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    Abstracts, online materials. Free e-library - Psychology.

  1. «Stoeber, J., & Stoeber, F. S. (2009). Domains of perfectionism: Prevalence and relationships with perfectionism, gender, age, and satisfaction with ...»
  2. «Stoeber, J., Chesterman, D., & Tarn, T.-A. (2010). Perfectionism and task performance: Time on task mediates the perfectionistic ...»
  4. «THE CAPABILITY FOR SUICIDE IN FIREFIGHTERS by NICOLE D. STREEB B.A. and B.S., University of South Carolina, 2012 A thesis submitted to the Graduate ...»
  5. «Meyer's Rapier – Summary of Examples Chris Slee chris@sleech.info 14 November 2011 Version 0.1 Introduction This document started life as me ...»
  6. «Fordham Intellectual Property Law Institute & Emily C. & John E. Hansen Intellectual Property Institute 23rd Annual Intellectual Property Law & ...»
  7. «The Fruit of the Tree of Life Preface The articles “Rose and Heart United in Love” and “The Lily” show us the Sovereignty of Father within us ...»
  8. «This is Chapter 14 (pp. 300–318) of The Oxford Handbook of Computational and Mathematical Psychology, edited by Jerome R. Busemeyer, Zheng Wang, ...»
  9. «Model Comparison and the Principle of Parsimony Joachim Vandekerckhove Department of Cognitive Sciences, University of California, Irvine Dora Matzke ...»
  10. «Available online at www.sciencedirect.com Clinical Psychology Review 28 (2008) 904 – 916 Video feedback in widescreen: A meta-analysis of family ...»
  11. «1 RUNNING HEAD: REMEMBERING REMOTELY PAPER PUBLISHED AT PSYCHOLOGY, CRIME & LAW http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/1068316X.2013.857669 The final published ...»
  12. «VIRILIO LIVE: Selected Interviews Theory, Culture & Society Theory, Culture & Society caters for the resurgence of interest in culture within ...»
  13. «Adrian M. S. Piper Intuition and Concrete Particularity in Kant’s Transcendental Aesthetic (2006) By transcendental aesthetic, Kant means “the ...»
  14. «When Perfect Isn't Good Enough: Strategies for Coping with Perfectionism Martin M. Antony Nobody's perfect, the asserting goes, however the ...»
  15. «Case Study: Streamlining Engineering Operations with Perforce SCM Software Subra Mohan, NetApp February 2010 | WP-7094 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Perforce ...»
  16. «EX-LIBIU5 CLADO RIBEIRO D E LESSA * - / Ie ne fay rien sans Gayeté (Montaigne, Des livres) IhsW .*•? j ^nlál/V' Ex Libris José Mindlin u3ií É ...»
  17. «SILENT MUSIC Soul searching ‘My soul is satisfied as with a rich feast, and my mouth praises you with joyful lips when I think of you on my bed, ...»
  18. «Research Portfolio submitted in part fulfilment of the requirements for the Degree of Doctorate in Clinical Psychology: Volume 1 of 2 Graham Richard ...»
  19. «II. EVALUATION OF SIGNIFICANT FEATURES OF MICHIGAN FOREST LAND A. Aesthetic and Scenic Values The aesthetic and scenic characteristics of Michigan ...»
  20. «QUT Digital Repository: http://eprints.qut.edu.au/ McDonald, Paula K. and Burton, Pauline M. and Chang, Artemis (2007) Sampling Choices in Work-life ...»
  21. «The Peaceful Stillness of the Silent Mind This book is published by Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archive Bringing you the teachings of Lama Yeshe and Lama Zopa ...»
  22. «Author: Singh, Gundeep Title: An Ergonomic Analysis of the Current Packaging Process at Company XYZ The accompanying research report is submitted to ...»
  23. «2016 Speaker Biographies PATRICIA ADES is Senior IP Counsel at J.M. Huber Corporation, where she handles all aspects of the company’s intellectual ...»
  24. «HP February 2016 Volume XXIV Issue II WWW.BALDWINCOUNTYMASTERGARDENERS.COM 2016 BCMG Elected Board President: President’s Notes by John Fitzhugh ...»
