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«Political Basra Province Basra Tribal Council meet UN official Source: almirbad.com Date: January 02, 2015 Basra Tribal Council handed over a protest ...»

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Basra Province

Basra Tribal Council meet UN official

Source: almirbad.com

Date: January 02, 2015

Basra Tribal Council handed over a protest memorandum to the Director of UN in South Region, Kinan Rathinam

to denounce the Saudi authorities’ execution of the political activist and Shia cleric “Nimr Baqir al-Nimr”.The

director assured that he will submit the memorandum to UN office in New York. Furthermore, the citizens of ThiQar, Maysan, Al-Muthanna, Basra and PMUs protested and chant slogans against the execution of al-Nimr. At the same time, Friday demonstration is going on demanding for reforms, and calling for enhancing service deliver to Basra, Maysan, Al-Muthanna and Thi-Qar's residents.

Citizens' Bloc practice new administrative structure Source: BPC Media office Date: January 03, 2015 Citizens' Bloc at the BPC held a meeting to restructure administrative positions within the bloc. The meeting resulted to elect Waleed Hameed Qaytan the deputy chairman of the BPC as a bloc president,Eqtifa Sibahi as a first deputy,Jwad Al- Emera as a second deputy,Zaher Bachari as an official speaker, and Najla Al-Timimi as a reporter.

PUMs formed a Council Source: almirbad.com Date: January 16, 2016 Leaders of PMU announced to form a council which includes all the PUM's units have currently battled with IS.

Additionally, the council denounced the oppressive behavior of Iraqi Army and Special Force Task which recently arrived to Basra against Brigades of Martyrs. The leaders added that they will talk with Basra Operation and the Governor about the incident. They also assured that their action will be very strong if the incident has occurred again.

Sheikh Qais Al-Khazali arrived to Basra Source: almirbad.com, ahlualhaq.com, BPC media office Date: January 11, 2016 Qais al-Khazali, the founder and leader of AsaibAhl al-Haq (AAH), an Iranian-sponsored Shiite militia and political party operating primarily in Iraq, arrived to Basra and met at AAH's political bureau in Basra with Chief of Basra Police Maj Gen.AbedulKareem Al-Mayhi and Intelligence Director Khalif Al-Badran, he is a former head of BIC, to discuss the security situation and tribal conflicts in particular.

During a press conference, AL-Khazali called GC, in control of BOC, to involve PMUs in protecting Basra.But,he affirmed that the security role of the PMUs might cause political controversial because the PMUs descend from parties that have their individual and political goals.

For this reason, he stressed that PMUs is currently served to provide intelligence and logistics supports to BSF.Moreover, al-Khazali stressed that PMUs is at ready to engage in security activities, if BSF is failed to defend Basra. He added that political conflicts, drug dealers, lowering the prestige of the state, distrust in government institutions, intervenes foreign intelligence and media exaggerations played a negative role to escalate triable conflicts and criminal activities in Basra. Al-Khazali encouraged Basra community to trust in government institutions and respect law to restore security in Basra. Furthermore, on January 07,al-Khazali received Sabah AlBazouni, chairman of the BPC at AAH's office in Basra. They talked about recent security development, financial crisis and opening regional bureau for AAH' in Basra to oversee all AAH's political activities in the south region Al-Abadi attends a conference for Tribal Council Source: Alsumarai, Prime Minister's Media Office Date: January 12, 2016 During his speech at the conference for the official announcement of the Council of Tribes and Social Components of the province of Basra, Al-Abadi said losing the security will be obstacle reconstruction and prosperity in Basra and other provinces. He added that tribal clashes will lead to violations in security, increasing corruption and distorted Iraqi Army's victories against IS..On other side, observers said that Al-Abadi followed AlMalki's steps when he created the Tribal Support Councils in March 2008 during security operations in Basra and Maysan provinces. Later, he started spreading them throughout southern Iraq to counter his political rivals.

Originally, these were a way to organize local tribes to support the government counter militia and expand Abadi or Da'aw’s political base.

Ukrainian Ambassador visits Basra Source: Governor Media office Date: January 16, 2016 Governor of Basra Majid Al-Nasrawi met Anatolii MarynetsUkrainian Ambassador in Iraq. The meeting discussed the possibility of overall relations issues of common interest and for potential reconstruction projects in Basra.Al-Nasrawi also called for Croatian companies to invest in Basra's reconstruction projects.

