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  1. «The Contents and Timing of a European Banking Union: Reflections on the differing views H. Onno Ruding 30 November 2012 Introduction The first step ...»
  2. «2nd Annual Symposium on EU-Asia Relations in Financial Services Page | 1 Promoting Convergence and Investments in EU -Asian Financial Markets 27 th - ...»
  3. «FROM CULTURAL TO CREATIVE INDUSTRIES An analysis of the implications of the “creative industries” approach to arts and media policy making in the ...»
  4. «Operational Increase the number of identified victims in the International Goal: Child Sexual Exploitation images database (ICSE database) managed by ...»
  5. «Who is Gojam? He is ex Liberal Democrat Councillor Jonathon Marc Sawyer. He is also an impervious blogger, author of The Needle ...»
  6. «C.Y. Tung International Centre for Maritime Studies Policy Research Report Cooperation Strategy between the Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong for ...»
  7. «COPYRIGHT NOTICE: Andrei S. Markovits: Uncouth Nation is published by Princeton University Press and copyrighted, © 2006, by Princeton University ...»
  8. «IDRC - MR 242e Technology Policy Studies in Eastern and Southern Africa Eastern Africa Technology Policy Studies Network FOREWORD Since 1983, the ...»
  9. «Skoll World Forum 2009 A quarterly journal published by MIT Press innovations TECHNOLOGY | GOVERNANCE | GLOBALIZATION Special Edition for the Skoll ...»
  10. «SEB GRUPĖS INTERESŲ KONFLIKTŲ VENGIMO POLITIKA 1. Įvadas 1.1. SEB grupė teikia daug įvairių finansinių paslaugų klientams bei vykdo ...»
  11. «Sheila Jasanoff Abstract This article argues that climate change produces discordances in established ways of understanding the human place in ...»
  12. «JETS 37/2 (June 1994) 217-233 THE AUTHORITY OF JESUS IN THE GOSPEL OF MARK JAMES R. EDWARDS* Current scholarship is increasingly characterized by a ...»
  13. «Social Frontiers The next edge of social innovation research Social Frontiers Enabling social innovation: 2 opportunities for sustainable local and ...»
  14. «ISBN Number: 0-620-30166-X To obtain further copies of this document, please contact: KwaZulu-Natal Department of Transport: 172 Burger Street ...»
  15. «The Politics of Pity in Athenian Civic Ideology and Aristotle’s Poetics Susan Lape Draft - Not for Citation Introduction The Athenians of the ...»
  16. «FROM EUROPEAN BORDERS TO A EUROPEAN BORDER: Solutions for Migration and Mobility in the EU Maastricht | 10-11 October 2015 Joint Meeting JEF ...»
  17. «Criminology & Criminal Justice © 2006 SAGE Publications (London, Thousand Oaks & New Delhi) and the British Society of Criminology. ...»
  18. «Abstract Paedophilia has become a major social issue in modern society; however, there remains considerable ambiguity in how society understands and ...»
  19. «Mediated politics, promotional culture and the idea of `propaganda' John Corner Media Culture Society 2007 29: 669 DOI: 10.1177/0163443707078428 The ...»
  20. «It has been another eventful year at the NRC. Since RIC 2013, the Commission has instructed staff to develop a new rule to consider vent filtering ...»
  21. «Competitors Report 2015/2016: German rail sector's growth depends on competitors' development 1 Key facts and figures in a nutshell Level of ...»
  22. «Renate Mayntz Lessons learned-Problems in the acceptance of TA by political decision-makers 1. The function of TA for policy-making Policy-makers are ...»
  23. «[2601-2700] ISSN 1528-0268 (Print) ISSN 1743-1735 (Online) Nature and Ethnicity in East European Paganism: An Environmental ...»
  24. «Higher Education Policy and Corporatisation of National Universities in Japan: Impact on Funding and Management Kiyoshi Yamamoto INTRODUCTION Higher ...»
  25. «De Nederlandsche Bank Occasional Studies Vol.1/Nr.4 (2003) A Survey of Institutional Frameworks for Financial Stability Sander Oosterloo and Jakob de ...»
