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    Abstracts, online materials. Free e-library - Political.

  1. «Vol.(1) June 2008 Rainwater Harvesting for Agriculture and Domestic Supply in Enugu North Agricultural Zone, Nigeria Ajayi, A.R. and C.C. Ugwu ...»
  2. «AFR 44/005/2014 Under embargo until May 13th STOP TORTURE Country profile: Nigeria Torture in Nigeria: In summary Amnesty International has serious ...»
  3. «Swaziland Effective Delivery of Public Education Services A review by AfriMAP and the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa Thandi F Khumalo ...»
  4. «Lesotho Effective Delivery of Public Education Services A review by AfriMAP and the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa Mamoeketsi Nkiseng ...»
  5. «Lesotho Justice Sector and the Rule of Law A review by AfriMAP and the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa Mamosebi Pholo March 2013 2013 ...»
  6. «Lesotho Political Participation and Democracy A review by AfriMAP and the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa Motlamelle Anthony Kapa March ...»
  7. «AFRO-REGIONS AFRICAN FEMINIST POLITICS OF KNOWLEDGE Tensions, Challenges, Possibilities Edited by Akosua Adomako Ampofo and Signe Arnfred NORDISKA ...»
  8. «Working Papers Firms and Region No. R1/2010 Thomas Stahlecker Knut Koschatzky Cohesion policy in the light of place-based innovation support: New ...»
  9. «Cases alleged to have been fabricated Amnesty International is concerned about at least 20 long-term political prisoners arrested during the late ...»
  10. «0 Bank Bailouts: REITs and their Performance as Financial Stock Jan-Willem Olliges*a, Malte Raudszus*b and Glenn Mueller*c a University of ...»
  11. «Poverty Traps and Climate Risk: Limitations and Opportunities of Index-Based Risk Financing Christopher B. Barrett†, Barry J. Barnett§, Michael R. ...»
  12. «Edinburgh Research Explorer Beyond the boring grey: The construction of the colourful accountant Citation for published version: Jeacle, I 2008, ...»
  13. «H. R. 6 One Hundred Ninth Congress of the United States of America AT THE FIRST SESSION Begun and held at the City of Washington on Tuesday, the ...»
  14. «W. Brown, page 1 of 24 PITY IN ROUSSEAU’S SOCIAL CONTRACT Winter E-N Brown, Duke University winter.brown@duke.edu This is a working draft prepared ...»
  15. «34th Annual Conference on U.S.-Turkey Relations Commercial Diplomacy: Strengthening the Alliance September 27 - 30, 2015 The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, ...»
  16. «The Tallaght West Childhood Development Initiative (CDI) Process Evaluation Thematic Report No. 2: Interagency Working and Service Integration in ...»
  17. «Central European Regional Policy and Human Geography is a peer-reviewed scientific publication, with an international status. The Journal is issued ...»
  18. «Word Count (total .pdf): 11,886 Abstract New Interdependence approach (NIA) uniquely emphasizes globalization as an endogenous process. We argue that ...»
  19. «The Impact of MNC’s Home Country Politics on Host Country Nationals’ Organizational Commitment Jiun-Shiu Chen McNeese State University Al S. ...»
  20. «Rovaniemi Town Hall August 28, 2000 Mr. Paavo Lipponen, Prime Minister of Finland THE EUROPEAN UNION POLICY FOR THE NORTHERN DIMENSION FROM AN ARCTIC ...»
  21. «Abubakar Abdullahi (PhD) & Ibrahim Sani (PhD)1 Abstract: This paper examines how does the autonomy of the Independent National Electoral Commission ...»
  22. «Sakiko Fukuda-Parr The New School, New York and Robert Picciotto Kings College, London International Affairs Working Paper 2007-08 November 2007 ...»
  23. «Summary of the Results from the Child Support for College (CS4C) Asset-Building Ini a ve October 2013 The University of Texas at Aus n Lyndon B. ...»
  24. «DATA QUALITY POLICY 2016 – 2019 IM&T DEPARTMENT This document should be read in conjunction with the Data Quality Strategy Record Keeping and ...»
