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    Abstracts, online materials. Free e-library - Political.

  1. «Director: Simran Khanna Assistant director: Chidambaram Palaniappan Agenda: - Chinese Imperialistic Policy And Its Impact On international ...»
  2. «DEMOCRATIC TRANSITION AND THE ELECTORAL PROCESS IN MONGOLIA A Thesis Submitted to the College of Graduate Studies and Research In Partial Fulfillment ...»
  3. «FATHER - PATERNITY The Impact of Fathers on Children Peter B. Gray, PhD, Kermyt G. Anderson, PhD University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA, University of ...»
 Theory Talks is an interactive ...»
  5. «THINK20 PAPERS 2014 POLICY RECOMMENDATIONS FOR THE BRISBANE G20 SUMMIT First published 2013 for the Lowy Institute for International Policy by ...»
  6. «WP/04/101 Toward a Framework for Safeguarding Financial Stability Aerdt Houben, Jan Kakes, and Garry Schinasi © 2004 International Monetary Fund ...»
  7. «WP/04/140 Explaining Efficiency Differences Among Large German and Austrian Banks David Hauner © 2004 International Monetary Fund WP/04/140 IMF ...»
  8. «WP/07/142 VAT Attacks! Michael Keen © 2007 International Monetary Fund WP/07/142 IMF Working Paper Fiscal Affairs Department VAT Attacks! Prepared ...»
  9. «WP/07/183 The Value-Added Tax: Its Causes and Consequences Michael Keen and Ben Lockwood © 2007 International Monetary Fund WP/07/183 IMF Working ...»
  10. «WP/13/205 Territorial vs. Worldwide Corporate Taxation: Implications for Developing Countries Thornton Matheson, Victoria Perry, and Chandara Veung ...»
  11. «Your Trash is Someone’s Treasure Reno, Joshua Your Trash is Someone’s Treasure: the Politics of Value at a Michigan Landfill [1901-2000] most dramatic and divisive foreign policy issue since the Vietnam war. ...»
  12. «Religious Dimensions to Southeast Asian Conflicts Panel EUROSEAS Conference, University of Gothenburg, 26-28 August 2010 ABSTRACT Buddhism as an ...»
  13. «STV003 Tutor: Dr Martin Hall Department of Political Science Made in West A Study of the West’s Role in the Iranian Revolution 1979 Arvin Khoshnood ...»
  14. «Madagascar’s Changing Tides? Political Trends and the Investment Climate HE Timothy Smart British Ambassador to Madagascar Chair: Alex Vines OBE ...»
  15. «Tilburg University Financial behaviour on the internet van Meer, G.J.L. Publication date: Link to publication Citation for published version (APA): ...»
  16. «REVIEW OF THE MACHINERY OF GOVERNMENT: TERMS OF REFERENCE AND MEMBERSHIP _ Lodged au Greffe on 19th January 1999 by the Policy and Resources ...»
  17. «Paper prepared for the ECPR workshop on evidence-based policy making 11-15 April 2008, Rennes, Fr Heleen Vreugdenhil and Jill Slinger Delft ...»
  19. «The Koreanization of the Australian Sex Industry: A Policy and Legislative Challenge Caroline Norma* Abstract: South Korea enacted legislation in ...»
  20. «The Success of a Successor: Abe Shinzo and Japan’s Foreign Policy Bert Edström SILK ROAD PAPER May 2007 The Success of a Successor: Abe Shinzo and ...»
  21. «Africa Programme Meeting Summary Ensuring Africa’s Maritime Security for Development HE Robert Dussey Minister of Foreign Affairs and Co-operation, ...»
  22. «U.S. Department of State FY13 Climate Change Adaptation Plan 1. Policy Framework for Climate Change Adaptation Vision & Mission As the lead ...»
  23. «Lund University STVM01 Department of Political Science Tutor: Anders Uhlin Masters in Development Studies STRENGTHENING CIVIL SOCIETY OF ...»
  24. «Table of Contents Executive Summary 1. Openness To, and Restrictions Upon, Foreign Investment 1.1. Attitude Toward FDI 1.2. Other Investment Policy ...»
  25. «PALAU 1. CONTEXT 1.1 Demographics The estimated multi-ethnic population of Palau was 20 550 in 2009, with an estimated annual population growth rate ...»
  26. «Interpreting China s (Non-)Intervention Policy to The Syrian Crisis REN Article Interpreting China’s (Non-)Intervention Policy to The Syrian ...»
  27. «Washington, outside and inside. A picture and a narrative of the origin, growth, excellencies, abuses, beauties, and personages of our governing ...»
  28. «Press Clippings for the period of November 18 to 25, 2013 Revue de presse pour la période du 18 au 25 novembre, 2013 Here are a few articles and ...»
  29. «I. The Central Challenge: The Mismatch of Global Institutions and Global Challenges II. Concepts and Categories for Framing Problems and Approaches ...»
  30. «POLICY The Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS) will conduct or arrange an individual face-toface interview1 with the alleged child victim, all ...»
