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  1. «February 17, 2010 STANDING NEUSTADT ON HIS HEAD: THE LEADERSHIP STYLE OF DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER Fred I. Greenstein Princeton University STANDING ...»
  2. «ABSTRACT Political theorists typically laud Machiavelli as the first thinker to decisively cast the restrictions of religion and ethics off of ...»
  3. «Homelessness and the Meaning of Home: Rooflessness or Rootlessness? PETER SOMERVILLE Introduction This paper has several objectives. These are: (1) ...»
  4. «Change and the Unchanged of Polarized Politics in Taiwan Min-Hua Huang Associate Professor, Department of Political Science National Taiwan ...»
  5. «Munich Personal RePEc Archive Infant Mortality Situation in Bangladesh in 2007: A District Level Analysis Mazbahul Golam Ahamad and Kaniz Tasnima and ...»
  7. «International institutions: Can interdependence work? Foreign Policy; Washington; Spring 1998; Robert O Keohane; Issue: 110 Start Page: 82-96 ISSN: ...»
  8. «REPORT THE POLISH INSTITUTE OF INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS Learning from Past Experiences: Ways to Improve EU Aid on Reforms in the Eastern Partnership ...»
  9. «INCLUSIVE GROWTH: BUILDING UP A CONCEPT March, 2013 Working Paper number 104 Rafael Ranieri Raquel Almeida Ramos International Policy Centre for ...»
  10. «1 Stakes Fairness, Educational Adequacy, and Equal Opportunities in Education Lesley A. Jacobs Professor & Director York Centre for Public Policy & ...»
  11. «Abstract This paper examines how financial deregulation and the partisan underpinnings of deregulation shaped the path of income inequality in the ...»
  12. «Purposeful Nonsense, Intersectionality, and the Mission to Save Black Babies Melissa M. Kozma and Jeanine Weekes Schroer The ...»
  13. «Internationale Politik und Sicherheit | 48 Hannes Adomeit Imperial Overstretch: Germany in Soviet Policy from Stalin to Gorbachev An Analysis Based ...»
  14. «Stress Th s House A Framework for the Standard sed Stress Test ng of Ps Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Background 5 Building a Standardised ...»
  15. «Abstract This paper develops a model of oil sands development to investigate three related questions. First, we ask whether new oil sands ...»
  16. «Thank you all very much for coming, and thank you Caroline and Sir Geoffrey for inviting me. First Defence has done sterling work in recent years to ...»
  17. «Literature Review on Domestic Violence Perpetrators URBIS STAFF RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS REPORT WERE: Director Claire Grealy, Alison Wallace Associate ...»
  18. «• Correspondence • Brief notes on the political importance of secret societies • Ian MacGregor: Lazards, Pearsons, Amax • Outlawing the ...»
  19. «BP’s Well Evaded Environmental Review: Categorical Exclusion Policy Remains Unchanged * Jaclyn Lopez INTRODUCTION Sea snot, tar balls, and ...»
  20. «I. INTRODUCTION Using the standards of justice defined by Judeo-Christian ethical principles, this Article argues that the people in all fifty states ...»
  21. «Towards a Process-Support Tool for Dutch Wind-on-Land Decision-Making Processes The design of a Support Tool for the Decision-Making Processes of the ...»
  22. «The lecture tonight is on taboos. The lecturer, Larry Maslin, invites us to shout out the different taboos in American society. Without missing a ...»
  23. «16th Conference of Commonwealth Education Ministers Cape Town, South Africa: December 10th-15th, 2006 Position Paper for Ministers Financing ...»
  24. «PERPETRATING POWER SMALL ARMS IN POST-CONFLICT SIERRA LEONE AND LIBERIA TAYA WEISS The vision of the Institute for Security Studies is one of a ...»
  25. «147 The art of compromise The founding of the National Gallery of British Art, 1890-1892 *Amy Woodson-Boulton Juniata College Abstract‘ This ...»
  26. «Tiffany R. Benjamin Eli Lilly and Company benjamin_tiffany_r@lilly.com Re: Eli Lilly and Company Incoming letter dated December 22, 2015 Dear Ms. ...»