  25. «Oberlin College Politics 268: Democracy in Comparative Perspective Fall 2013 King 127 MWF 2:30-3:20pm Professor Frieda Fuchs Office: King Bldg, 301-B ...»
  26. «Ben Page ABSTRACT This article analyses the 1949 film Daybreak in Udi and the influential ideas of its ‘star’ Edward Rowland Chadwick, a ...»
  27. «arena Berlin, Theaterhaus Stuttgart & Familie Flöz present: TEATRO DELUSIO A play created by: Paco González, Björn Leese, Hajo Schüler and ...»
  28. «Lobbying on Entry Enrico Perotti and Paolo Volpin February 2006 Abstract Entry requires external .nance, especially for less wealthy entrepreneurs. ...»
  29. «Reimagining Waltz in a Digital World: Neorealism in the Analysis of Cyber Security Threats and Policy by David Paul Tuthill University of Kent A ...»
  30. «Morris Museum of Art Docent Program Policy Statement INTRODUCTION At the Morris Museum of Art (MMA), a docent is a volunteer who conducts tours and ...»
  31. «In Social Philosophy & Policy 25, 1 (2008): 267-300. Issue also published as E. F. Paul, F. Miller, and J. Paul (eds.), Objectivism, Subjectivism, ...»
  32. «The vulnerability of the EU in terms of import dependency and infrastructure reliability are among the currently debated issues. What role does ...»
  33. «Paper from the Conference “Current Issues in European Cultural Studies”, organised by the Advanced Cultural Studies Institute of Sweden (ACSIS) ...»
  34. «Lena Edlund Rohini Pande Columbia University Yale University Laila Haider Columbia University Abstract Political survey data for nine West European ...»
  35. «HUMAN “I Wanted to Lie Down and Die” RIGHTS Trafficking and Torture of Eritreans in Sudan and Egypt WATCH “I Wanted to Lie Down and Die” ...»
  36. «Towards a Critical Social Theory of Philanthropy in an Era of Governance By: Angela M. Eikenberry Assistant Professor Center for Public ...»
  37. «Electora l Assista nce and Poli tics: L essons Interna for tional Suppor t Electoral Assistance and Politics: Lessons for International Support ...»
  38. «Food availability, stability, access, and utilization are essential for the wellbeing and productivity of all people. The current state of global ...»
  39. «Felda Global Ventures Holdings AVOID Oil palm plantation Bloomberg ticker: FGVH MK Smallholders pay for political profits IPO Stock exchange Bursa ...»
  40. «1 (This page left blank intentionally) TABLE OF CONTENTS I. Executive Summary II. Introduction A. Background B. Upstate Roundtable Members C. ...»
  41. «Discussion and Review Questions Chapter 1: Introduction to Human Geography 1. What was the Seven Wonders of Canada competition and what does it ...»
  42. «FOUNDATIONS FOR THE FUTURE Emerging Trends in Foundation Philanthropy Lucy Bernholz Research Paper - 1 January 2000 FOUNDATIONS FOR THE FUTURE ...»
  43. «The Harvard community has made this article openly available. Please share how this access benefits you. Your story matters. Frazer, Michael. 2006. ...»
  44. «Ohio University Faculty Senate Agenda for Monday, May 14, 2012 Room 235, Margaret M. Walter Hall, 7:10 p.m. SUMMARY Faculty Senate chair Joe ...»
  45. «Oscar Gelderblom and Joost Jonker Utrecht University This draft, March 26, 2009 Comments are welcome at o.gelderblom@uu.nl or j.jonker@uu.nl Abstract ...»
  46. «GLOBAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP PROGRAM TURKEY Activity Report 2011 - 2012 FOREWORD The Global Entrepreneurship Program Turkey (GEP Turkey) is a joint effort ...»
  47. «Global Civil Society: Changing the World? Jan Aart Scholte CSGR Working Paper No. 31/99 May 1999 Centre for the Study of Globalisation and ...»
  48. «0 0 Griffith University Professorial Lecture Thursday, 26 September 2002 A Little Learning? Public Policy and Australian Universities Professor Glyn ...»