  25. «Regulatory Landscape Impact on Financial Markets Introduction There is no doubt that the financial sector has been hit by a tsunami of regulation. In ...»
  26. «Benveniste, D. (2000) Book Review of ‘Identity’s Architect: A Biography of Erik Erikson by Lawrence J. Friedman. The Psychoanalytic Review. Vol. ...»
  27. «Volume II, Issue IV, August 2014 - ISSN 2321-7065 The Outsider Ashraful Hasan completes his M.A. in Applied Linguistics and ELT from University of ...»
  28. «129 Safety and Security in Railway Engineering SPAD – reducing timetable related risk H.-H. Kohls & R. Watson RWA Rail, Loughborough, UK Abstract ...»
  29. «\ - 8499 MAJOR ANDERSON: Sometimes due to the land toeing too hard to plough ?— Yes, and often as a result of inef­ ficient work. Then again, ...»
  30. «November 2009 AXA Report The Psychological Forces and Barriers that influence people’s financial management Professors Karen Pine and Ben (C) ...»
  31. «Can the Knee Go Over the Toe? By Jason Shea M.S., PICP, PES Back in 1926, Canadian endocrinologist Hans Selye began studying the science of stress. ...»
  32. «APPLIED COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY, VOL. 12, 617±623 (1998) Context-Dependent Memory for Meaningful Material: Information for Students HARRY M. GRANT, ...»
  33. «Sermon #3339 Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit 1 THE HEART PERFUMED NO. 3339 A SERMON PUBLISHED ON THURSDAY, JANUARY 30, 1913, DELIVERED BY C. H. ...»
  34. «Divine Message of the Veds Part 4 The .our Veds Rigved Yajurved Atharvaved Samved Veds are the eternal utterances of God, the Supreme .ather. Through ...»
  35. «Acta Psychologica 121 (2006) 109–124 www.elsevier.com/locate/actpsy Numerosity-duration interference: A Stroop experiment ´ Valerie Dormal, Xavier ...»
  36. «Human capital and performance: A literature review Dr. Philip Stiles Mr. Somboon Kulvisaechana The Judge Institute of Management University of ...»
  37. «Behaviour Research and Therapy 38 (2000) 319±345 www.elsevier.com/locate/brat Invited essay A cognitive model of posttraumatic stress disorder Anke ...»
  38. «The Beliefs of Others – Naive Realism and Investment Decisions∗ Daniel Egan† Christoph Merkle‡ Martin Weber§ , , First version: October 2009 ...»
  39. «Exhibiting artists: Jim Duignan, Paul Durica, Pablo Helguera, Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle, Dan Peterman, J. Morgan Puett, Michael Rakowitz, Laurie Jo ...»
  40. «Review Article - Working Document ‘Coming Full Circle’: Is Control More Important Than Prediction? Warren Mansell School of Psychological ...»
  41. «ANGEL FERNANDEZ-GONZALEZ A thesis submitted to The University of Birmingham for the degree of DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY School of Chemical Engineering The ...»
  42. «This third lecture considers how Indian and (some other Asian) public men between responded to, refuted and re-cast the arguments of the leading ...»
  43. «Two Kinds of Overeating: Can We Distinguish Between Disinhibited Eating in Restrained Eaters and Simple Overeating That Occurs in Everyone? By Laura ...»
  44. «HMG Advance Access published October 11, 2006 HMG-2006W-00614, Keen-Kim, et al. SLITRK1 and Tourette Syndrome 1 Overrepresentation of rare variants ...»
  45. «Introduction Hi, my name is Eva. In this course, you are going to learn about one important part of your child’s development, social emotional ...»
  46. «LANGUAGE ACQUISITION, 10(1), 31–73 Copyright © 2002, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc. How English-Learning Infants Respond to Markedness and ...»
  47. «DRAFT—FOR LIMITED DISTRIBUTION ONLY The Authorship Rights of Performers Mary LaFrance IGT Professor of Intellectual Property Law William S. Boyd ...»
  48. «Canadian Outrigger Racing Association Safety Manual 1 Canadian Outrigger Racing Association Safety Manual Introduction CANADIAN OUTRIGGER RACING ...»