  27. «Peter Holland June 2014 The Executive Officer Electoral Matters Committee Parliament House Spring Street EAST MELBOURNE VIC 3002 ...»
  28. «Embassy of Romania in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland No. 6/ 4th Year 15 - 31st of March 2011 th Politics 1. European ...»
  29. «Open Journal of Philosophy, 2015, 5, 193-204 Published Online March 2015 in SciRes. http://www.scirp.org/journal/ojpp ...»
  30. «P19 – CALA Measurement Uncertainty Policy Revision 1.10 – May 2010 Rev 1.10 P19 – CALA Measurement Uncertainty Policy TABLE OF CONTENTS   1.0 ...»
  31. «Chapter 1 Eastern Challenges Daniel S. Hamilton and Stefan Meister Russia under Putin Russia under Putin is an authoritarian system cloaked in the ...»
  32. «Impact of land rights on productivity of agriculture and natural resource enterprises in Africa 1 Mandivamba Rukuni 2 and Cuthbert Kambanje 3 ...»
  33. «Abstract After the system-change, the Central and Eastern European countries expected a rapid democratic constitutional-institutional development ...»
  34. «UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAM NTATUS OF PROJECTN JANUARY 1994 Published by United States Agency for International Development Office of ...»
  35. «This regional interpretative statement provides notice to the public of EPA Region 1’s interpretation of the Clean Water Act (“CWA” or ...»
  36. «For the Bible Tells Us So: The Persuasive Effects of Religious Framing on Policy Attitudes and Cognitive Processing A DISSERTATION SUBMITTED TO THE ...»
  37. «Quarterly Journal of Political Science, 2008, 3: 327–352 Strategic Uncertainty as a Cause of War∗ Adam Meirowitz and Anne E. Sartori Princeton ...»
  38. «PINS, 2007, 35, 15-26 MEN, MASCULINITIES AND GENDER POLITICS IN SOUTH AFRICA: A REPLY TO MACLEOD Robert Morrell Faculty of Education University of ...»
  39. «Political Philosophy Political Philosophy AN INTRODUCTION Jason Brennan C ATO I N S T I T U T E WASHINGTON, D.C. Copyright © 2016 by the Cato ...»
  40. «Perpetuating power Ethiopia’s political settlement and the organization of security CRU Report Erwin van Veen Perpetuating power Ethiopia’s ...»
  41. «Mother & Baby Units This instruction applies to:- Reference:PSI 49/2014 Prisons PI 63/2014 Providers of Probation Services Issue Date Effective Date ...»
  42. «POLITICAL/ THEORY /ESSAY 2000 Whittington REVIEW October IN DEFENSE OF LEGISLATURES LAW AND DISAGREEMENT by Jeremy Waldron. New York: Oxford ...»
  43. «QEH Working Paper Series – QEHWPS121 Page 1 Working Paper Number 121 Causes of conflict in Sudan: Testing the Black Book Alex Cobham* 1 The Black ...»
  44. «Department of Quantitative Social Science The choice between fixed and random effects models: some considerations for educational research Paul ...»
  45. «Department of Quantitative Social Science Policy changes in UK higher education funding, 1963-2009 Gill Wyness DoQSS Working Paper No. 10-15 July ...»
  46. «Department of Quantitative Social Science The drivers of month of birth differences in children’s cognitive and non-cognitive skills: a regression ...»
  47. «Changing Dynamics in Household Behaviour: What do they mean for inflationary pressures? Sir Leslie Melville Lecture: A speech delivered to Australia ...»
  48. «Religion and Liberal Democratic Politics: Are they Philosophically Compatible? Dr. John W. Ray, Professor, Liberal Studies Department, Montana Tech ...»
  50. «The management of the EU's external relations: a case of overstretch? by Nicholas Rees Jean Monnet Professor of European Institutions and ...»
  51. «QUESTIONNAIRE FOR EU-PCD REPORT 2015: CONTRIBUTIONS FROM MEMBER STATES Brief Introduction The European Union is a major global actor and its ...»