  49. «LOCAL ANTI-FRAUD, BRIBERY AND CORRUPTION POLICY November 2014 Steve Moss Authorship : Counter Fraud Manager North Yorkshire Audit Services Committee ...»
  50. «Ben Harker In August 1936 the Rodmell village branch of the Labour Party held its monthly meeting in the usual venue, Monk’s House, the home of ...»
  51. «The Pivot to Asia, a Pivot getting nowhere? A role study of U.S. leadership and contestation at home and abroad Sebastian Harnisch and Gordon ...»
  52. «Journal of Management & Public Policy, Vol. 2, No. 2 June 2011 Corporate Governance Structures and Financial Performance of Selected Indian Banks ...»
  53. «ROADS, BRIDGES, MINOR PORTS AND SHIPPING POLICY NOTE 2012 - 2013 Edappadi K. Palaniswami Minister for Highways and Minor Ports GOVERNMENT OF TAMIL ...»
  54. «Housing Policy Debate • Volume 9, Issue 2 299 Fannie Mae Foundation 1998. All Rights Reserved. Development of Federal Homeownership ...»
  55. «Tourism, Culture and Religious Endowments Department Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department Demand No.47 Policy Note 2016-2017 Index ...»
  56. «5 1. The sustainable livelihoods approach: new directions in West and Central African small-scale fisheries Moustapha Kébé ...»
  57. «Edited by Shenggen Fan and Rajul Pandya-Lorch About IFPRI and the 2020 Vision Initiative The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) was ...»
  58. «Institute for International Integration Studies IIIS Discussion Paper No.300/ October 2009 IIIIS Discussion Paper No. 300 Moving beyond the Legacies ...»
  59. «International Journal of Asian Social Science, 2016, 6(2): 146-165 International Journal of Asian Social Science ISSN(e): 2224-4441/ISSN(p): ...»
  60. «INFORMATION GOVERNANCE POLICY Version: 4 Ratified by: Senior Managers Operational Group Date ratified: February 2014 August 2015 (minor changes) ...»
  61. «Review of the Air Quality Policy Framework Impact Assessment (SWD (2013) 531, SWD (2013) 532 (summary)) on a Communication on a Clean Air Programme ...»
  63. «February 27, 2014 Ms. Amy F. Giuliano Office of the Associate Chief Counsel (Tax Exempt and Government Entities) CC:PA:LPD:PR (REG-134417-13) Room ...»
  64. «Public Transport in Pakistan: A Critical Overview Public Transport in Pakistan: A Critical Overview Muhammad Imran Massey University, New Zealand ...»
  66. «Laws 2015, 4, 1–15; doi:10.3390/laws4010001 OPEN ACCESS laws ISSN 2075-471X www.mdpi.com/journal/laws/ Review The Study of Torture: Why It ...»
  67. «Pringles International Operations Sarl Chemin de Blandonnet 10 1214, Vernier Switzerland KELLOGG’S GOES PAPERLESS Dear Supplier, It has been ...»
  68. «Kenya Democracy and Political Participation A review by AfriMAP, Open Society Initiative for Eastern Africa and the Institute for Development Studies ...»
  69. «Kenya Justice Sector and the Rule of Law Patricia Kameri Mbote and Migai Akech A review by AfriMAP and the Open Society Initiative for Eastern Africa ...»
  70. «The Torturous Dilemma: The 2008 Six-Party Talks and U.S.-DPRK Relations The Torturous Dilemma: The 2008 SixParty Talks and U.S.-DPRK Relations By ...»
  72. «Lab-Corps Announcement Recap Summary: On Wednesday, October 29, the Energy Department announced the selections of the new LabCorps pilot program that ...»
  73. «Labour’s Identity Crisis England and the Politics of Patriotism Edited by Tristram Hunt MP LABOUR’S IDENTITY CRISIS England and the Politics of ...»
  74. «INTRODUCTION Various reasons might motivate one to immigrate to the United States. Immigrants may want a better life for their family, their ...»