  26. «Does bank ownership affect lending behavior? Evidence from the Euro area Giovanni Ferri*, Panu Kalmi**, Eeva Kerola*** PRELIMINARY DRAFT (this ...»
  27. «Financial Inclusion for Rural Microenterprises, AID 623 BC 11 00001 Quarter 3, Fiscal Year 2013 April 1 – June 30, 2013 Prepared for: Michael ...»
  30. «PONT Working Europe I seminar on EU Asylum and Migration policies 4-8 April 2016 Fondation Universitaire, Brussels Report Table of contents Preface ...»
  31. «Phillip Metaxas and Andrew Leigh The PredicTive Power of PoLiTicAL PundiTs: PrescienT or PiTifuL? Abstract Although Australian political pundits ...»
  32. «3/28/2014 ARCGIS PRODUCT LIFECYCLE SUPPORT POLICY OVERVIEW The ArcGIS Product Life Cycle Support Policy provides customers with information regarding ...»
  33. «Public Procurement Policy Considerations in the Caribbean: Trade, Governance & Development1 by Margaret Rose, LLB (Hons), LLM Dedicated to Professor ...»
  34. «THE SOURCE OF ALL OUR DISCONTENTS Address by CHRIS PUPLICK President, NSW Anti-Discrimination Board Chair, NSW Privacy Committee. Australian ...»
  35. «No. 2 / April 2010 The “Old” and “New” Politics of Financial Services Regulation in the EU* Lucia Quaglia © OSE asbl The “Old” and ...»
  36. «April 7, 2004 We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Carnegie Corporation of New York, which underwrote the first phase of the ...»
  37. «Preliminary note to the reader: This article was sent to J. T. Smith at Gospel Truths, but J. T. refused to publish it. He would only agree to print ...»
  38. «SANDALS AT THE MOSQUE BY KENNETH CRAGG General Introduction CHRISTIANS are being presented by the contemporary world with what is, in many ways, a ...»
  39. «Soc Choice Welfare (1998) 15: 81—93 Uncovering some subtleties of the uncovered set: Social choice theory and distributive politics David Epstein ...»
  40. «rger Wolfram Be gner and Helmut Wa d balization an o Financial Glolicy Monetary P No. 95/2003 Financial Globalization and Monetary Policy Helmut ...»
  41. «Residual Votes Attributable to Technology The Journal of Politics Volume 67, Issue 2 (May 2005) Disclaimer: This document is the final version of the ...»
  42. «Political Science Student Handbook Stephen Buckley February 5, 2007 http://dgiVista.org/Education/Student.Handbook.pdf Attribution must include ...»
  43. «The Jews in Bulgaria –1941-1944* Chronological development of events By Nir Baruch There were three major factors at the base of King Boris III's ...»
  44. «Ambassador Chas W. Freeman, Jr. (USFS, Ret.) Senior Fellow, the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs, Brown University 13 October ...»
  45. «Robert S. Erikson† Rocío Titiunik‡ Department of Political Science Department of Political Science Columbia University University of Michigan ...»
  46. «Counterair: The Cutting Edge A Research Paper Presented To Air Force 2025 by Col (Sel) Rick W. Lester CDR Steven M. Jacobsmeyer (USN) Lt Col Michael ...»
  47. «CALTECH/MIT VOTING TECHNOLOGY PROJECT A multi-disciplinary, collaborative project of the California Institute of Technology – Pasadena, California ...»
  48. «An Independent Review Of Two Home Office Commissioned Independent Reviews Looking At Information Held In Connection With Child Abuse from 1979-1999 ...»
  49. «WP/05/63 The Real Effect of Banking Crises Giovanni Dell’Ariccia, Enrica Detragiache, and Raghuram Rajan © 2005 International Monetary Fund ...»
  50. «WP/06/143 Are More Competitive Banking Systems More Stable? Klaus Schaeck, Martin Čihák, and Simon Wolfe © 2006 International Monetary Fund ...»
  51. «WP/11/58 Creditless Recoveries Abdul Abiad, Giovanni Dell'Ariccia, and Bin Li WP/ 11/58 © 2011 International Monetary Fund IMF Working Paper ...»
