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    Abstracts, online materials. Free e-library - Political.

  1. «SR/CNEAF/2008-01 Federal Financial Interventions and Subsidies in Energy Markets 2007 April 2008 Energy Information Administration Office of Coal, ...»
  2. «2 Staffing 2.1 Pool Manager Copthorne School Trust Ltd does not employ a professional Pool Manager and so during normal term time it falls to the ...»
  3. «August 2015 Staff Working Papers describe research in progress by the author(s) and are published to elicit comments and to further debate. Any views ...»
  4. «Uws-Oxfam Partnership, Collaborative Research Reports Series Series Editors: Chik Collins And Francis Stuart Report No. 3 Tea in the Pot: Building ...»
  5. «Original Citation: Formia A.; Serra C.L.; Zerbinatti M.; Tulliani J.M. (2014). The plasters of the Sacro Monte of Varallo Sesia. From the ...»
  6. «Is There a Turkish Islam? The Emergence of Convergence and Consensus M. HAKAN YAVUZ Abstract This paper attempts to demonstrate that it is not only ...»
  7. «Office of Internal Audit 800 W. Campbell Rd. SPN 32, Richardson, TX 75080 Phone 972-883-4876 Fax 972-883-6846 January 5, 2016 Dr. Hobson Wildenthal, ...»
  8. «British Documents on the End of Empire Project Volumes Published and Forthcoming Series A General Volumes Series B Country Volumes Vol 1 Imperial ...»
  9. «WALKING THE TALK? World Bank Energy-Related Policies and Financing 2000-2004 to 2010-2014 OCTOBER 2015 A joint briefing from Brown University’s ...»
  10. «Harvard Law School Federal Budget Policy Seminar Briefing Paper No. 39 War Budgeting Strategies: Case Studies of The Gulf War and The Iraq War Brian ...»
  11. «Decision Making in Relation to Financial Elder Abuse: A Review of the Literature on Decision Making and Judgment Analysis Miranda Davies With ...»
  12. «WP/04/81 The WTO and the Poorest Countries: The Stark Reality Aaditya Mattoo and Arvind Subramanian © 2004 International Monetary Fund WP/04/81 IMF ...»
  13. «WP/09/84 Accrual Budgeting and Fiscal Policy Marc Robinson © 2009 International Monetary Fund WP/09/84 IMF Working Paper Fiscal Affairs Department ...»
  14. «WP/11/285 Using Credit Subsidies to Counteract a Credit Bust: Evidence from Serbia Jiri Podpiera © 2011 International Monetary Fund WP/11/285 IMF ...»
  15. «WP/12/160 Monetization in Low- and Middle-Income Countries Cameron McLoughlin and Noriaki Kinoshita © 2012 International Monetary Fund WP/12/160 IMF ...»
  16. «WP/12/229 ―Puts‖ in the Shadow Manmohan Singh © 2012 International Monetary Fund WP/ IMF Working Paper “Puts” in the Shadow Prepared by ...»
  17. «WP/15/113 China’s Growth: Can Goldilocks Outgrow Bears? Wojciech Maliszewski and Longmei Zhang © 2015 International Monetary Fund WP/15/113 IMF ...»
  18. «STUDYING FINANCIAL MARKETS: ISSUES OF METHODOLOGY AND DISCIPLINARY BOUNDARIES Emre Tarim Edinburgh Working Papers in Sociology No. 29 January 2008 ...»
  19. «Public Disclosure Authorized WPS3965 HOUSEHOLD FINANCIAL ASSETS IN THE PROCESS OF DEVELOPMENT by Patrick Honohan* Public Disclosure Authorized The ...»
  20. «WPS6723 Public Disclosure Authorized Policy Research Working Paper 6723 Public Disclosure Authorized The Impact of High School Financial Education ...»
  21. «Workshop on The dynamics of EU industrial structure and the growth of innovative firms SUMMARY Edited by Pietro Moncada-Paternò-Castello and Daria ...»
  22. «Maurice Zeitlin Department of Sociology 264 Haines Hall University of California Los Angeles, CA 90095-1551 tel.: (310) 825-1313 fax.: (310) 206-9838 ...»