Iranian Counsel visits BPC Source: BPC Media office Date: Jaunary20, 2016 Sabah Al-Bazouni chairman of the BPC met Iranian Counsel in Basra Hameed Ridha Abadi and Economic delegation accompanied him. They discussed the security, economic and bilateral relations. Al-Bazouni uncovered that Iran wants to create free zone between Basra and Khuzestan Provinces.

Coordinators for ten provinces gathered in Basra Source: Al-Mada. almirbad.com Date: January 23, 2016 Demonstration Coordinators in southern and south center provinces of Iraq held meetings for two days in Basra to call for decentralization, forming technocrat Govt.and criminalization of sectarian speech. To address these points, they decided to form the Popular Rally for Reform and Change (PRRC). The attenders were also talked about the future and unified demands of the demonstrations.PRRC are an organization with members from different protest coordination groups from all around Iraq. Its members represent their areas and cities for the activities of the Iraqi uprising that began in 2015 against the corruptions and poor performance of Iraqi Government.

The House of Commons delegation visit Basra Source: BPC Media office Date: January 28,2016 Chairman of BPC Sabah Al-Bazunni received the House of Commons delegation. The both sides discussed how to hold cultural activities' in Basra in the occasion of 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death which would be sponsored by U.K's IOCs and the House of Commons.

Maysan Province U.S GC visits the Shrine of Ezra Source U.S. Consulate General Basra Date: January 23, 2016 Deputy Chief of Mission from U.S. Embassy Baghdad, Jonathan Cohen, and GC Steve Walker in Basra were paid a visit to the Shrine of Ezra in Maysan. Steve said that members of the community helped us understand the historical significance of the site and the efforts of the Government of Iraq to preserve it.

Economy Basra Province Outrage in Basra as Kuwait drills cross-border deposits Source: almirbad.com Date: January 07, 2016 Ali Shadad Al-Faris Head of Oil and Gas Committee at the BPC stated that local officials in Safawan and Azubair districts reported that Kuwait Oilfields Authority launched to drill cross shared oilfields with Basra.Al-Faris added that KOFA practiced directional drilling which caused Hearth quick in the districts.For this reason, the Local Govt.

decided to set up a special committee to discuss the matter with SOC, IDC and BSF.

Plans to Sell Shares in $ 1.3bln Al-Faw Port Source: Bloomberg Business Date: January 4, 2016 MOT is planning to sell shares in the $1.3-billion Grand Faw container port to the public. The head of BPC, Sabah Al-Bazooni, said that the local govt. in Basra will seek permission from MOT to set up a holding company to sell the shares; Iraq has banned the holding company structure since the Saddam Husseinera.He added that the BPC wants to list the holding company on the Iraq Stock Exchange, with the public shares representing a 25 percent stake, local government owning 26 percent, and foreign investors 49 percent. The BPC is in talks with American and Chinese companies with a view to possible investment.

The project was first proposed in 2011 on a much larger scale that included an oil export platform, and with an estimated cost of $17 billion, but the subsequent collapse in the price of oil has caused it to be scaled back. Current plans are for 25 to 30 container platforms. Plans for the port have led to tensions with neighboring Kuwait, which is building its own ‘Mubarak Al-Kabeer’ container port nearby; Iraq had expressed concern that the Kuwaiti port may hamper may restrict access to Grand Faw.

Investigation for importing African cows, Commission Source: Trade Link Date: January 02, 2015 Integrity Committee in the BPC disclosed opening an investigation for importing African cows without taking necessary veterinary procedures amid suspicions of diseases and the death of tens of the cows in the cargo. Orders were issued to arrest some suspects in this case for not abiding by regular veterinary and medical rules. Preliminary reports that 40 cows were dead inside the vessel during anchoring in the Basra port, as well as some more were thrown in the sea. The reports said that the ship had mechanical troubles that obliged it stop in the sea for about two weeks that led in the decline of animal feed. At Basra port, the cows were in bad condition and skinny, the reports added. During the past three days, three vessels with cows and calves reached Khor al-Zubair port. People in Iraq prefer fresh meat amid reports that the imported canned meet contained the meat of donkeys and monkey and sold as cow's meat.