  52. «Third Sector Research Centre Research Report (78) From crisis to mixed picture to phoney war: tracing third sector discourse in the 2008/9 recession ...»
  53. «Reforming Permitting Te r ry D av i e s with Robert Hersh, Aracely Alicea, and Ruth Greenspan Bell Executive Summary The report does three things. ...»
  54. «The Bear in Sheep’s Clothing Russia’s Government-Funded Organisations in the EU Vladislava Vojtíšková, Vít Novotný, Hubertus ...»
  55. «Transferts des fonds des migrants et développement du secteur financier. Le cas d’El Salvador Mots-clés : Transferts de fonds ; Banking ; ...»
  56. «Members Mr David Davis — Chair Ms Samantha Dunn Ms Harriet Shing — Deputy Chair Mr Shaun Leane Ms Melina Bath Ms Gayle Tierney Mr Richard ...»
  57. «JOURNAL OF RESEARCH IN SCIENCE TEACHING VOL. 35, NO. 2, PP. 175–187 (1998) Philosophically Correct Science Stories? Examining the Implications of ...»
  58. «“Scientific Integrity in a Politicized World”1 Heather E. Douglas University of Waterloo Forthcoming in Peter Schroeder-Heister, Gerhard ...»
  59. «Loyalty Benefits Michael Shalev Department of Sociology & Anthropology and Department of Political Science The Hebrew University of Jerusalem ...»
  60. «Summer 2015 Rutgers Journal of Law & Public Policy Vol 12:4 THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE: EXPLAINING JUDICIAL HOSTILITY TO THE TRUTH IN LENDING ...»
  62. «Paternalism and the Right to be Left Alone Luciano Floridi Professor of Philosophy and Ethics of Information Director of Research ①Premise: the ...»
  63. «MertHyr tyDfil local Development Plan 2006-2021 Supplementary Planning Guidance Note No. 1 Affordable Housing J. Jones Head of Town Planning Merthyr ...»
  64. «Reinforcing Resilience in an Inter-connected World: Lifestyle Changes in Relation with Science and Innovation Policy Brief by the Research, ...»
  65. «RATES SUBMISSION 27 From: David Preiss Sent: Wednesday, 8 July 2015 1:48 PM To: EPC Subject: LGPro Submission to the Environment and Planning ...»
  66. «RATES SUBMISSION 38 Mr Keir Delaney Secretary Environment & Planning Committee Parliament House Spring Street EAST MELBOURNE 3002 10 July 2015 Dear ...»
  67. «A Collection of Policy Research Reports Polygamy in Canada: Legal and Social Implications for Women and Children A Collection of Policy Research ...»
  68. «Purpose: To set out a clearly defined policy for dealing with ASB Updated: 26/01/2016 Next review: October 2016 By: Diane Smith 1.0 Introduction 1.1 ...»
  69. «A n i ko H o rvAT H , Z s u Z s A n n A v i D r A A n D j o n f ox Tolerance and Cultural Diversity Discourses in Hungary Policy ReseaRch RePoRts  ...»
  70. «TRENDS WORKING PAPER 01/2015 The following working paper was produced by the author as part of the Future Security of the GCC: Fighting Extremism ...»
  71. «REPORT The following report was produced by the author as part of the Future Security of the GCC: Fighting Extremism forum, 2014. Sources of ...»
  72. «Final Report The Policy Recommendations for the Expansion of the Securitization Market in the ASEAN+3 Countries Research Team: Tetsuo Fujita Satoshi ...»
  73. «The Education (General Provisions) Act 2006 (the Act) Section 423 (1) provides that the Minister may approve a policy about the publication by a ...»
  74. «The impact of internet and new media media The impact of internet and new The impact of intern t and new media The impact of internet and new media ...»
  75. «A MULTIPLE VALUES MODEL OF POLITICAL TOLERANCE Mark Peffley Dept. Political Science University of Kentucky Lexington, Kentucky 40506 ...»