  52. «WP/14/138 Japan’s Corporate Income Tax: Facts, Issues and Reform Options Ruud De Mooij and Ikuo Saito WP/14/138 © International Monetary Fund IMF ...»
  53. «WP/14/204 World Saving Francesco Grigoli, Alexander Herman, and Klaus SchmidtHebbel WP/14/204 © 2014 International Monetary Fund IMF Working Paper ...»
  54. «Original citation: Bilton, Chris and Leary, Ruth. (2002) What can managers do for creativity? Brokering creativity in the creative industries. ...»
  55. «WWF European Policy Office Tel: +32 2 743 88 00 168 avenue de Tervurenlaan Direct: +32 2 740 09 20 Box 20 Fax: +32 2 743 88 19 1150 Brussels ...»
  56. «Phases in Modern Russia’s Foreign Policy Vitaly Zhurkin During the very short period of its existence, the foreign policy of the new Russia, which ...»
  59. «bs_bs_banner Islamic reflexivity and the uncritical subject Kabir Ta mba r Stanford University This essay examines the politics of reflexive ...»
  60. «Concerns regarding Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment in Uganda May 2005 Introduction Patterns and cases of ...»
  62. «1. APOLOGIES/SUBSTITUTES Apologies for absence were intimated on behalf of Councillors Rob Murray and Mark Salmond with Councillors Sandy West and ...»
  63. «ASIAN AND AFRICAN STUDIES, 11, 2002,1, 37-48 FEDERALISM IN PAKISTAN: PROBLEMS & PROSPECTS Mansoor Akbar K undi Pakistan Studies Section, Edebiyat ...»
  64. «Pension information and retirement planning in France An evaluation of public policy Najat El Mekkaoui de Freitas and Bérangère Legendre DP ...»
  65. «HELSINKI CITY URBAN FACTS Study Reports CYNTHIA MYNTTI Putting Finnish Housing Design into Context: The Helsinki Experience FURTHER INFORMATION Ari ...»
  66. «462 ANGUS COUNCIL MINUTE of MEETING of the STRATEGIC POLICY COMMITTEE held in the Town and County Hall, Forfar on Tuesday 9 September 2008 at 4.00 ...»
  67. «Many critics hailed the new film, Four Lions (2010), by director Chris Morris as “provocative, incendiary, audacious, and shocking” (Weinberg, ...»
  68. «2012 Public Financial Publications, Inc. C The Hard Road to Fiscal Responsibility JOHN L. PALMER AND RUDOLPH G. PENNER The paper describes the ...»
  69. «EN COUNCIL OF THE EUROPEAN UNION 10440/11 PRESSE 143 PR CO 31 PRESS RELEASE 3091st Council meeting Foreign Affairs Brussels, 23 and 24 May 2011 ...»
  70. «PUBLIC BROADCASTING IN AFRICA SERIES Zimbabwe A SURVEY BY THE Africa Governance Monitoring and Advocacy Project (AfriMAP), Open Society Initiative ...»
  71. «PUBLIC BROADCASTING IN AFRICA SERIES Uganda A SURVEY BY THE Africa Governance Monitoring and Advocacy Project (AfriMAP), Open Society Initiative for ...»
  72. «Center for Philanthropic Studies VU Amsterdam STRATEGY 2016-2020 Mission. The Center for Philanthropic Studies (CPhS) at VU Amsterdam produces high ...»
  73. «1. APOLOGIES/SUBSTITUTES There were no apologies intimated. 2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST The Committee agreed to note that there were no declarations ...»
  74. «What is ephemera: theory & politics in organization? ephemera is an independent journal, founded in 2001. ephemera provides its content free of ...»
  75. «1. APOLOGIES/SUBSTITUTES Apologies for absence were intimated on behalf of Councillors Frank Ellis, Ruth Leslie Melville MBE, David May and John ...»
  76. «The Effects of Municipal Policy on Green Building Designations in the United States Eugene Choi* Abstract: This article describes the results of a ...»
  77. «EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT Account of the mission to observe the parliamentary elections in Zimbabwe 24-25 June 2000 06 July 2000 At its meeting on 16 June ...»