Petro China, Exxon Approached to Boost Production Source: Reuters Date: January 04, 2016 Iraq has reportedly approached Petro China and ExxonMobil about investing in a multi-billion dollar project to help boost output from a number of smaller southern fields. The Deputy Chairman of the(SOC), Basim Abdul Kareem, said that the “Integrated South Project” consists of building oil pipelines, storage facilities and a seawater supply project to inject water from the Gulf to maintain pressure and enhance oil recovery. The project targets the Luhais, Nassiriya, Tuba, Nahr Bin Umar and Artawi oilfields, which are currently producing about 240,000 bpd currently and SOC’s initial plan calls for raising that to about 350,000 bpd in 2016.Petrochina has shown more interest than ExxonMobil in the project, according to another SOC official who declined to be identified.

COM change SOC into Basra Oil Company Source: almirbad.com, Shafaaq, Iraq Oil Report, BPC Media office Date: January 05, 2016 COM approved to change the name of South Oil Company (SOC) to Basra Oil Company (BOC) ).A change reflecting the company's reduced area of operations and local demands for increased control. The SOC, which had been in charge of both Basra and Thi-Qar." Before, the SOC used to include Basra, Maysan and Thi-Qar provinces.

Additionally, chairman of the BPC Sabah Al-Bazouni commented that BOC will be under BPC's control which allowed us to make independent decision to change and develop the management and work of the BOC.But, Ali Shadad Al-Faris Head of Oil and Gas Committee at the BPC said COM focused only on changing the name of the company and no managerial authority will be delivered to Basra. Citizens in Basra said MOC's decision was for political purposes and might evoke political conflicts in the province.

Japan plans to build Water purification station Source: almirbad.com Date: January 09, 2016 Under Japanese ODA loans to Al-Muthanna, the governor of Al-Muthanna Falah Al-Azaydi and the representatives of Japanese's companies discussed to construct water purification plant in north of the province at the cost of $360m, in a capacity of 120cms.The two years of the project specified for training of Al-Muthanna Water Directorate staff and operating period and a year for maintenance.

South gas chief retires Source: Iraq Oil Report Date: January 10, 2016 Ali Hussein Khudair will be retiring from the South Gas Company (SGC), having reached the state-mandated retirement age of Oil Ministry employees. The 63-year-old Khudair has played a key role in the Basra Gas Company (BGC), which is a joint venture between SGC (51 percent), Royal Dutch Shell (44 percent) and Mitsubishi (5 percent) tasked with capturing the massive amount of associated gas flared at the Zubair, Rumaila and West Qurna 1 oil fields in Basra. Khudair is chairman of BGC.

Al-Abadi visits to Basra Source: almirbad.com, BPC media office Date: January 11, 2016 Al- Ebadi chaired ordinary session of MOC held at BIH.The session witnessed by Basra governor Majid ALNsrawari and Chairman of the BPC Sabah AL-Bzouni and other local officials in Basra. The MOC decided the


1-Contracting with consulting firm to work on feasibility study for identifying a place of Basra Dam and constructing seawater desalination plants 2- Deferred payment will be practiced to fund the water and other projects3- Excluding Basra from contracting's procedures to build water and power projects.4-Allowing Southern Oil Producing Provinces included Basra to create a strategy, in cooperation with CG,to develop underutilized and degraded oil and gas fields which included Al-lahis, Nahur Umr, Ratawi,Toba, Suba, and Sinbad fields.According to Iraqi Constitution,the MoO will take the necessary steps to involve Oil Producing Provinces actors in making decisions concerning the fields.

Prime Minister Opens Najibiya Gas Power Station Source: Alsumarai Date: January 13, 2016 Al-Abadi has inaugurated the new Najibiya gas-powered electricity station in Basra. Ministry of Electricity spokesman said that the station’s total power is 500 MW, using GE generators. The project was carried out by the Turkish company; ANKA Eng.Co.Lit at a cost of $400 million, under the supervision of the Ministry of Electricity.MOEL Qasaim Al-Fahdawi said that the capacity of the station will be cut off from 500MW to 400MW because crude oil will be consumed to operate the station.

Launching a project of E-BasraSource: Governor Media officeDate: January 11, 2016

The Department of Citizens' Affairs at Basra Governorate announced to launch E-Basra Center of Citizens Affairs'.

The Center will link 12 directorates such as Education,Water,sewage,Social and Public Work Affair,Municipalities, Health, ID,Traffic, Retirement, Ports and Basra Oil Company with the Department of Citizens' Affairs in order to facilitate and develop citizen service.

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