  76. «Toward Evidence-Based Practice with Domestic Violence Perpetrators Kenneth Corvo Donald Dutton Wan-Yi Chen ABSTRACT. This review examines the policy ...»
  77. «ABSTRACT Since 1991, salish (village arbitration) and fatwa (religious edict) have become common features of Bangladesh society, especially in rural ...»
  78. «Comprehensive Truck Size and Weight (TS&W) Study Phase 1—Synthesis Working Paper 4—Bridges and TS&W Regulations 1.0 Technical Relationships of ...»
  79. «Performance management plan Keith Moore Learn | Design | Train Clara: Worthwhile to think about the indicators as applicable to only the leader ...»
  80. «Disclaimer: This paper is the result of the analysis carried out by a sub-group within the AGF. However, the paper does not purport to represent the ...»
  81. «Reprinted from Uncertain Justice: Politics in America’s Courts with permission from The Century Foundation, Inc. Copyright © 2000, New York ...»
  82. «unChain Newsletter March Quarter 2013 Contents 1. AGM 2012 2. The Committee 3. Quarterly newsletter and membership 4. Marina Reserve and the ...»
  83. «Macro Theory & Research Understanding Quantitative Easing Cullen O. Roche February 10, 2014 ABSTRACT Many misunderstandings are still circulating ...»
  84. «Stephen Blank, Alexander Lukin, Gilbert Rozman October 2015 Uneasy Triangle: China, Russia, and the United States in the New Global Order Stephen ...»
  85. «Válogatás az ECB, az EU, az ESRB, az EBA, az ESMA, az IMF, a BIS, az FSB, az OECD, az IAIS és az IOSCO dokumentumaiból 2016. november 17-23. MNB ...»
  86. «An Employee’s Guide on Violence against Women This policy is applicable to both men and women in relation to these crimes March 2010 An ...»
  87. «Voting in the Shadow of Violence: Electoral Politics and Conflict Jóhanna Kristín Birnir Associate Professor Department of Government and Politics ...»
  88. «Professor Marianne Hester Violence Against Women Research Group School for Policy Studies University of Bristol June 2009 Report of a research ...»
  89. «Edited by Leslie Elliott Armijo Forthcoming SUNY Press, Global Politics series, under the general editorship of James Rosenau Reform Proposals from ...»
  90. «The University of Oxford Centre for Competition Law and Policy Working Paper CCLP (L) 27 Unchallenged Market Power? The Tale of Supermarkets, Private ...»
  91. «WP/13/4 Macroeconomic Model Spillovers and Their Discontents Tamim Bayoumi and Francis Vitek © 2013 International Monetary Fund WP/13/4 IMF Working ...»
  92. «15 (2014) Changing families and sustainable societies: Policy contexts and diversity over the life course and across generations Parental Divorce ...»
  93. «Draft – not for citation without prior permission of the author Poverty, Shame and Social Exclusion Synthesis Working Paper 1 Cultural conceptions ...»
  94. «49 Living up to Policy Coherence for Development? The OECD’s Disciplines on Tied Aid Financing Vienna, September 2014 Livia Fritz, Austrian ...»
  96. «WPS5277 Public Disclosure Authorized Policy Research Working Paper 5277 Public Disclosure Authorized Rethinking Multipliers in a Globalized World Raj ...»
  97. «A Thesis Submitted for the Degree of PhD at the University of Warwick http://go.warwick.ac.uk/wrap/46811 This thesis is made available online and is ...»
  98. «Restricting Consumer Credit Access: Household Survey Evidence on Effects Around the Oregon Rate Cap* Jonathan Zinman Dartmouth College October 2008 ...»
  99. «Introduction by the Anarchist Collective for the Combative Proletarian Reconstruction (ASMPA) at the event for political briefing and revolutionary ...»
  100. «1 Palaces, Itineraries and Political Order in the post-Carolingian Kingdoms Simon MacLean University of Saint Andrews 1. Introduction In the middle ...»
  101. «Bereavement/Care at and After Death Policy V1.0 May 2016 Bereavement/Care at and After Death Policy Summary Flow Chart for Care after Death at Royal ...»
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