting meetings with MPs, media, departmental, interest group and community representatives.

 Constituency tasks include drafting correspondence, writing to Ministers, organizing town hall meetings and assisting with casework.

 Communications tasks include writing opinion pieces and newsletters, preparing speaking points, planning speaking tours, updating websites and social media.

Sharing their knowledge

 Share their experience on Facebook and Twitter  Share their thoughts on the Interns’ Blog  Deliver workshops for secondary students  Present research at public symposium at the Institute on Governance  Organize study tours of Parliament for other internship programs (British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, Québec, Saskatchewan and USA) Adam Casey, Intern, shares his experience with secondary school students at Encounters with Canada, April 2014.

Where are they now?

The Parliamentary Internship Alumni Association (PIAA) creates opportunities for former interns to stay in touch, discuss matters of public interest and support the Programme.

There are active branches in Ottawa, Montréal and Toronto. Many alumni attend the Programme’s Annual Dinner and Spring Reception on Parliament Hill. The PIAA also runs an annual fundraising campaign for the Programme.

In 2010, a survey of former interns found that 42 per cent were working or had worked in the public sector, 32 per cent in academe and 26 per cent in the private sector. Approximately 20 per cent had built international careers and, in each sector, alumni had reached the highest levels of their professions: serving as Presidents and Vice-Presidents, as national columnists, on the Bench, teaching at Harvard and Oxford, and serving as Deputy Ministers and Ambassadors. Some had even served as elected officials in the House of Commons and provincial legislatures.

and their Members of Parliament… PIP is proud to count the following Ministers of the current Government among Members of

Parliament who once hosted Parliamentary Interns:

 Hon. Steven Blaney, Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness  Hon. Shelly Glover, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages  Hon. Ed Holder, Minister of State (Science and Technology)  Hon. Kelly Leitch, Minister of Labour, Minister of Status of Women  Hon. Erin O’Toole, Minister of Veterans Affairs  Hon. Greg Rickford, Minister of Natural Resources Minister Ed Holder in conversation with Manfred Auster, Minister-Counsellor, Delegation of the European Union to Canada (Friend of the Programme), and former Interns, Alison Smith (2008-09) and Christina Lazarova (2007November 2013.

What are they saying about PIP?

Former Interns:

“The internship year was a highlight of my life. It confirmed for me the importance of putting my money where my mouth was and actually entering the political arena myself.” Judy Wasylycia-Leis, Member of Parliament, 1997-2010 (Intern 1976-77) “Le fait de pouvoir écrire, à l’age de 25 ans, un discours qui serait ensuite lu en Chambre était très émouvant.” Graeme Clarke, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Canada, Organization of American States, 2006-10 (Intern, 1986-87)

Members of Parliament:

“My experience with the Programme has been extraordinary. Dealing with such a bright group of young Canadians interested in politics, policy and Parliament has provided me with incredible assistance for my committee work and with amazing research for my role as a parliamentarian.” Hon. Ed Holder, Member of Parliament (London West), 2008Minister of State (Science and Technology), 2014 – Governance A shared commitment to young Canadians, the quality of support available to Members of Parliament and public knowledge of our parliamentary institutions inspire the network of private, public and volunteer organizations and dedicated individuals that work with the Canadian Political Science Association to support and deliver its Parliamentary Internship

Programme. They include:

 House of Commons  Members of Parliament  Programme Sponsors  Friends of the Programme  Parliamentary Internship Alumni Association Management The CPSA directs the Programme which is delivered in cooperation with the House of Commons. A management committee comprised of the Programme Director; the Deputy Principal Clerk, Table Research Branch; and the Manager, Administration and Finance, meet twice a year. Programme activities are planned and delivered overseen by the Programme Director.

Advisory Board All stakeholders are represented on the Programme’s Advisory Board. It meets twice a year to review semi-annual and annual reports, review Programme activities and advise the Director on issues arising.

CPSA Board The Programme Director reports to the CPSA Board at semi-annual and annual meetings.

Finances PIP is supported by in-kind contributions from the House of Commons and financial contributions from a limited number of Sponsors and Friends.

 Sponsors provide core funding for the Programme and receive a charitable tax receipt from the CPSA  Friends contribute to specific Programme activities Alumni Dinner, November 2013: Minister Peter Van Loan; Hélèn Gagnon, Vice-President, Bombardier Aerospace (Sponsor); Nineteenth Prime Minister of Canada, Kim Campbell (Guest of Honour); Bill Downe, CEO, BMO Financial Group (Sponsor); Minister Kelly Leitch (Hosted Interns, 2011-12,2012-13); Ted Hewitt, VicePresident, SSHRC (Sponsor); Speaker Andrew Scheer; Nancy Peckford, Executive Director, Equal Voice (Intern 1999-2000); Beverley Isles, Clerk Assistant, House of Commons.

Sponsorship Opportunities and Benefits Programme sponsorship provides a visible presence on Parliament Hill and represents a tangible expression of an organization’s commitment to young Canadians and the quality of Canadian democracy.

It offers a limited number of sponsorship opportunities to ensure that interns, and the Programme itself, have an opportunity to work directly with all sponsors. A range of benefits is available to all sponsors while, at the same time, a number of specific opportunities are linked directly with specific levels of support.

Shared Benefits Invitations: All Sponsors and Friends are invited to the following Programme and Alumni

Association events:

 The annual Alumni Dinner: Sponsors and Friends receive a complimentary ticket, recognition in the program and a discounted rate on sponsored tables.

 Three sponsored luncheons with MPs, Interns, Sponsors and Friends, in the Speaker’s private dining room (all except Bronze Sponsors).

 The annual Spring Reception for all 308 MPs, Alumni, Interns, Sponsors and Friends, held in Centre Block, Parliament.

 PIAA Luncheons, with guest speakers, organized by the Alumni Association for its members, MPs, Sponsors and Friends.

 The annual Jean-Pierre Gaboury Symposium: a public forum for interns’ research.

 The annual Welcome Reception, a private event held in September for Interns, Sponsors and Friends.

Communications: All are recognized on the Programme’s website and in its annual electronic newsletter distributed to all MPs, Senators, Sponsors, Friends, Alumni and subscribers (applicants). They are encouraged to enrich their own websites and social media presence by linking to the Programme’s website and the Interns’ blog, Facebook page and Twitter account as well as the Alumni Association’s LinkedIn page.

Engagement: In addition, all have opportunities to contribute to the Programme by:

 Meeting with interns to discuss their interests and share their expertise in public affairs.

 Inviting interns and their MPs to events that showcase their contribution to the Programme. Visiting provincial and American delegations may also be invited.

 Participating in semi-annual meetings of the Advisory Board.

Charitable Donation: All Sponsors receive a charitable tax receipt for their contribution from the CPSA Francesca Iacurto, FPAC; Michael Chong, MP, and his intern, Maxime Legault-Mayrand. “Vin d’honneur” Luncheon, Speaker’s Dining Room, October 2011.

Exclusive Opportunities The Programme also creates unique opportunities for a limited number of sponsors that vary depending on the level of their financial contribution.

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