  23. «+49 (0)1888-24-8000 TEL +49 (0)1888-24-8004 FAX I hereby promulgate the DEFENCE POLICY GUIDELINES for the area of responsibility of the Federal ...»
  24. «This paper investigates the extent to which attitudes are affected by political regimes and government policies. We focus on female attitudes toward ...»
  25. «Explaining usage patterns in Open Government Data. Jonathan Bright, Helen Margetts, Ning Wang and Scott Hale Explaining usage patterns in Open ...»
  26. «The Role of Tradable Permits in Water Pollution Control R. Andreas Kraemer Eleftheria Kampa Eduard Interwies Ecologic, Institute for International ...»
  27. «©Vierteljahrshefte für Zeitgeschichte IAN KERSHAW IDEOLOGE UND PROPAGANDIST Hitler im Lichte seiner Reden, Schriften und Anordnungen 1925-1928* Die ...»
  28. «Winston Set Aung ASIA PAPER September 2009 The Role of Informal Cross-border Trade in Myanmar Winston Set Aung © Institute for Security and ...»
  29. «BEAR, Brandon-Leith For the past decade SGLMG has been my passion as well as my family. I was involved in the Parade Community Working Group for 7 ...»
  30. «P OLIC Y. M 4 BL .ORG Black humanity and dignity requires Black political will and power. Despite constant exploitation and perpetual oppression, ...»
  31. «Religion, State and Society, Vol. 22, No. 1, 1994 Soviet Reaction to the Election of Pope John Paul 11 FELIX CORLEY October 1993 marked the fifteenth ...»
  32. «ISBN 92-64-01504-3 Internationalisation and Trade in Higher Education Opportunities and Challenges © OECD 2004 Executive summary In the last decade, ...»
  33. «DISCUSSION PAPER February 2012 RFF DP 12-05 Tradable Standards for Clean Air Act Carbon Policy D all as Burt raw , Ar t hur G. F ra as, a nd Nathan ...»
  34. «People from Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities People of various faiths/religions People of both genders ( Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and ...»
  35. «JOREP Joint and Open REsearch Programs [4001-4100] National report on joint and open programmes NORWAY Disclaimer: The ...»
  36. «Potential and Limits of Traditional Approaches in Peacebuilding Volker Boege 1. Introduction: Hybrid Violent Conflicts, Hybrid Political Orders 432 ...»
  37. «Per Ove Eikeland, Senior Research Fellow, Fridtjof Nansen Institute, www.fni.no Tor Håkon Inderberg, Senior Research Fellow, Fridtjof Nansen ...»
  38. «Persson, Tomas Published: 2008-01-01 Link to publication Citation for published version (APA): Persson, T. (2008). Pictorial Primates: A Search for ...»
  39. «Charles Bean and his colleagues at the Bank of England take the right approach to evaluating proposals for monetary policy going forward. They ...»
  40. «Decentralization and Capture under State Corporatism: French Farmers’ Unions and Payments for Green Services in France∗ Florimond Brun† ‡ and ...»
  41. «ABA Policy on the Strickland Prejudice Prong Josh Bowers, Associate Professor of Law, University of Virginia School of Law Strickland & Its Problems ...»
  42. «Africa Development, Vol. XXXIII, No. 2, 2008, pp. 67–89 © Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa, 2008 (ISSN 0850-3907) ...»
  43. «Part II Why and how we measure trade in value-added terms 3 Estimating trade in value-added: why and how? Nadim Ahmad 3.1. Introduction Global value ...»
  44. «Lifting the Looking Glass: Tradable Occupation Could Facilitate Ocean Renewable Energy in New Zealand Prepared by Ian Boisvert With funding from the ...»
  45. «Lithuanian Free Market Institute/ 09092015 Briefing paper on an EU Agenda “Better Regulation for Better Results” EXECUTIVE SUMMARY AND ...»
  46. «The Idea of the American Republic Richard B. Wells © 2010 Chapter 7 To Promote the General Welfare § 1. The Concept of General Welfare The duty of ...»
  47. «Research Paper Laura Wellesley Energy, Environment and Resources | December 2014 Trade in Illegal Timber The Response in China A Chatham House ...»
  48. «CITY RAIL INFRASTRUCTURE FUNDING: International background and policy options for funding transit Dr Chris Hale Independent Transport Expert on ...»