  49. «I2. Developmental psychologists have argued that babies have considerable inborn knowledge of the physical world. This is most similar to the view of ...»
  50. «Making the Right Moves PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT for MILITARY SPOUSE ATTORNEYS October 23, 2015 Seattle, WA AGENDA 8:30 AM – 9:00 AM Registration ...»
  51. «FCJ-The Inside Story Halloween 2015 The school year has begun once again, and we are off to a great start! Although we are delighted to be back in ...»
  52. «1 Toeing the Party Line is Getting Harder: In Response to Michaels et al.’s (2001) Reply to Commentators Joel Norman Department of Psychology ...»
  53. «Visual factors in reading Page 1 of 25 Visual Factors in Reading Chris Singleton Department of Psychology University of Hull Hull HU6 7RX ...»
  54. «This is Just What The Doctor Ordered. If you can keep an open mind, and if you would like to greatly increase the response and payback from your ...»
  55. «Performance Best Practices for VMware vSphere® 4.0 VMware® ESX 4.0 and ESXi 4.0 vCenter Server 4.0 EN-000005-03 Performance Best Practices for ...»
  56. «Performance Best Practices for VMware vSphere™ 4.1 VMware ESX™ 4.1 and ESXi 4.1 vCenter™ Server 4.1 EN-000005-03 Performance Best Practices for ...»
  57. «Report of the 2020 Commission on Public Service and Outreach INTRODUCTION This commission began its work by assuming that outreach does indeed matter ...»
  58. «Puzzle Pieces Our newsletter for friends, families, staff and supporters Summer 2012 Message from our Principal Puzzle Centre continues to be both a ...»
  59. «PRODUCTION BIOGRAPHIES COURTNEY A. KEMP (Creator, Showrunner, Executive Producer, Writer Episode 301, Co-Writer Episode 310) Courtney A. Kemp is a ...»
  60. «Antoon QUAEDVLIEG Professor Radboud University Nijmegen In 2006, two supreme courts in Europe ruled on whether a perfume fragrance could be protected ...»
  61. «WATCH OUT FOR THE VISUAL CLIFF! Gibson, E. J., & Walk, R. D. (1960). The visual cliff. Scientific American, 202 (4), 67-71. One of the most often ...»
  63. «UU Representatievormen in Mens-Mens Communicatie Symbolen, multimodaliteit, verbale en nonverbale communicatie Robbert Jan Beun 17-12-2015 Inhoud ...»
  64. «Alleviating Stress in Clergy Wives: The Development and Formative Evaluation of a Psychoeducational Group Intervention Polly Sheffield Roberts ...»
  65. «The London Olympics RESEARCH PAPER 05/55 14 JULY 2005 Bill Bill 45 of 2005-06 The London Olympics Bill was introduced into the House of Commons on 14 ...»
  66. «Piaget and collaborators on Possibility and Necessity And the relevance of/to AI/Robotics Aaron Sloman http://www.cs.bham.ac.uk/˜axs/ This is a very ...»
  67. «Learning versus Performance 1 LEARNING VERSUS PERFORMANCE Nicholas C. Soderstrom and Robert A. Bjork University of California, Los Angeles To appear ...»
  68. «The outstanding Tamil Poet Thiruvalluvar vehenlently condemns the consumption of toddy in his Thirukkural. It is well emphasized in the following ...»
  69. «JOURNAL OF RESEARCH IN SCIENCE TEACHING VOL. 51, NO. 3, PP. 260–285 (2014) Research Article “What Comes to Mind When You Think of Science? The ...»
  70. «BARBARA KARDOS* Application of Value Methodology Az értékelemzés alkalmazási területei Elıadásomban bemutatom az értékelemzés ...»
  71. «European Journal of Social Psychology Eur. J. Soc. Psychol. 32, 815–828 (2002) Published online 15 July 2002 in Wiley InterScience ...»
  72. «Running head: Maternal Depression and Autobiographical Memory in Children !1 Maternal Depression and Autobiographical Memory in Mothers and Their ...»
  73. «PARENTS’ INFORMATION BOOKLET Child’s Name: Name of New Nursery: Move date: Visit dates: New Key worker: Other staff working alongside key worker: ...»