  31. «A Resilient Tonga by 2035 FEBRUARY 2016 Tonga Climate Change Policy A Resilient Tonga by 2035 Prepared by the Department of Climate Change, Ministry ...»
  32. «2015: 50 years promoting law reform Statute Law Repeals: Twentieth Report Draft Statute Law (Repeals) Bill LC357 / SLC243 The Law Commission and The ...»
  33. «Ref. : 5534 Status : Approved Printed on : 09/18/2011 GFR 5534 - KCPII - Industrial Policy in an Uncertain Environment Team Leader : 00000088636 - Mr ...»
  34. «AbsTRACT On December 17, 2010, a young Tunisian street vendor protesting an abusive police official set off a wave of democratic uprisings throughout ...»
  36. «Demand-side financing in education Harry Anthony Patrinos catio Edu n p o l ic y se ries International Academy of Education International Institute ...»
  37. «Ann Netten and Robin Darton Discussion Paper 1776/2 March 2003 Word count, excluding abstract, tables and references, 4,783. The effect of financial ...»
  38. «Participation in Access and Benefit-Sharing Policy Case Study no 2 Speaking in Tongues: Indigenous participation in the development of a sui generis ...»
  39. «November 2014 Working paper 410 Financial regulation in Ghana: Balancing inclusive growth with financial stability Charles Ackah and Johnson P. ...»
  40. «ANNEX 1: Action Fiche for the Kingdom of Tonga 1. Identification CRIS Decision No: 2011/ 023-407 Title/Number Energy Sector Reform Contract for the ...»
  41. «Advanced Technology & Policy Workshop Presentations Workshop Title Location Date Time Length Presenter (s) Organization Website Washington ...»
  42. «IMPORTANT: This policy memo has been partially or fully superseded by the USCIS Policy Manual. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Please visit ...»
  43. «asia policy, number 15 2013), 127–54 (january • • http://asiapolicy.nbr.org book review roundtable Jing Sun Japan and China as Charm Rivals: ...»
  44. «Attendance Allowance and Local Government Examining the evidence and the options James Lloyd July 2016 www.strategicsociety.org.uk Published by the ...»
  45. «AAA Adolescents and Adults with Autism A Profile of Adolescents and Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders AAA Report #2 Principal Investigators ...»
  46. «Tales of Two Cities: Women and Municipal Restructuring in London and Toronto** Sylvia Bashevkin Department of Political Science University College ...»
  48. «281 Policy Perspectives from the Bottom Up: What Do Firm-Level Data Tell Us China Needs to Do? Loren Brandt Chinese industry combines enormous ...»
  49. «Policy Area: Ukraine European Union Center of North Carolina EU Briefings   The on-going crisis in Ukraine holds the attention of publics and ...»
  50. «1. PURPOSE The purpose of this Disclosure, Confidentiality and Trading Policy (the “Disclosure Policy”) is to: (a) ensure that the communications ...»
  51. «Policy Analysis Almut Metz Innovation in EU Governance? Six Proposals for Taming Open Co-Ordination This paper was developed within the project ...»
  52. «Lessons Learned, Next Steps Acknowledgements Carers Trust would like to thank: • Pears Foundation, whose funding supported this work. • ...»
  53. «The Investiture Vote in Hungary Péter Horváth Institute for Political Science Hungarian Academy of Sciences horvath.peter@mtapti.hu 13 August 2011 ...»
  54. «Historical background From my experience of Aldred for the last 10 years, I believe he is a most malicious fellow, and would conduct to England such ...»
  55. «Children Introduction First Time Applications Renewal Applications Extensions Documents Return of documents Parental responsibility Surrogate parents ...»
  56. «(Adopted at the Second Session of the Fifth National People's Congress on July 1, 1979, Revised at the Fifth Session of the Eighth National People's ...»
  57. «THE EUROPEAN MONETARY UNION: A POLITICAL TIME BOMB ´ Lorenzo Bernaldo de Quiros On January 1, 1999, the exchange rate parities for the countries ...»
  58. «Edinburgh Research Explorer Turbulent Stillness Citation for published version: Martin, C 2011, 'Turbulent Stillness: the politics of uncertainty and ...»
  59. «CNI-Working Paper No. 2007-02 Contracts, Financing Arrangements, and Public Ownership An Empirical Analysis of the US Airport Governance Model ...»
  60. «Template Revolutions: Marketing U.S. Regime Change in Eastern Europe Gerald Sussman and Sascha Krader Portland State University propaganda, U.S. ...»
  61. «© 2004 International Monetary Fund July 2004 IMF Country Report No. 04/215 Pakistan: Financial System Stability Assessment, including Reports on the ...»
  62. «Sherman Robinson: selected publications concerning international trade and economic integration Books and Monographs Polaski, Sandra, A. ...»
  63. «Default Reform Preventing low incomes with an automatic income plan James Lloyd March 2015 www.strategicsociety.org.uk ! Published by the Strategic ...»
  64. «Research Report DFE-RR175 Evaluation of child poverty pilots: delivering improved services for separating parents Tavistock Institute of Human ...»