  49. «Carnegie The Draft Party Platform of the PAPERS Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood: Foray Into Political Integration or Retreat Into Old Positions? Nathan ...»
  50. «HOCKEY CANADA EMPLOYMENT AND VOLUNTEER SCREENING POLICY Purpose    Hockey  Canada  understands  that  screening  employees  and  ...»
  51. «Bibliotheca Sacra 138 (1981) 302-12. Copyright © 1981 by Dallas Theological Seminary. Cited with permission. The Promised Land: A ...»
  53. «TRADITIONAL FISHING RIGHTS: ANALYSIS OF STATE PRACTICE Polite Dyspr iani The United Nations-Nippon Foundation Fellowship Progr amme 2010 - 2011 ...»
  54. «PROMISING STATE CHILD CARE QUALITY AND INFANT/TODDLER INITIATIVES APRIL 2011 by Karen Schulman, Senior Policy Analyst High-quality child care ...»
  55. «Trade, growth and development Tailoring trade and investment policy for those countries most in need Trade Europe Direct is a service to help you ...»
  56. «A Pragmatic Study of Barak Obama's Political Propaganda Prof. Dr. Riyadh Tariq Kadhim Al- Ameedi Department of English, College of Education for ...»
  57. «In 1994, Malcolm Andrews wrote: ‘The Picturesque [4001-4100] gendered, politicized, deconstructed, rehistoricized.’1 Recently renewed interest ...»
  58. «Emerging Issues in The Functioning of the US Treasury Market APRIL 2016 Promontory Financial Group, LLC 801 17th Street, NW, Suite 1100 | Washington, ...»
  59. «Bending the Rules to Play the Game: Accountability, DRG and Waiting List Scandals in Norway and Germany Simon Neby University Research Stein Rokkan ...»
  60. «Using e-Research Briefs Dividing Fences and e-Research Briefs are Queensland Parliamentary Dangerous or Intrusive Trees: Library publications which ...»
  61. «The Department for Transport has actively considered the needs of blind and partially sighted people in accessing this document. The text will be ...»
  62. «1 Climate Change in Central America | Potential Impacts and Public Policy Options Climate Change in Central America: Potential Impacts and Public ...»
  63. «PROMISED LAND PROMISED LAND Competing Visions of Agrarian Reform Edited by Peter Rosset, Raj Patel, and Michael Courville A project of the Land ...»
  64. «Do Local Governments Smooth Revenue from Booms across Busts? Yilin Hou Department of Public Administration and Policy School of Public and ...»
  65. «Markets as Politics: A Political-Cultural Approach to Market Institutions* Neil Fligstein University of California, Berkeley * Direct correspondence ...»
  66. «THE PAPAL ENCYCLICAL A critical Christian response Peter Forster and Bernard Donoughue The Global Warming Policy Foundation GWPF Briefing 20 GWPF ...»
  67. «Fraud Policy As a Church of England School, we nurture the Christian faith in our pupils as well as teaching them knowledge and understanding of ...»
  68. «Protection of Traditional Knowledge and Cultural Heritage – the Concept of ‘Collective Bio-Cultural Heritage’ Working Group on Indigenous ...»
  69. «WTO 31 January 2013 Trade in Services Division THE GENERAL AGREEMENT ON TRADE IN SERVICES AN INTRODUCTION The General Agreement on Trade in Services ...»
  70. «Distribution of the Annual Wealth Tax on Lifetime-Dynastic Incomeú Elin Halvorsen†and Thor O. Thoresen‡ Preliminary version: September 28, 2016 ...»
  71. «4th MEETING of the High Level Expert Group on Monitoring Simplification for Beneficiaries of ESI Funds 21 June 2016 Note and Actions Points 1. ...»
  72. «Protecting Community Rights over Traditional Knowledge: Implications of Customary Laws and Practices Research Planning Workshop, Cusco, Peru, 20-25 ...»
  73. «1-JAFFE(CORRECTED12.21) 1/7/2010 10:27:32 AM Linking Tradable Permit Systems: A Key Element of Emerging International Climate Policy Architecture ...»
  74. «The Harvard Project on International Climate Agreements September 2008 Discussion Paper 08-07 Linkage of Tradable Permit Systems in International ...»