  78. «The 3rd Annual Forum on Capital as Power, York University, 2012 CAPITALIZING POWER: THE QUALITIES AND QUANTITIES OF ACCUMULATION Conference & ...»
  79. «Proceedings of the 2012 ATPS Annual Conference Emerging Paradigms, Technologies and Innovations for sustainable Development: Global Imperatives and ...»
  80. «Page 1 The Criminologist The Criminologist The Official Newsletter of the American Society of Criminology Vol. 37, #1 January/February 2012 ...»
  81. «One pagers Dutch local LGBT policies Per municipality Summary of Dutch LGBT policies and services per municipality, in alphabetical order In 2007 the ...»
  82. «1. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST The Committee agreed to note that no declarations of interest were made. 2. COMMITTEE MEMBERSHIP With reference to ...»
  83. «TIPP Transport Institutions in the Policy Process THEORETICAL AND PRACTICAL APPROACHES TO INSTITUTIONAL ANALYSIS Deliverable 2 Final version 2 ...»
  84. «MINUTES OF THE 24th SESSION OF THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY, IN PARIS (FRANCE) ON 9TH JUNE 2009 Agenda 1. Approval of the Agenda Approval of the minutes of ...»
  85. «Teaching Assistants: Grad Student Grad Student xxx@uwaterloo.ca Office Hours: XXXX xxx@uwaterloo.ca Office Hours: XXXX Course Description: This ...»
  86. «About IFPRI and the 2020 Vision Initiative The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI®) was established in 1975 to identify and analyze ...»
  87. «Education Policy Analysis Archives/Archivos Analíticos de Políticas Educativas ISSN: 1068-2341 epaa@alperin.ca Arizona State University Estados ...»
  88. «rivista di filosofia on-line WWW.METABASIS.IT septembre 2006 year I n°2 AN OVERVIEW OF POLITICAL TORTURE IN THE TWENTIETH CENTURY THE MICROCOSM OF ...»
  89. «Rebecca Kent and Colin Poulton Centre for Development, Environment and Policy School of Oriental and African Studies Commissioned by: November 2008 ...»
  90. «The Site Selected The Local Decision-Making Regarding the Siting of the Spent Nuclear Fuel Repository in Olkiluoto Matti Kojo University of Tampere ...»
  91. «Edited Version This volume was edited by Maria Fiore, Valeria Russo, Mauro Bucci, Ottavio Janni and Aidan McCann. Under the supervision of Giuseppe ...»
  92. «Oberlin College Politics 268: Democracy in Comparative Perspective Fall 2012 King 239 MWF 2:30-3:20pm Professor Frieda Fuchs Office: King Bldg, 305-A ...»
  93. «D Journal of US-China Public Administration, October 2014, Vol. 11, No. 10, 831-838 doi: 10.17265/1548-6591/2014.10.003 DAVID PUBLISHING Using ...»
  94. «Green Capital Financial Services and Credit Guide Why this Guide is important to you This Guide explains the financial planning and credit services ...»
  95. «Green on Buildings: The Effects of Municipal Policy on Green Building D e s i g n a t i o n s i n A m e r i c a ’s C e n t r a l Cities Author ...»
  96. «Lundin, Johan Published: 1999-01-01 Link to publication Citation for published version (APA): Lundin, J. (1999). Model Uncertainty in Fire Safety ...»
  97. «re Authorized Public Disclosure Authorized Public Disclosure Authorized Public Disclosure Authorized of Skyscrapers Policy Choices in a Dynamic Rice ...»
  98. «1 Courage under Fire James Bond Stockdale COURAGE UNDER FIRE Testing Epictetus's Doctrines in a Laboratory of Human Behavior James Bond Stockdale I ...»
  99. «Cambridge University Press 0521659531 - Distant Suffering: Morality, Media and Politics Luc Boltanski Excerpt More information part i The question of ...»
  100. «Introduction Global governance is a threefold issue. It has theoretical, normative, and empirical dimensions. In combination they simultaneously ...»
  101. «COMBATING TORTURE – A MANUAL FOR ACTION “No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.” ...»
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