  65. «Now That I Have Been Condemned by the State, What Are My Chances of Execution? Rates of Reversal in the Capital Punishment System, 1973-2011 By Anna ...»
  66. «Overthrowing Dilma Rousseff: It’s class war, and their class is winning Alfredo Saad-Filho* Every so often, the bourgeois political system runs ...»
  67. «Accommodating Electric Vehicles in South Australia Report by: Alina Dini Carnegie Mellon University 4 February 2010 Acknowledgment: I would like to ...»
  69. «European Centre for Development Policy Management Discussion Paper No. 172 January 2015 The Future of ACP-EU Relations Beyond 2020 An update of my ...»
  70. «The European Union’s Political and Development Response to Somalia Sarah Bayne ECDPM Discussion Paper No. 25 The European Union’s Political and ...»
  71. «TONGA TOURISM SECTOR ROADMAP 2014 - 2018 DRAFT FOR DISCUSSION Prepared by TRIP Consultants June 2013 Tonga Tourism Sector Roadmap – DRAFT FOR ...»
  72. «Energy 2030 on the Road: Las Vegas February 19 Speakers Kelvin Atkinson (D) Nevada Senate Atkinson is a Democratic member of the Nevada State Senate, ...»
  73. «EIB Working Papers 2016 / 02 International Financial Flows in the New Normal: Key Patterns (and Why We Should Care) Matthieu Bussière, Banque de ...»
  74. «1 Irrigation, Agrarian Change and Local Politics in South Telengana, 1960-1996 V.Anil Kumar* This paper deals with the impact of irrigation on ...»
  75. «International Food & Agricultural Trade Policy Council IPC Issue Brief 23 July 2007 Economic Partnership Agreements Between the EU and Africa: The ...»
  76. «DS EVIDENCE REPORT No 176 Policy Anticipation, Response and Evaluation Questioning Three Fundamental Assumptions in Financial Inclusion Philip Mader ...»
  77. «In his magnificent book, Law and Public Opinion, A. V. Dicey distinguished between the trend of legislation on the one hand and the trend of opinion ...»
  78. «FCPA Digest Cases and Review Releases Relating to Bribes to Foreign Officials under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 JANUARY 2016 Table of ...»
  79. «Between 1789 and 1799, France underwent a violent revolution that overthrew the French monarchy, established a republic with a constitution, ...»
  80. «Fresh Eyes Toolkit December 2008 Produced by Dr. Gareth Potts BURA Director of Research, Policy and Best Practice Contact: 07792 817156 Table of ...»
  81. «Between 1789 and 1799, France underwent a violent revolution that overthrew the French monarchy, established a republic with a constitution, ...»
  82. «© Copyright 2004 This publication may be reproduce in whole or in part and in any form for educational or nonprofit purposes without special ...»
  83. «Canadian Journal of Educational Administration and Policy, Issue #159, June 16, 2014. © by CJEAP and the author(s). REFORMS TO FUNDING EDUCATION IN ...»
  84. «Gifts and Hospital Policy Printed copies must not be considered the definitive version DOCUMENT CONTROL POLICY NO. 01 Policy Group Corporate Author L ...»
  85. «Comparative Political Studies http://cps.sagepub.com/ Learning From Others: The Diffusion of Hospital Financing Reforms in OECD Countries Fabrizio ...»
  86. «The People v. Benjamin Gitlow (1920) Michael Hannon (May 2010) Benjamin Gitlow Benjamin Gitlow was born in Elizabethport, New Jersey in 1891. While ...»
  87. «Copyright Policy Document Control Information Reviewed by the Strategic Management Team: Date of Next Review: October 2016 Approved by the Board of ...»
  88. «The Application of Human Rights in African Caribbean and Pacific–European Union Development and Trade Partnership By Justice Nwobike* A. ...»
  89. «Paper prepared for the United Nations Environment Programme, Division of Technology, Industry and Economics (DTIE) Markus Palenberg, Wolfgang ...»
  90. «Between the early 1950s and late 1980s Turkey’s performance on growth and development put it in the middle range of World Bank borrowers. Although ...»
  91. «Education PhD in Public Policy and Administration, Mississippi State University, 2010 Major Areas: Public Administration and Public Policy Supporting ...»
  92. «Hill, Lisa Ellen Adam Smith and the theme of corruption The Review of Politics, 2006; 68(4):636-662 Copyright © 2006 University of Notre Dame ...»
  93. «Robert A. Heuton University of Windsor and Wayne State University Brienne Girard University of Chicago Paper prepared for the 2010 Canadian Political ...»
  94. «Cullen S. Hendrix Stephan Haggard Department of Government School of International Relations/Pacific Studies College of William & Mary University of ...»
  95. «You may admire or may dislike the methods of infiltration by the Society of Jesus (JESUITS), for indeed, this military Society (“Company of ...»
  96. «Competitive Intensity and Corruption Risks in the Hungarian Public Procurement 2009-2015 Main Findings & Descriptive Statistics May 2016 The ...»
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