  75. «In addition to the intrinsic commitment that higher education institutions, and the individuals and teams within them, have to the achievement and ...»
  76. «For guidance on citations see FAQs. c [4001-4100] Version: Accepted Manuscript Link(s) to article on publisher’s website: ...»
  77. «MONITORING AND EVALUATION PLATFORMS Considerations for Design and Implementation Based on a Survey of Current Practices DISCUSSION NOTE PUBLIC ...»
  78. «Abstract The establishment of the UK Financial Policy Committee is a landmark development in macroprudential oversight. However, its purview may be ...»
  79. «Psicología Política, Nº 37, 2008, 101-117 CONCEPTUAL ELEMENTS FOR A THEORY OF VISUAL POLITICAL PROPAGANDA Tom Bryder University of Copenhagen ...»
  80. «New Zealand’s Ban on Nuclear-Propelled Ships Revisited Andreas Reitzig A thesis submitted in fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of ...»
  81. «FLOOR-TRADED US DOLLAR SPOT MARKET OPERATING MANUAL 1. Introduction In the foreign exchange market, transactions involving the purchase and sale of ...»
  82. «NSW PARLIAMENTARY LIBRARY RESEARCH SERVICE Parliamentary Privilege: Major Developments and Current Issues by Gareth Griffith Background Paper No 1/07 ...»
  83. «PDP/03/6 International Trade in Services: Implications for the IMF Alexander Lehmann, Natalia T. Tamirisa, and Jaroslaw Wieczorek © 2003 ...»
  84. «Pope John XXIII High School STUDENT HANDBOOK “Delivering academic excellence, building community and serving others through Catholic education.” ...»
  86. «Popular Understandings of Democracy and Regime Legitimacy in East Asia Min-Hua Huang, Yun-han Chu, and Yu-tzung Chang Abstract This essay uses the ...»
  87. «Understanding Arizona’s Propositions: Prop 205 By David R. Berman Senior Research Fellow Morrison Institute for Public Policy September 2016 ...»
  88. «July 31, 2014 (Forthcoming in Comparative Politics) Abstract Why do authoritarian governments engage in propaganda when citizens often know that ...»
  89. «Public Non-traditional Non-insurance Activities and Products 25 November 2015 Public Consultation Document Comments due by 25 January 2016 Publicl ...»
  90. «of NAMI The National Alliance on Mental Illness Eleventh Edition December 2015 NAMI Public Policy Platform. Revised Eleventh Edition, December 2015 ...»
  91. «Kristian Coates Ulrichsen SEPTEMBER 2014 QATAR AND THE ARAB SPRING Policy Drivers and Regional Implications Kristian Coates Ulrichsen © 2014 ...»
  92. «A System of Tradable CO2 Permits Applied to Fuel Consumption by Motorists Charles Raux, Gr´goire Marlot e To cite this version: Charles Raux, ...»
  93. «Reforming International Institutions to Promote International Peace and Security James D. Fearon Department of Political Science Stanford University ...»
  94. «REV CYCLE STUDIO PRIVACY POLICY REV Cycle Studio (“REV”) understands the importance of privacy, and we want you to be as comfortable as possible ...»
  95. «Rebating Environmental Policy Revenues: Output-Based Allocations and Tradable Performance Standards Carolyn Fischer July 2001 • Discussion Paper ...»
  96. «Communities in the Platinum Minefields POLICY GAP 6 A Review of Platinum Mining in the Bojanala District of the North West Province: A Participatory ...»
  97. «Traditional healing: A review of literature Emma Williams, Marburra Consulting John Guenther, Cat Conatus Allan Arnott, Charles Darwin University ...»
  98. «POPE’S PROGRESSIO Fred Seddon Appeared in Wheeling Jesuit College’s Cardinal Perspectives Spring 1992 The New York Times News Service of 3 May 91 ...»
  99. «See discussions, stats, and author profiles for this publication at: http://www.researchgate.net/publication/283708027 ...»
  100. «Biographies of Students Attending Spring Preview Francisco X. Abad is a Political Science and International Studies double major from East Texas ...»
  101. «IEA Biomass Agreement Task 33 Country Report Sweden 2015 Energimyndigheten projekt IEA Bioenergy Annex 33 – Förgasning av biomassa - 22044-5. Lars ...»
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