  75. «South African Cities Network Literature review on public transport and mobility in municipalities Author: Geoffrey Bickford, ARUP. 2/12/2013 Table of ...»
  76. «Communicating with Jane Eyre: Stagecoach, Mail, and the Tory Nation Ruth Livesey W hat does it mean to write in an age in which the means of ...»
  77. «GLOBAL EXPANSION “You don’t spend 40 years of an award-winning career planning an exit strategy. It’s time for a new and exciting ...»
  79. «S t u d i e s i n t o t h e H i s t o r y o f Ru s s i a a n d C e n t r a l - E a s t e r n E u r o p e ■ X LV I I Hanna Marczewska-Zagdańska ...»
  80. «May 31, 1991 MAURITANIA More Than 200 Black Political Detainees Executed or Tortured to Death Table of Contents Introduction The Arrests Conditions ...»
  81. «Can the President Be Torturer in Chief? By Harold Hongju Koh May 2006 All expressions of opinion are those of the author or authors. The American ...»
  82. «Appendix 1 Housing Committee – 16 July 2015 Transcript of Item 5: The Extension of the Right to Buy to Housing Associations in London Session 1: ...»
  83. «Model Syllabus #3: Philanthropy and the Nonprofit Sector School: Davidson College Professor: Ken Menkhaus “The non-profit sector is perhaps the ...»
  84. «Chapter Six BANK BROKERAGE PRODUCT LITIGATION:1 PINNEY v. GREAT WESTERN 2 PROLOGUE Banking deregulation in the early 1980s opened the way for banks, ...»
  85. «A Focus on Torture and Impunity in Bahrain A Submission by: The National Committee for Martyrs and Victims of Torture1 Content: • Shadow report to ...»
  86. «New Philanthropy, New Networks and New Governance in Education Stephen J. Ball Institute of Education, University of London This article draws upon ...»
  87. «To be published online by the Carbon & Climate Law Review, March 2010. Improving the Clean Development Mechanism Post-2012: A Developing Country ...»
  88. «THE CONSEQUENCES OF DEMOGRAPHIC TRENDS FOR LANGUAGE LEARNING AND DIVERSITY Guide for the Development of Language Education Policies in Europe From ...»
  89. «Economic growth and poverty reduction Glossary of important terms Absolute poverty: When income levels are inadequate to enjoy a minimum standard of ...»
  91. «UNITED NATIONS PEACE-BUILDING Establishing Rule of Law: Recommendations from the Field The United Nations Association of the United States of America ...»
  92. «Confessing Evil: A Performative Approach to Perpetrators= Confessions and Chilean Memory Politics Leigh A. Payne Department of Political Science ...»
  93. «Chapter 3 What Are NDC Systems? What Do They Bring to Reform Strategies? Axel H. Börsch-Supan* THE PRESSURES EXERTED BY POPULATION AGING, amplified ...»
  94. «ADEQUACY, ACCOUNTABILITY, AND THE IMPACT OF “NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND” ANDREW RUDALEVIGE Department of Political Science, Dickinson College P.O. Box ...»
  95. «Philanthropic Success Stories in Canada Julie Sperling Michael H. Hall Appendix included About Imagine Canada Imagine Canada is a national charitable ...»
  96. «Jocelyn Formsma Introduction Indigenous peoples in Canada belong to diverse and distinct Nations Jocelyn Formsma is a member and are an increasingly ...»
  97. «rebuilding the relationship between affordable housing and philanthropy The Smith Institute The Smith Institute is an independent think tank which ...»
  98. «Philanthropy Faith: and An Introduction Sharing Knowledge. Strengthening Connections. Improving Outcomes. The National Crime Prevention Council ...»
  99. «The Pivot in Southeast Asia Balancing Interests and Values Joshua Kurlantzick January 2015 This publication has been made possible by a grant from ...»
  100. «2.5.3 Sponsored Program Management Introduction Paine College encourages its faculty, students, and administrative staff to become involved ...»
  101. «Policy Brief: Suggested Practices for Post-Disaster Mangrove Rehabilitation Ecosystems and Livelihoods Group, Asia Policy Brief: Suggested Practices ...»
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