  74. «Media Psychology, 10:41–63, 2007 Copyright © Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc. ISSN: 1521-3269 print / 1532-785X online DOI: ...»
  75. «Undergraduate Tutorial Guide This guide was produced by Fitzwilliam College Tutors and Staff of the Tutorial Office, June 2011. Further information ...»
  76. «[601-700] Neighborhood Density and the Root-Affix Distinction Adam Ussishkin and Andrew ...»
  77. «Vehicle Surveillance: Basic Tactics, Part 1 by Lee Adams Wheel artist – that's spy-talk for an outdoor surveillance specialist operating in a ...»
  78. «Organizers: Lesel Dawson, Bristol University (UK) lesel.dawson@bristol.ac.uk Eric Langley, University College London (UK) eric.langley@ucl.ac.uk ...»
  79. «They Who Marry Do Ill Voltairine de Cleyre Let me make myself understood on two points, now, so that when discussion arises later, words may not be ...»
  80. «1. INTRODUCTION Performers’ rights are aimed at the protection of a specific type of person, namely a performer, who participates in a performance. ...»
  81. «© Commonwealth of Australia 2014 Ownership of intellectual property rights Unless otherwise noted, copyright (and any other intellectual property ...»
  82. «Programme Brochure Copyright © Adrian West & Sophie Brown, Company of Mind Contacts: Dr Lynn Clark: l.clark2@ljmu.ac.uk Jean Kelly: ...»
  83. «As this is the inaugural lecture of the series I wondered how best I could kick it off and it occurred to me that maybe the first question we might ...»
  84. «The Market Value of Knowledge Protection: Evidence from a Natural Experiment Kenneth A. Younge † Matt Marx †† January 10, 2012 Preliminary ...»
  85. «In the cool of a red-sun morning this week, Johanna Olson ran effortlessly through Farewell Bend Park, legs floating as if unshackled from gravity. ...»
  86. «What Are Mathematical Coincidences (and Why Does It Matter)? Downloaded from mind.oxfordjournals.org at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ...»
  87. «BEACON May 2014 Rector’s Reflections From The Rev. M. Catherine Volland Parish life offers many joys for those of us who connect at St Bede’s. We ...»
  88. «Joy plays a very special role in development of every meditation practice. − The spontaneous arising of Joy is an important event in the progress ...»
  89. «Merkinės lopšinės ir žaidinimai UDK 398(474.5) Me-199 Knygos leidimą parėmė: Jaunimo reikalų departamentas prie Socialinės apsaugos ir darbo ...»
  90. «Competition during the processing of quantifier scope ambiguities: Evidence from eye movements during reading Kevin B. Paterson1, Ruth Filik2, & ...»
  91. «Ce document est le fruit d'un long travail approuvé par le jury de soutenance et mis à disposition de l'ensemble de la communauté universitaire ...»
  92. «The science of fear is not an exact one, and experts in disciplines from neurochemistry to theatrical lighting design have attempted to determine ...»
  93. «A Data Analysis of Senior Student Truancy Data for the Green Bay Area Public School District by Amanda Retzak Krump A Research Paper Submitted in ...»
  94. «Titel der Diplomarbeit “Homing In on the Uncanny: Representations of Homes in Twin Peaks” Verfasserin Anna Wolbank angestrebter akademischer Grad ...»
  95. «Ce document est le fruit d’un long travail approuvé par le jury de soutenance et mis à disposition de l’ensemble de la communauté ...»
  97. «TRUE TO THE FAITH A GOSPEL REFERENCE TRUE TO THE FAITH A GOSPEL REFERENCE Published by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Salt Lake ...»
  98. «623 British Journal of Developmental Psychology (1999), 17, 563–584 Printed in Great Britain © 1999 The British Psychological Society New ndings ...»
  100. «Object permanence in infancy: challenges to the Piagetian account. The impact of Jean Piaget’s account of cognitive development (e.g. Piaget, 1954; ...»
  101. «The Asian Conference on Ethics, Religion & Philosophy 2013 Official Conference Proceedings Osaka, Japan The Quest for Spirituality: A Psychoanalytic ...»
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